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  1. wts 30-06 blanks

    What kind? US M1909 with the red paper seal? PPU M1999 with the star crimp? Long IMI or FNM with a full length shape? Boxed, belted, or loose? Enquiring minds want to know! If these are full-size blanks (as long as a complete ball cartridge), then I may be interested.
  2. Selling a machine gun..

    I have sold one gun on a 50/50 deal. I had it in writing that the 50% down payment was non-refundable, regardless of circumstances. Also that payment in full was due within 20 days of receiving an approved Form4. After 20 days, the transfer would be cancelled and I could sell or keep the gun and any money already paid. There were no problems.
  3. Is a c&r license worth the headaches?

    To me it's silly not to have a C&R. If you buy ONE firearm out of state during the 3 years, you have made back the cost of the C&R versus having it transferred to a dealer. Another good point about the C&R; unlike an FFL, you do not have to keep there records forever. Let it expire after 3 years and there is no requirement to keep the records. I just let it expire, then re-apply the day after it expires. I do have to go a month or so without a license. But I will never be hassled about a transaction from 20 years ago. Also keep in mind that EVERY firearm over 50 years old is automatically a C&R. If it was made before 1971, it is now a C&R. As mentioned above, in 2036, EVERY transferable machine gun in the country will be a C&R! No more messing with Form 5320.20!
  4. 30:06 3000 rounds

    email sent
  5. What to know about mp40s

    Additional thoughts: Don't be put off by the asking prices of WW2 MP40 mags on auction sites. Post-war Vigneron magazines are very reasonable and with five minutes on a belt sander will fit and function perfectly. Just hit all four sides where they fit in the magazine well until they fit and lock properly. I use cold blue to re-touch them and then mark then with a white sharpie so they don't get mistaken for un-modified mags. Reproduction magazine loaders work just as well as the originals; OK, but not great. Vigneron loaders are a better choice as they have leverage to force rounds down. A minor tweak will make these fit MP40 mags just fine. WW2 extractors can be weak as quality worsened towards the wars end. Get a spare. The Portuguese FBP bolt and recoil spring assembly work just fine in an MP40. And are considerable less expensive. Don't use low-powered ammo. Wolf steel-case and Remington bulk pack are notorious for causing runaways in open-bolt subguns due to low power. The WW2 German ammo was 124gr and equal to NATO-spec. I stick to that with my guns. GECO 124gr is clean, boxer-primed, and quality ammo at a good price.
  6. Would you buy a rewelded receiver

    It depends on a lot of factors. If it is a 9mm tube SMG, and the tube is straight and the welds look good, then no problem. If the price was right, I wouldn't let the welded tube stop me. If it is a rifle caliber and the welds are in front of the locking lugs (BREN, FAL, Japanese T99, etc), then I would have to examine a LOT more closely! If it is an M16 lower and it looks good and the dimensions are good, the I'd snag it. The lower on an M16 has very little stress. It pretty much boils down to how much stress will the weld have to deal with, and was the work well done.
  7. Help ID - Lewis Drum Loader

    From the pictures, it appears that the operator had to keep the three chutes filled. They look a lot like Browning belt loader chutes. It's a very interesting machine!
  8. Of course, a DEWAT transfer is tax-free on a Form5. You still have the wait, but the cost of the transfer is reasonable ;-) . Another aspect is that almost all registered DEWATs are C&Rs. They retain their C&R status when reactivated, too. That alone saves a future purchaser $200 for an out-of-state transfer tax if they spring for a $30 C&R license. One of the surest indicators of peaking interest in a C&R firearm is when magazine and accessory prices start to skyrocket. Another indicator is when someone thinks that it's worthwhile making replacement parts (and barrels) for 100 year-old guns!
  9. Chauchat prices are starting to go up significantly. With the Prvi 8mm Lebel ammo, folks are finding that the guns actually run pretty well. Also, it's the least expensive rifle-caliber full-auto around. Finally, there has been some renewed interest due to the 100th anniversary of the US getting into WWI. The availability of new barrels will help the prices of dewats go up.
  10. WTB Lewis barrel radiator

    I'm looking for the aluminum finned radiator for a Lewis LMG. I would love to find the 14-fin US radiator, but a British 17-fin one will work. I have some .303 and a few .30US parts to trade or can buy it outright if the price is reasonable.
  11. How about making some Sterling SMG recoil springs? I could use a couple of sets. OEM new springs sets do not seem to have made it past the mad smelters in Britain.
  12. I've looked into making Chauchat magazines. Pretty simple construction that might actually lend itself to polymer molding with metal feed lips. The two clamshell parts are pretty crude, in fact.