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  1. RARE: Colt M16A1 Hbar $26000

    Is the correct Bipod with the gun? Which is it? Thx PTRS Charlie A&O C3 PA
  2. WTB L7A1 or L7A2 British Mag 58 Parts

    I cant find any specific images of proof mark or otherwise. I'd expect the barrel to have the std British proof mark but the small parts I'm not sure. he is a good like about the mgs. Thx PTRS 14.5
  3. Looking for any British Mfg parts Enfield or Royal Ordnance marked parts. Bolt, op rod, brls, etc. Have many other MG parts to trade or buy outright. Thx Charlie Arms & Ordnance PGH PA
  4. WTB ZF 24 Scope w/ cam #2 5.56

  5. Browning MG Parts

    The spades are for an ANM2 30 Cal US aircraft MG as are the sites. I sold a set of spade at SAR to buddy for $850 which was a steal. The whole package is worth $1250 easy.. Don't go for any less... In fact break the sites out and sell the sites separate for 350 and the spades at 1100--1250. These ANM2 parts are very hard to find there days. I'll bet this pisses off some folks... LOL! PTRS 14.5 Charlie Logan A&O C3 PA
  6. WTB Colt LMG buffer and bolt carrier

    I have a new Colt hydraulic buffer and recoil spring. $ 185 plus S,H&I. Thx Charlie Logan A&O C3 Pa
  7. Let me know what you have. MP34 in 9 MM Mauser. Need Russian anti tank gun PTRS 14.5 mm Mag well and carry handle Thx Charlie A&O C3 PA
  8. Tippman .22 Semi 1919A4 current pricing?

    Sold a Model1919 Semi at SAR to another dealer $7500.00 Super clean. I moved it before the show open at 1K off my selling price. Super clean with all the paperwork, etc. Good guy, SOT, who going to put a post FA bolt in it... Charlie PTRS 14.5 Arms & Ordnance C3 PA
  9. WTB ZF 24 Scope w/ cam #2 5.56

    Have the original FNC FN mount less ZF24 Hendsolt Scope with the #2/ 5.56 Cam for 55 or 62 grain round. What is availability guys? Buy outright or swap for other MG parts... What do you need? Thx PTRS 14.5 Charlie
  10. WTB DP28 or DPM Pre Sample Or Transferable

    Guys here is the proof this board works!!! I found a super NICE C&R DP 28 via my post here! David, Albert and all, Thanks! Another contribution will follow upon the return of the F4. Thanks god it takes time, I'm having hit the 401 for this one... LOL! PTRS 14.5 Charlie
  11. WTB 08 15 Maxim

    Still looking for a 08 15 gun. A basic shooter grade gun. Can buy outright or swap up down with MG's, parts or Original Sniper for my needs... Thx Charlie PTS
  12. I'm looking for a nice Pre Sample or Transferable MG. Can buy out right or offer trade on any of a number of Rare MG's, other MG's and original Sniper Rifles. Let me know of what is out there. I'll pay a finders fee also. Thx Charlie
  13. WTB Original MG08 15 Plate Transferable

    Wes Charlie PTRS14.5 here DO you still have the 08 15 plate? Lets talk my cell see my PM from just now. Can you get me a phone number? will you be at KC? Thx Charlie
  14. Is the subguns boards down

    Well I see thry fixed that entry point... now it goes to the same login, etc...F it all! If they want a log in I won't bother looking let alone listing any of my junk there.... LOL Charlie PTRS ARMS & ORDNANCE PA
  15. Is the subguns boards down

    no bad intent buddy. be well.. we all get old and cranky. I guess... Charlie