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  1. WTS: Preban Argentinian FAL

    Pm with number sent
  2. WTS: Preban Argentinian FAL

    Do you have photos
  3. Thompson L Drums

    Are these drums in the original packaging?
  4. Price range for MG 34

    I am pretty sure the buyers premium is 15% for those in attendance. For me personally there were no other fees or shipping.
  5. Price range for MG 34

    Montrose auction company sold a decent presample a while back for $7000
  6. Pre May Dealer Sample in an LLC with FFLSOT

    The NFA handbook is available online and offers answers to many commonly asked questions. It say this regarding your question, 14.2.2 Corporations, partnerships, and associations. FFLs licensed as corporations, partnerships, or associations, who have been qualified to deal in NFA firearms and who go out of the NFA business, may lawfully retain their inventory of these firearms, including imported NFA “sales samples,” as long as the entity does not dissolve but continues to exist under State law. No NFA transfer occurs that would require an ATF-approved transfer because the firearms are still possessed by the same entity to which they were previously transferred and registered. However, any firearm registered to the entity as a “sales sample” would continue to bear the “sales sample” restriction on any subsequent transfer, unless the firearm is being transferred to a government agency. Thus, the transfer of a “sales sample” to other than a government agency will only be approved if the transferee is an FFL/SOT qualified such samples.220
  7. WTS: BNZ42 mp40, matching, F4, Ex PD gun

    I will PM you for the photos
  8. I need a lawyer - please read and recommend

    Bummer I bought a Bren gun at auction that was supposed to be fully transferable and when the e-form was filed the atf requested a law letter. I immediately told the auction house that I could not provide nor would I try. I got lucky as they refunded my money but the auction house had to take the financial hit as they had taken possession of the gun under the impression it was transferrable. Best of luck with your problem.
  9. WTB 1919A4

    If you are thinking of the purchase as an investment then I would look far and wide for the the best deal you can find. To me it seems like these guns have been flat on the pricing for a while now. Water cooled seem to have retreated somewhat on prices. Also don't discount the extra parts and accessories as they can add significantly to the value of a package deal and most guys seem to collect odds and ends along with their guns.
  10. WTB 1919A4

    Good choice for a shooter as they are readily available as are parts and accessories.
  11. WTB .22 conversion for 1919 or 1917a1 bmg

    There is a 1917 on gun broker and the guy has a .22 kit for it Accor to the listing. Not sure if he would separate but it might be worth asking.
  12. MG Blowout Sale 2.0 $5500 and UP

    Would you consider selling the Lewis tripod adapter separately?
  13. Is a c&r license worth the headaches?

    The cost of the C&R is nothing. When I buy something out of state on a form four for myself it cuts the wait time down.
  14. Is a c&r license worth the headaches?

    I have a C&R and a dealer/SOT and have never had any issues with BATFE. That being said we have a lady who maintains all our store paperwork and she does a good job providing any information they request. I have talked to others who have not had such good interactions with BATFE but all of them were sloppy with their record keeping. Getting the C&R was as simple as filling out the form and mailing it in.