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  1. WTT/WTB Stoner 63 Bren Setup

    Thanks but all I need is the Bren Sight and Feed assembly. Ive got plenty of barrels. PTRS Charlie
  2. WTT/WTB Stoner 63 Bren Setup

    I have a wide assortment of Stoner 63/63A, MG81, MG15, MG74/3, AR10 Portuguese/Sudanese and many more parts to swap for a Stoner 63/A Bren Setup. If I've not listed parts of interest, let me know what your looking for. Thx, PTRS14.5 Charlie A&O C3 PA
  3. WTB Transferable stoner 63A and 240B

    Steve, I'd put money down on the fact that the FG42 Model 2 is an image of one of the 4 Guns 3 FG42 Model 2's and 1 FG Model 1, I got from the Mike Free Federal Auction years back. He had a relationship with Larry Cheatham of L&L Machine Guns in OK for years and Larry got one for the Free FG42 Model 2 from my deal... Larry later sold it at RIA for 200K with kick. Charlie A&O C3 PA
  4. WTB Transferable stoner 63A and 240B

    LOL! Rasta-man... with Stoners... Haven't seen that get up since the early 90's Steve Yes, I still have one Stoner 63 for sale I guess... Ed's now "Urban Armory and Cars" I guess. Anything that can be brokered I see... LOL!!!! Thx, Charlie A&O C3 PA
  5. Brian Linde of MN RIP

    Wow another guy's gone. Way too soon at 55... Brian Linde a great guy... So sad... Charlie PTRS
  6. I'm in Tulsa on my way back from SAR and was told Bill passed away Wed pm after a car accident near Tulsa. Another OG has now passed. RIP Bill. Charlie PTRS A&O C 3 PA
  7. Fleming .22 Kit Barrel Removal

    For the M11's they did? What gun? PTRS
  8. What do these springs fit?

    FAL Recoil spring? WTF My Call... Blind in one eye.. Drunk in the other... PTRS
  9. WTB ZF 24 Scope w/ cam #2 5.56

  10. WTB WTT French Universal SMG 9 MM Parts

    Still Looking to swap a nice MAT 49 Parts Set for a Universal 9mm French SMG Parts set... Could also offer a partial Owens SMG parts set too Thx Charlie PTRS A&O C3 PA
  11. Will Trade a nice French MAT 49 SMG Parts set for it... Could also offer a partial Owens SMG parts set too Thx PTRS 14.5 Charlie
  12. Ive got stuff to swap for what I need.. Whats anyone got? Thx PTRS Charlie
  13. WTB C&R MG08-15

  14. WTB C&R MG08-15