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  1. WTS Stg44 fully transferable $41,000

    Post a picture of the bottom of the receiver just ahead of the magazine well. Also, strip it and show pictures of the matching numbers on all of the parts. Dan
  2. Bushmaster XM-15 E2S LEO trade-in with 14.5 barrels with the flash hider pinned and welded to 16” and Surefire rail. It has very few scratches and appears mechanically very good. This is an earlier Windham, ME built rifle, not a Remington. This is the last one. $765 shipped to the lower 48. It comes with one new magazine. Contact me at
  3. Bushmaster XM-15 E2S LEO trade-ins

    I only have a few left.
  4. Bushmaster XM-15 E2S LEO trade-ins

    Check your messages.
  5. Bushmaster XM-15 E2S LEO trade-ins with 14.5 barrels with the flash hider pinned and welded to 16” and Surefire rails. They have some scratches but appear mechanically very good. These are the earlier Windham, ME built rifles, not Remingtons. I have several of them available. Here’s a sample. $750 each shipped to the lower 48. They come with one new magazine. Contact me at
  6. I will be interested to see what this goes for. I sold nearly the exact same set up about 3 years ago except I also had the original bipod and bayonet plus a much lower serial number. Dan
  7. It is. Tom texted me and asked if he could call for some questions. I figured I would get a plug in while I was on.
  8. Original Colt factory M16A2 transferable machinegun. The M16A2 was adopted by the USMC in 1983 and the US Army in 1986. A few were sold on the commercial market prior to the 1986 Hughes Amendment banning the registration of new machineguns by civilians. This is one of the few 8 million serial number guns produced for commercial sale prior to the 1986 ban. The selector is marked Safe/Semi/Burst like the military guns; however, these rifles came from the factory with the full auto fire control group installed. As you can see from the pictures, this rifle is in excellent condition with no marks in the finish and only light wear to the parts. If you need more information, contact me. This firearm will transfer to your dealer on an eForm 3. $29,995 plus shipping and insurance.
  9. I have a customer that wants one with a flashlight. Send your contact information to
  10. Colt M16A2 Auto Marked transferable $35,000

    How about a picture or perhaps a description of the upper and stock that are original to it?
  11. WTS: PreMay Madsen M-50 SMG - Sale $4200

    These are great little SMGs.
  12. Can you turn a rifle into a pistol? I am not sure that is ever legal.
  13. WTB:M1A1 matching numbers

    It will be tough to find, especially since many of the lowers were un-numbered.