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  1. WTS Pre-May dealer samples

    Pre-May dealer sample Thompson M1 excellent $9,950. Walther MPL 9mm excellent $8,200. Walther MPK 9mm excellent $8,200. The Walthers can use modified Soumi mags. Prices include shipping. Can be sold only to SOT dealers. Contact David at david@davidspiwak.com
  2. Need a dealer to do transfers near Marshfield MO. Please respond to david@davidspiwak.com
  3. WTS Pre-May machineguns

    Pre-May Thompson M1 in excellent condition $10,050. Pre-May Walther MPK 9mm in excellent condition with factory magazine $8525. Can use modified Soumi mags. These are restricted to dealers only. David Spiwak david@davidspiwak.com, 570-441-5646
  4. WTB ANM2 internal parts

    Need most internal parts. Let me know what is available and price. Contact David via email david@davidspiwak .com or 570-441-5646
  5. WTB Walther MPK magazines

    Need two or three magazines and a loader. Contact david@davidspiwak.com
  6. This item is discontinued and sells for $750. My price $625 delivered. Thread is 9/16x24 and Gemtech has adapters for other threads. Works with .45 or .40. New in box. Contact David at 570-441-5646 or david@davidspiwak.com