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  1. Is the subguns boards down

    Well I see thry fixed that entry point... now it goes to the same login, etc...F it all! If they want a log in I won't bother looking let alone listing any of my junk there.... LOL Charlie PTRS ARMS & ORDNANCE PA
  2. Is the subguns boards down

    no bad intent buddy. be well.. we all get old and cranky. I guess... Charlie
  3. Is the subguns boards down

    I'll throw in with RL... I'd just a soon post here... Buddy's even gotten better...LOL! Charlie PTRS
  4. WTB Owens smg mark 1 parts

    Let me know what you have. Thx PTRS
  5. WTS: Puteaux 25mm A.T. cannon

    What Marshall Morgan of TN built was no where correct for the 25 mm guns. The thread was completely wrong... He didn't have a any idea of the correct design, construction or thread. He was slow in his refund also. PTRS14.5
  6. RL I have sent a message to you. Charlie A&O PA
  7. WTB/WTT For MG81/MG81Z WW2 8 MM Items...

    Bump up with hope for something!
  8. I am in need of spares and accessories for a MAT 49 SMG in 9 mm Id also be interested in the VC 762 x 25 conversion items. Pls no relic condition or the likes... maps and SPAM be gone Thx Charlie
  9. IMI MIcro UZI Folding Stock Assembly with receiver mounting section. What ya got folks! Email Take spam and maps out... Thx Charlie A&O C3 PA
  10. WTB Suomi M31 demilled receivers and small parts

    we have demilled sections and parts. ptrs Charlie A&O C3
  11. Bump after a year. Stoner 63/63A stuff is no longer needed unles you have a Right hand feed drum or an extra Right hand feed setup. Thx Charlie
  12. I understand they went into Canada with some semi guns years ago...Sorry I'm wrong guys they were the Norinco QCA AR15's the onshore commies built. Anyway, maybe a few are here? I can trade stuff for them our buy outright. Thx Charlie Arms & Ordnance PA
  13. This is the original thing, Israeli military issue in nice shape, clear optics. 6 x 40 for M118 Round. I'd rather swap with cash for a Delft AR10 Sudanese or Delft Belgium FAL scope straight up. Let me know what you have. Images to/for real players not image collectors... Sorry the mount sold at SAR... Thanks, Charlie Arms & Ordnance PA
  14. WTB/WTT For MG81/MG81Z WW2 8 MM Items...

    Bump this guys... I did find the discharge chute for my MG81Z but still hunting for the feed chutes. Thx Charlie
  15. All is said and done to friends at KC. M2 parts 3500...ZB26 726 x39 parts set 3100.. Im even going home with cash... a very rare thing. Thx ptrs14.5