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  1. What type of bayonet fits this attachment?
  2. Thompson Vs AK for next buy thoughts on each?

    Get a military 1928. It will have the cool factor of the drum and removable stock. 2 cents
  3. Vickers 303 Pricing advice..

    You think a semi auto Vickers will bring more than a full auto?
  4. Next Machine gun, buyers advice please!

    Military Thompson's seem to be "on sale" right now.
  5. I was hoping some of you guys might have some insight into specialty insurance for gun collections. I have reached the point where I feel that I need to insure the contents of my collection but have no experience in specialty insurance. I am wondering what companies others are using and what their experiences with said companies have been. Any information anyone can provide at this point would be much appreciated.
  6. You have a very nice looking gun. I was wondering how you liked dealing with Ravenna Armory? From the pictures it looks like they do fine work.
  7. Ruben's Birthday SALE!

    Happy Birthday Sir
  8. How do I file a FOIA

    What is the typical amount charged for the duplication fees? Just curious
  9. Are you talking about Jim Wilson? Technically built or not they are already on the registry.
  10. I thought he was ok too when I first met him. After getting the run around and hearing him blame everyone he could for his problems it became pretty obvious the truth was lost somewhere. He also tried to sell me military thermal weapon sight that seemed like a to good to be true offer. I told him thanks but I did not want it in my possession should the rightful owners come looking for the thing.
  11. Yes he scammed me on a Sterling MK5. Took the payment, strung me out and never had the gun. Went to prison owing me a gun he should have produced literally years before he went to jail. I have the sales receipt for the gun that says paid in cash. Sounds like you bought his bullshit story.
  12. Only Scammer I have ever run into was a licensed FFL from Macon Georgia named Mark Mann.
  13. Approved at Last!

    No problem with photos. Had to send in pictures of tape measure against the barrel to verify length. Pictures of markings on a 1918 BAR. Don’t sweat calling because I have had issues in the past where they wanted more info but had not made contact. My call helped them out.
  14. Approved at Last!

    Yes it took 10 months
  15. Approved at Last!

    I did five at one time last fall with about the same time frame. I did have to provide updated info on three of them including photos. Jessica was very nice and quite helpful.