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  1. WTS: 1918 Marlin Bar; exc. $30k

    Yes it is…...
  2. WTS: 1918 Marlin Bar; exc. $30k

    The Marlin has Lend Lease certification stamps on the breech end of the barrel, usual stuff, nitro, etc. Only other mark is the usual military 'P'. Only stamps on the barrel.
  3. WTS: 1918 Marlin Bar; exc. $30k

    LOL! You guys are headed in the same direction, on the same highway with no exits to the same place, don't forget that! Anyway I got more MGs than both of ya because I'm over 65……ha ha! BTW. it's posted other place too. So, why the quibbling? Buy the damn gun. For the next 24 hours, it is $30k. (10:20pM Wed. 3/27 until 10:20 Thur. 3/28))
  4. Marlin BAR; .30-06; C+R; excellent condition; complete, correct; 98% original bluing; worn rifling; bright bore, no corrosion; stock appears to have been lightly sanded; fore stock excellent and Winchester marked; 16 mags; small parts; tool; $30k offers Brokered from savvy NFA C+R FFL; out on taxed F4; buyer pays tax, SH+I
  5. Looking for the sheet metal cradle adaptor (pictured holding LMG) to mount the Springfield or Colt Bent-Mercie LMG to 1915 Springfield or Vickers MKIV tripods and others. any condition, parts etc.
  6. UZI checklist items?

    Mike Todd writes: "YOU ARE TOTALLY CORRECT, "SLOTTED BOLTS ARE MG'S BY THEMSELVES" . The ONLY slotted, UZI SMG bolt that is legal for an owner to possess is the unmarried bolt that was in his registered, unmodified receiver A or B UZI. It is illegal for an owner to make his own slotted SMG bolt unless he is an 07/02 and it will be a post-May sample. If a part requires registration it cannot legally be possessed without registration. A part that is controlled by registration cannot be legally possessed in a finished state as a "spare" part even for an owner with a registered example of the MG for which it is used. Since you are making the claim that an owner of an early registered unmodified receiver A/B UZI with a slotted SMG bolt is exempted from the registration requirement for possession of another slotted bolt for his gun, please post documentation of this claim from ATF/NFA. And also that it is legal for him to make such a bolt. I remember when the ATF made the designation and over all these years I have never heard of any "grandfather" option, so I think documentation is a fair request. No? What am I missing here? FWIW
  7. Value of recent rewat MP 40

    DEWATs that do not transfer because the manufacturer/importer is not "correct" can easily be contested as long as the original registration pre-dates the end of the '68 Amnesty or the MG can be confirmed to have been manufactured 50 years ago or more. Might take some leverage against ATF but it has been and can be done. The ones that I have had with incorrect maker ID have generated 'error letters" and I have put returned the info with whatever ATF required. The new registrant can amend the NFRTR form 4 of the serial with a letter once the gun is in his name and, as the registrant, he can get date and name of original registrant's name from ATF. ATF will not do and major revisions, serial etc, etc during a transfer process.The transfers I had with the error letters have not been denied for incorrect ID once I have responded to ATF's satisfaction. However, if the date of original registration does not qualify the MG as C+R, even though it may once have transferred on an FFL03, then it will no longer transfer C+R under the recent implementation of the vetting of all transfers against the original registration info. Mike, if you have MGs that transferred as C+R but will no longer, do an FOIA search for the date of the original registration. My money is on the original registration occurring after the '68 Amnesty. See below. There are an indeterminate number of MGs registered as alleged registered D#WATs which were "reactivated" on F2s by FFLs after the '68 amnesty, but were actually unregistered MGs illegally processed as 'reactivated' merely by filling out and submitting the F2 with that status and ATF was none the wiser. ATF never supervised any operations of that sort or vetted transfers to confirm date of registrations for F2s, dF1s, FFL03 transfers, so it was easy to get away with. When MGs were not worth much, the extra value of and alleged C+R MG made a difference. Plus the CIIs didn't need any skills at cutting and welding the receivers, or making new ones. I've seen quite a few of these, and they actually are of interest to a small subset of collectors who seek them out because they are compromised and cheaper. This subset of Mgs also includes unregistered MG that were never cut and welded but just registered as manufactured on an F2. The FFLs who did this put their correct ID in the box so with a minor inspection it is easy to tell if the gun was not correctly cut and welded. Mike, you would be wise to get the matter of the date of the original registration of those guns verified. If they are actually correctly registered prior to the end of the '68 amnesty, then you can petition ATF to annotate the NFRTR that they are legitimately C+R. FWIW
  8. Help ID - Lewis Drum Loader

    Sure looks like a production example due to the fine castings, or a pre-production prototype. Like so so many oddball firearms, accessories and devices that were privately produced with the intent of selling the product to the military that were never adopted, my guess is that this is also an example. Seems way too big and unwieldily for an MG squad loader but possibly a field armorer's loader for aircraft or possibly for shipboard use for the 97 round drums. I would assume WWI. Beautiful machine.
  9. Are full auto Suomi M31s rare?

    My goodness, Mike, kinda jumpy aren't ya?. I especially like the "…most in the know…..". LOL. Yes, there is a good sampling of 38a's in the NFRTR compared to many other SMGs, but that doesn't mean that they are always available, in my experience. Lack of availability does not mean scarcity in the NFRTR. And, they have not really been that popular over long term compared to many other smg's, in my opinion and experience, but the prices tend to be comparatively affordable these days so there is more interest now than ever before. Many came into the country during the DEWAT retail years and I've reactivated several in the past year, not having done many for a long time, so that's a good sign.
  10. Are full auto Suomi M31s rare?

    Factory Finn M31s very scarce in NFRTR, with most being pre-May samples. I know of a half a dozen over many years, with four confirmed. Danish and Swedish Suomi pre-Mays also in the NFRTR with a few factory original transferables. As noted above RIA just sold a Finn M31 at auction with a hammer price of $19,550. That is a reduction in value form years back. 38a's fairly common and not overly popular so prices are not dreadful. FWIW
  11. WTS: M1917 US Savage Lewis Gun

    Please post me at or call 8022267204
  12. Ruger AC556; .223; blued; folder; 98% bluing; excellent bore; excellent wood; 5 mags; original good condition shipping carton $11K OBO More pics available. Seller will pay first tax out on F4; buyer pays all SH&I; brokered MG by Black River Militaria CII; owner NFA savvy
  13. RAMO built sideplate 1919A4; .30-06; RAMO, a military MG contractor for the US, was the top A4 and M2 .50 BMG builder; exceptional quality construction; 98% park; spare barrel; WWII M2 tripod; 4K spare links; .30-06 ammo available at extra cost $15,500 OBO More pics on request: Seller will pay first tax out; buyer pays all SH&I; brokered gun handled by Black River Militaria; NFA savvy owner
  14. WTS: Colt Water Cooled M2 .50 Cal - Pics

    Thanks for the thread gauge pic and it is very nice, as well as unusual, that a 52a has the original barrel and extension. Good looking gun. And yes, it is clear that the pic was probably used for lack of one showing the 52A but the later versions of the WC .50s, including mounts are very different in many significant ways so it is quite misleading and confusing. FWIW
  15. WTS: Colt Water Cooled M2 .50 Cal - Pics

    The pic is not of a 52A.