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  1. WTB: Transferable Swedish K

    They are in Morphy's upcoming auction and the guns are original Carl Gustaf.
  2. We crushed a mp-5 suppressor in the press brake and sent the flattened serial numbered piece from the tube to the nfa branch. Never had any further contact regarding the suppressor.
  3. Refinishing Sub Guns

    Might not be close to you but the work that I have seen is high quality. https://fordsguns.com/
  4. cool fact

    Going to be some more 2a criminals according to the letter I just got regarding multi shot triggers.
  5. I recently purchased a Hensoldt Scope from 22eley and everything was quick and smooth.
  6. One last MG thoughts?

    At least you have a lot of options thrown at you.
  7. One last MG thoughts?

    I agree with Thumpy. UZI and I like the wood stock
  8. Sorry just noticed your inquiry said non NFA
  9. There is one in this listing https://www.1919a4.com/threads/wts-browning-m1917-other-nfa-updated-2-26-22.106898/#post-731356 Gorgon had it listed and he is on Sturmgewehr
  10. The joys of the 50/50 deal re- NFA's

    I just bought four guns on 50\50. Why does it matter so long as both parties are satisfied. If you are guessing as to what prices will be in a year then wait a year to sell.
  11. Factory Beretta 38/49 submachine gun guide

    I will take either one of them if still available
  12. Per our conversation I will take the scope