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  1. WTB: Hotchkiss articulating belt

    IMA also sold them individually with a belt box.
  2. WTB: Hotchkiss articulating belt

    I bought some yes ago from a guy in Australia named Astrid. He made versions of the articulating belts. Here’s his contact info: Dr. Astrid M. Vallati, MD,JD (retd), AV Ballistics Technical Services AV Blankfire PO Box 763 KENMORE Q 4069 (Brisbane) Australia
  3. WTB Mac10/11 w/ LAGE Upper

    I have a M11 9mm w Lage upper and live in Youngstown Ohio area. PM me if interested.
  4. FS or Trade: Ramo 1917A1 Water Cooled 30-06 $17,500

    Any interest in trading for a f/a DLO 1919a4 w accessories?
  5. Book: Carbine Handbook ,,$30 shipped

    Understand. I’ll have to pass then. Check or gift PayPal for small amount item for me. Good luck w sale.
  6. Book: Carbine Handbook ,,$30 shipped

    I'll take it if you take gift PayPal.
  7. Inquiry sent via email
  8. I'm interested. Is this 50 yo and C&R?
  9. Chatellerault Magazine Haversack

    I'll take the small one. Email sent. Steve
  10. For sale Chatellerault 24 parts

    I'm interested. Email sent.
  11. Pm sent w email for pics too.
  12. If you don't sell the spade grip, I'd be interested in buying especially if it's functional. U can messsge or email me.
  13. I'll take it pending payment options. Pm sent.