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  1. Approved at Last!

    No problem with photos. Had to send in pictures of tape measure against the barrel to verify length. Pictures of markings on a 1918 BAR. Don’t sweat calling because I have had issues in the past where they wanted more info but had not made contact. My call helped them out.
  2. Approved at Last!

    Yes it took 10 months
  3. Approved at Last!

    I did five at one time last fall with about the same time frame. I did have to provide updated info on three of them including photos. Jessica was very nice and quite helpful.
  4. Suppressor for Swedish K

    Please keep this post updated as you search out you suppressor. I have the same Wilson K and would also be interested in a suppressor.
  5. Whats stopping you from getting the gun back from ATF? Just wondering. Legally it is yours.
  6. Registered mail only.
  7. It will be interesting to see if ATF recovers the gun. I am wondering if the FedEx facility has video monitoring.
  8. WTS: MM23e

    What type of valmet would you consider?
  9. Your statement about schools is very pertinent. It would seem to me that the use of active shooter drills in public schools will foster a fear of firearms in many young and impressionable kids that will last a lifetime creating more and more people resistant to the ideals of the second amendment.
  10. Is there a difference betweem MAC 11 and m11a1?

  11. I asked the examiner at NFA branch about this today. Regardless if the out of state individual has a FFL/SOT, if the gun in question is registered to the person on a form 4 it transfers to the dealer in the buyers state on a tax paid form 4. You are paying for two stamps to get the out of state gun unless you have the C&R license then the out of state individual can ship you the gun on a form 4 paying for only one stamp. So Mr Kimber1911 is paying for two stamps if the gun is to be registered to his trust.
  12. MG's as an investment

    Yes sir I believe you are right.
  13. WTB: Pre-86 Dealer Samples

    I sent you a PM
  14. Next mg

    Swedish K
  15. MG's as an investment

    Just remember when you go to buy that machine-gun that like any other asset class it can quickly go from good to bad by paying to much. 2 cents