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  1. WTB: PTRS 14.5 mm Anti Tank Gun Parts

  2. WTB/WTT For MG81/MG81Z WW2 8 MM Chutes

  3. Odd 7 MM Ammo FN Belguim Mfg for FAL??Venezuela?

    Thx Buddy... Any luck opening the zip file with the scabbard images? Charlie
  4. I had the recent occasion to run upon this ammo, Mfg by FN Belgium on strippers in boxes and marked for FAL Venezuela...? I've never known of a FAL in 7mm of any configuration 7 x 57 or any other 7 MM ammo... The ammo clearly isn't 7 x 57 as the casing is too short and the projo is too long. I have yet to tear one down. This will happen once I can get settled back at a bench. I'm very familiar with 7 x 57 commonly used in South and Central American, but this isn't it. For comparison, it is positioned left to right as 7.93 x 57, 7.65 Argentinian and the odd 7mm ammo in one image. See images attached and advise. Thanks, PTRS Charlie
  5. I have been sitting on a group of complete NOS M14E2 Stocks with all new in wrap parts for years... I'd like to move them down the road but the only missing component is the aluminum grip sling assemblies that are rubber coated. I have the raw castings in aluminum, see images attached. Does anyone have the original machine print for this item? I have one USGI example but it is coated as you know and getting proper dimensions will be an issue. Can anyone offer some help or do this machine work for me? Reach me via email. FCLOGANSPAM@FLOCOMAPS.COM take maps and spam out of address Thanks PTRS-14.5 Charlie
  6. WTB Madsen M50 parts kit

    Sometime back John Bush had parts... Sorry don't have contact info here... PTRS Charlie
  7. Doc, You have a email from me. Thx Charlie
  8. Need Help ID ing some MG AA Sites

    I saw that too but it clearly different when compared.. I still think it is for a German MG15 possibly but am not 100% certain without a good image. Thanks for your input. Charlie PTRS