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  1. Is this an A1? A2? What burst? Auto? Pics would help.
  2. WTB 93r spare parts

    Hi Don, Thanks for the reply. I am looking for uppers and barrels, or other parts such as springs and pins.
  3. WTB 93r spare parts

    WTB spare parts for a 93R. If you are a machinist who has experience making uppers, barrels, or spare parts, I am interested. I am a serious buyer.
  4. Value of DLO M240 transferable sideplate gun??

    I tried buying Doug’s last DLO gun, but it went quickly.
  5. Value of DLO M240 transferable sideplate gun??

    I really wanted that DLO gun
  6. Machine Gun Price Guide updated thru February

    AUGs have increased by that much?! I remember when I was bitching about paying $16,000 for my Fleming sear AUG. Also, if you are the person keeping records for the MGPG, you need to differentiate between the FN M240 and the DLO M240.
  7. Frank, Is your email still frank@(spam removal)
  8. WTS Springfield Armory M14 M1a

    I am currently talking to a member here who says he has a possible lead on an H&R M14. I would like to see how that plays out first.
  9. WTS Springfield Armory M14 M1a

    I’m making some calls.
  10. WTS Springfield Armory M14 M1a

    Is the gun in Indianapolis? I assume it is still available? If it is, I’ll see if I can get someone I trust to X-ray it for me.
  11. WTS Springfield Armory M14 M1a

    As much as this gun irks me as a collector, I may be interested. Is this gun uncut? Do you have an X-ray or magnaflux report? I’m looking to build an M21 to play with, so I won’t be interested in the accessories.
  12. WTS: M240 Lima Barrel $1000

    Is this still available?
  13. Looking to get my first beltfed, any advice is welcome…

    Here is what I would consider when looking to buy a belt fed 1. Budget. A belt fed is not only expensive to acquire, but also expensive to operate. Parts are expensive and ammo is very expensive, especially, if you want to shoot it to your hearts content. 308 or any medium caliber linked gun consumes ammo much faster than a magazine fed gun. 2. Ease of liquidation. If #1 above becomes a problem, your gun is just a unsatisfying paperweight or safe queen, or you juts need the money, certain belt feds are easier to liquidate than others. An MM HK belt fed will lose some value, although the sear may appreciate in value. The FN 249 semi will tank in value and will be hard to sell. A 1919 and M60 will be very easy to sell, as long as you don’t ask rediculously inflated prices, like some of the jokers who sell for 20% above market because they’re hoping to find a stupid buyer. If you have the budget, hunt and acquire an M60. The M60 has many things going for it, nowadays. 308 ball is cheap, especially if you reload or find the Malaysian or SA surplus stuff. Parts nowadays are plentiful because D.O/USOrd churn out parts; at one time, M60 parts were rare. Upgrades are available. The gun still looks modern and cool, thanks to the E6 evolution (can’t say that about a 1917). The M60 is very versatile because it can be both a GPMG and it can be a light machine gun. You’ll have a much easier time transporting an M60 to the range than a beefier gun. Belt feds are just awesome.
  14. WTB FN M249 saw complete operating group

    What do those parts go for? I’m curious. I hoard 249 parts.