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  1. WTB .22 conversion for 1919 or 1917a1 bmg

    There is a 1917 on gun broker and the guy has a .22 kit for it Accor to the listing. Not sure if he would separate but it might be worth asking.
  2. MG Blowout Sale 2.0 $5500 and UP

    Would you consider selling the Lewis tripod adapter separately?
  3. Is a c&r license worth the headaches?

    The cost of the C&R is nothing. When I buy something out of state on a form four for myself it cuts the wait time down.
  4. Is a c&r license worth the headaches?

    I have a C&R and a dealer/SOT and have never had any issues with BATFE. That being said we have a lady who maintains all our store paperwork and she does a good job providing any information they request. I have talked to others who have not had such good interactions with BATFE but all of them were sloppy with their record keeping. Getting the C&R was as simple as filling out the form and mailing it in.
  5. shipping a subgun

    I have shipped subguns via USPS registered mail several times with no problems. I have a good relationship with the post office personnel and they never questioned the small box. If the gun has a stock I don't consider it a handgun and no one ever cared. As for the question of an "illegal transfer", if you have a question as to the legality of a transfer then I would ask ATF directly as poor advice could be costly.

    I sent you an email regarding this gun
  7. Giving a mg to a sot for repair

    I sent my AUG to Pete Athens with a copy of the form 4. When he was done he shipped it back with the form in the box.
  8. 9 Machine Guns For Sale Form 3 E Form

    Whats the story on the MG42 in the photo?
  9. WTB: MG34

  10. WTB: MG34

    I saw one sell in Georgia at an auction a year or so ago for $6,800. It was also a pre 86 dealer sample.
  11. Form 4 times individual to SOT

    Should have read it more closely
  12. Form 4 times individual to SOT

    Most of the time if they are sent in together the same examiner handles both and you get them back together. In my experience.
  13. Form 4 times individual to SOT

    Spoke to ATF last Wednesday and was told average transfer time ten months currently.
  14. WTK: Value of WW1 Luger

    Go look on Simpson Firearms website for one like it. They will be high but most likely have one to compare pricing.