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  1. I have a customer that wants one with a flashlight. Send your contact information to
  2. Colt M16A2 Auto Marked transferable $30,000

    How about a picture or perhaps a description of the upper and stock that are original to it?
  3. WTS: PreMay Madsen M-50 SMG - Sale $4200

    These are great little SMGs.
  4. Can you turn a rifle into a pistol? I am not sure that is ever legal.
  5. WTB:M1A1 matching numbers

    It will be tough to find, especially since many of the lowers were un-numbered.
  6. Shoot some pictures of the markings on the barrel and receiver.
  7. It is available. Auto is stamped on the lower behind the selector lever. I will shoot a picture for you and post it.
  8. Price reduced to $22,000 plus shipping and insurance.

    The stamp on the stock should be OGEK. It is a rebuild inspection at the Ogden, Utah arsenal by none other than Elmer Keith. Would be cool to have on any surplus gun. More so on a Thompson.
  10. WTS: Transferable WWII German MP44

    OK. So a 50+ year old M16 that has a modern A2 upper is or is not C&R?
  11. WTS: Transferable WWII German MP44

    Post a picture of the bottom of the receiver in front of the magazine well and the markings on the side of the receiver (SN).