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  1. First Machine Gun advice, opinions please.

    There is also a Swedish K listed for sale on this site and while not a German gun it would be a good choice for a shooter. Parts and magazines are readily available. 2cents
  2. First Machine Gun advice, opinions please.

  3. WTB Swedish K Barrel Shrouds

  4. WTB Swedish K

    PM sent. Looks nice. I am most interested in photos that allow a view of the welds.
  5. WTB Lightning Link

    David Spiwak has one on his website right now. https://www.davidspiwak.com/guns/
  6. WTB Swedish K

    Anyone have a transferable Swedish K for sale.
  7. Looking to get my first beltfed, any advice is welcome…

    For what it is worth I like the mg34 with an anti aircraft tripod.
  8. WTK CA Gun laws for pistols

  9. Trump plays fast and loose with the truth concerning everything that comes out of his mouth. What concerns me is the adulation seeking. The fact that he is now getting that adulation from politicians and press that has up to this point caused him nothing but aggravation unnerves me. Take for example the mood at last nights Gridiron Club Dinner.
  10. Shortbarrelpete it was good ole Ronnie Reagan who signed the so called firearms owners protection act possibly the most egregious piece of firearms legislation in my lifetime.
  11. Nothing new on Subguns

    Thanks good to know
  12. Nothing new on Subguns

    Yes I also thought so
  13. Does FA fire give probable cause?

    We generally invite the local and state police commanders when having an organized shoot. Last time we were invited to use the sheriffs range. Never had any issues when shooting at home.
  14. Value of mg13 magazines

    Thanks for the info. I bought them at a local gun auction because they were cheap and I liked the pouch.
  15. Value of mg13 magazines

    Hoping those in the know might give me some ideas on the value of eight original mg13 magazines I recently acquired. I also have what appears to be an original magazine pouch for them. Thanks in advance.