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  1. Value of mg13 magazines

    Thanks for the info. I bought them at a local gun auction because they were cheap and I liked the pouch.
  2. Value of mg13 magazines

    Hoping those in the know might give me some ideas on the value of eight original mg13 magazines I recently acquired. I also have what appears to be an original magazine pouch for them. Thanks in advance.
  3. Mr Todd. I sent an email to your above posted email address in regards to the vickers. Dillon Harris
  4. I am aware of the DLO/Andrewski/Melton MKV builds. There is a dealer in macon that took payment on one and has yet to produce any gun.
  5. Thanks for the info. Very interesting about the history of Sterling and the HK connection. Any other info provided is much appreciated.
  6. I was hoping someone on this forum could provide a rational valuation on Pre Sample factory Sterling MKV. The gun is in pristine condition and has the studs for mounting an optics base.
  7. WTS Transferable Erb Sterling $12k

    Can you provide some photos.
  8. WTB: M11 .380

    I have an SWD if you change your mind
  9. Wts MK ARMS 760 9mm smg 5000.00

    Did this gun sell? Seems to be popular and I sent a PM but got no reply. Anyone else get a reply?
  10. WTS: Savage Lewis Machine Gun .303 - $22K

    PM sent please advise upon receipt or if no receipt. Thanks
  11. Wts MK ARMS 760 9mm smg 5000.00

    Nice looking gun. Just have a couple of questions. Is this gun currently on a form 4? Does the stock wobble? Thanks
  12. WTS: MG42

    Where you able to find out the original date of registration from ATF?