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  1. Transferrables, Pre-Mays, and Accessories

    Do you still have the m240 spade grip set up send me image info@Guncleaners.com
  2. I have two guns to move out for an estate. They are registered to us ready to transfer out on a form3. The Reising M50 was a PD turn in missing the sling swivels and the original blued compensator. A military parkerized comp is included as well as an original 20 round magazine. Nice blueing wood ( wood has some scratches and dings) . Excellent bore. $5600. The M119mm was a movie gun obtained from LMO and was from Stenbridge, don't know what movies it was in. Lots of solvent tank cleaning finish wear and the stock has been modified so it will not retract into the frame or fold over the top rear of the receiver. The installed upper came with the gun and the barrel rotates a fraction but still shoots. It comes with another upper with a tight barrel but had a front sight repair. Comes with one original magazine. This is a great gun to refinish and do parts upgrade $ 6750.
  3. Have an excellent condition fully transferable Valmet 76 in 7.62X39. Has tube folding stock and was converted by Hard Times Armory. The gun was originally chambered in 5.56 mm. A new barrel and full auto bolt carrier was installed in the gun. Bore is mint and the gun has been a safe queen fired little. Probably 98% condition
  4. I'm working a trade deal for a customer police dept wanting to trade out 3 HK MP5-40 SMGS with extra mags and 2 HK 53 post 86 dealer samples for new firearms that I am providing. Will need LE demo request letters and it would be better to take all or one of each in the demo request letter. I can also cut the guns up and sell as a parts kit . Looking to get $2500 each gun delivered with accessories. Let me know of your interest. The guns are in very good condition.
  5. WTT: 1987 HMMWV toward 5.56 NFA weapon

    I have some AC556 available, send me some images
  6. Have a like new rare Accuracy Int. Covert complete rifle package. Includes, AE MKIII .308 rifle with special short compensated barrel and custom slip over QD suppressor. The suppressor is easy to install and remove in seconds with 1/3 turn and lock on to barrel. Very effective muzzle break is permanently attached to barrel with a 16.5" overall length. The suppressor attaches internally to the muzzle break and locks up tight to the barrel taper near the receiver. Its complete with the American Tourister covert case specially modified to hold the compact gun with stock folded and suppressor off and the following A I accessories, Picatinny rail and scope mount and rings to accommodate 30 to 34mm scopes, Leupold MK4 LRT 4.5X14 scope, 3 5 round mags, 2 10 round mags, bi-pod. $8900 for the whole package ready to shoot. Very impressive looking and shooting rig. Will ship rifle and accessories after payment and suppressor after BATF approval.
  7. WTB: Original C&R M16

    Thanks Arron for posting the image of the gun I have for sale . It's in the 500 serial range and can be found in the BATF C&R list of NFA firearms , it's Armalite marked. Has the original two piece buffer and chrome bolt assembly , marked .223 caliber and functions flawless at the high cyclical rate these early guns are known for. Fun to shoot. Asking $34,000.
  8. WTB: Original C&R M16

    I have one for sale, if still interested contact me
  9. This in an interesting gun in that it comes with the original 1934 registration form copy from the Roselle Police Dept., who we got it from so we are the second owner. They must have bought the gun from Auto Ordnance direct before the 1934 law that required registration. They followed the law and registered it, some agencies ignored the law and have the original guns as non-transferrable It’s got about 90% of the original finish but has a few issues. The front grip has a “PD repair” as an attempt to fix a crack, the original bolt head has damage and the original extractor had the tip broken off all included with the gun, probably possible to repair. A savage nickel bolt and extractor are installed on the gun for functionality. Bore is very good with some straw. I’m asking $36,000 for this gun because of the issues. Not interested in trades. Gun is fully transferable C&R and will make an excellent shooter. Gun comes with an original early Bridgeport 20 round mag and a NY Patented 50 round working drum.