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  1. Scam!! Kassie Vicain

    Is there some way these guys (scammers) are "beating" the on-line FFL verification, e.g.,-- ...while possible, it seems like it would be an exceptionally sophisticated scammer to get around a physical bank check sent to the physical address on the ATF website, e.g., (i) if they were an employee or other associate of that (legit) FFL who had some form of access to the premises, and could intercept the check/package somehow (ii) a [sophisticated] hacker who could somehow 'hack' the ATF site (hard), or perhaps, 'spoof' the ATF web site and direct you to a duplicate site with the fake address. I understand (from reading) that the ATF doesn't consider it in their purview to run this down if no illegal transfer of an NFA item occurred, but what about wire fraud/bank fraud/mail fraud? (assuming it crosses state lines). I refuse to use a wire transfer, doubly so to an 'offshore' account. If they don't have a physical U.S. bank account, it's just a deal I can miss out on. - - - - - - - - I have not *personally* been scammed yet in my NFA collecting, but acknowledge that sending large amounts of $$$'s to people on the other side of the country you've never seen or met before poses a unique risk in today's world... and I would like to stay 'unscammed' if I can. Would appreciate replies if there's some aspect/risk of this that I'm not taking into account. Thanks.......
  2. WTS IMI UZI $10,500

    Local to me (at least, the stated address). If it looks like money is about to change hands, could potentially take a look at it... ...but given the nature of listing, probably unlikely.
  3. WTS Belt-Fed MK46 M249 $7850 (only one left)

    To the OP / Mr. Nielson / MGA: I own a registered transferrable Pre-'86 HK Sear. I am not an SOT. Can I legally use my sear in your gun? Thanks!
  4. Interested in purchasing an M1, or M1A1 Thompson (already have a 1928). At present, not looking for a West Hurley or one of the other various postwar "clones". Please email me with what you have & price; will need references, etc., if the deal gets that far. Thanks, S.D.