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  1. RAMO built 1919a4; .30-06; 98% park, very clean and new looking gun; 4000 .30 links;, spare barrel. WWI M-2 tripod. RAMO built BMGs are the top of the line, none better. $17,000/offers
  2. Ruger AC556; 223; folder; blued; excellent condition with 98% bluing; extra mags; original carton in very good condition $12,500 Brokered MG from reliable NFA savvy seller; buyer pays transfer tax out form seller and SH&I
  3. RAMO built 1919A4; .30-06; excellent w/95% plus parkerizing; WWII vintage M2 tripod; 4000 .30-06 links; spare .30-06 barrel $18,000.00 Brokered gun from reliable NFA savvy owner; buyer pays transfer our from seller and SH&I.
  4. Ruger AC556, .223, blued, folder, with original shipping box and extra mags $13.5
  5. 1919A4, RAMO sideplate and manufactured; excellent condition w/98% park; M2 tripod, links, spares $18.5k offers
  6. WTS Auto Ordnance (Bridgeport) M1A1 Pre-MayDS $19,995.00

    I have a fully transferable M1 slotted for a drum, which is the only alteration, done by an unknown person/shop sometime in the 1980s. Not a factory modification and the gun pictured has been reparkerized and not very long ago. Slotting for a drum is not a mod that is condoned by the Thompson enthusiasts who regard it as butchery. There are a number of them out there and they don't bring a premium due to being slotted for a drum along with the other alterations. I recall talking to a CII in the early eighties who was doing such conversions to M1s, along with Lyman rear sights and finned barrels to sell to people who wanted a Colt lookalike. At that time M1s were very cheap and plentiful so there was no concern over slotting them for drums and don't doing the other mods. FWIW
  7. The 8 Lebel 1914 Hotchkiss strippers work best and the long middle tab must be ground back to shorten it or it fouls the feed way. I converted one of my 1909s to 54r many years ago when barrels were $100. Seems to have caught on finally but the barrels are now big bucks, but 8 Lebel strippers are cheap…....
  8. WTB Schwarzlose 07/12 Parts and Accessories

    >Maybe i can beg them off a dummy gun for a hefty sum!! I grabbed a 7.62x 54 R round and it's a few thousands large in the 8x50 Freak Rimmed bolt face!? Am I missing something?< Yes, so open up the bolt face enough to fit the rim....... What about a conversion to 8 X 56 freak rimmed? What would that entail? On the net they say 8x56 R has a much larger bullet diameter (.327) which I don't believe(or hope it's not). They also say the original 8 X 50 R round is .317 (El wrongo) 8x56r is easier to find than 8x50r. Just go to 54r. Speaking of bolt faces, have you ever had a slam fired with modern shaped primers(the 1935 8 X 50 R round has a large radius on the primer cup in the shape of the projection ) because the the .200 by .013 projection on the bolt face? And what is the projection for specifically? I could hazard a guess but I would be probably wrong. Can you think of ANY other gun that uses that projection, the Schwarzlose is incredibly fascinating in design and execution!! Never had a slam fire in an 07/12 due to the primer rim. Seems to me that the rim is there to prevent the primer from blowing out since the action opens when pressures are still a bit high. I have a couple 8x50r bolts that had the boltface welded so cleaned the weld off which removed the primer rim and use one of those for 54r.
  9. WTB Schwarzlose 07/12 Parts and Accessories

    Might be a flash-hider or a detachable buttstock in the woodwork. Put some WTBs on the MG sites.
  10. WTB Schwarzlose 07/12 Parts and Accessories

    I sold Dolf an 8x50r 07/12 some years ago. He still has one, a different one than the one I sold him, but he doesn't have any 8x50r parts. 54r conversion consists entirely of a 54r barrel. The 8x50r bolt face, cartridge extraction, and most importantly the integral feedlips in the bottom of the receiver will work with the 54r. Dolf might have some 7.92 parts, but the the 8x50r feedlips in the receiver will not work with the 7.92 round without being reconfigured to fit and function with it. There is only one (1) belt loader in the US for the 8x50r round for use in the fabric belts which I own. The 07/12 7.92 loaders in the US will not work with 8x50r or with fabric belts but were set up to load the 100 round steel continuous belts that came in with the 7.92 07/12 kits. Although hese 7.92 loaders appear identical to the 8x50r fabric belts loaders, they have been significantly reconfigured to load the 7.92 round and steel belts. IMA had small parts bags for the 7.92 07/12 kits that they imported. Otherwise there are no accessories for the 07/12s available here. Odds and ends do come into the country now and then such as field repair kits, of which three were imported and sold recently. Hope this helps.
  11. WTS MG34/42 AA MG Tripods

    The MG42 tripod is a post-war MG1/3 example, not WWII. Depending on condition they sell in the range of $300-$500.
  12. WTS MG34/42 AA MG Tripods

    Pics do not download very well and are indistinct, but it appears to me that the MG 42 AA tripod is a post-war example for the MG1/3 etc.The gun mount fitting at top is post- war. What markings are on the tripod head? The Portuguese contract MG34 AA tripod appears correct. FWIW
  13. CZ BRNO ZB 26 Parts Kit

    Please forward pics of the second kit and price to I prefer to continue this transaction and provide shipping info etc by private e-mail if that is OK. Thanks.
  14. CZ BRNO ZB 26 Parts Kit

    I'll take the kit.