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  1. That is correct.
  2. Tagging.. how do you do it?

    I think it's a feature that comes with a paid subscription. I just did a test post and was able to insert tags during the post creation. -KristopherH
  3. Testing

  4. Brian Linde of MN RIP

    Requiescat in Pace, Mr. Linde.
  5. And an early Merry Christmas to you and your family, R.L. Hope your birthday is AWESOME!!! -KristopherH
  6. A Safe / Happy Place

    I can dig it.
  7. Stopping by to say hi, got free stuff.

    Glad to hear that life is giving you a break from some of the BS, R.L. Take care, my friend. -KristopherH
  8. That's unfortunate. Several years ago, I had an issue with a seller who refused to file NFA paper work or communicate with me or my SOT. After a year of his bullshit, I turned him in to his state's Consumer Protection Agency and contacted my local LEOs. My LEOs were able to get in contact with him and he started the transfer process. Didn't cost me a dime. If you need to get a lawyer, I would advise you to do so. However, you may be able to minimize your costs by contacting the appropriate Consumer Protection Agency and law enforcement. Best of luck. -KristopherH
  9. WTK - Selling Posties When Giving Up SOT

    From the NFA Handbook:
  10. HOLY CRAP !!!!!!

    Amazing collection.
  11. Amnesty registered m1(m2) recorded wrong?

    Does your friend have the original Amnesty Registration Form 4467? It may shed light on the situation. Other than price, there is not a bit of difference between a transferable M2 Carbine and an Amnesty Registered C&R M2 Carbine. I, personally, would not pay a premium on a C&R M2 that didn't have all the relevant documentation included in the sale. That's just me. As far as manufacturer goes, I'd leave it as it is on the registration Form. In Liberty, KristopherH
  12. Buyer Feedback for Seller "RORY"

    Well, hell, I can't be left out... Technical Engineer. Seven stamps: six FA, one SBR. Pretty sure my dear old dad can outwork ten other guys, including sonny boy. ETA: Shipping machine guns sucks, and it doesn't matter who does the shipping. It's an expensive pain in the ass.
  13. Three things to consider here: 1.) DealerNFA always commands a premium. This is because Ruben sells only the finest machineguns and his customer service is stellar. The average seller is not going to be able to command the same price that Ruben does. 2.) Your registered part is selling by itself, no rifle included. Are you including the other M2 specific parts in your sale? 3.) As you are an individual, this registered part may have as many as two Form 4 transfers: one from you to an out of state dealer and one from the dealer to the purchaser. This is going to add time to the process and if it doesn't seem like a good deal to the buyer, they may look elsewhere. My advice to you would be to figure out the absolute minimum you will take for your registered part. Add to that value and negotiate down if you have to. If your absolute minimum isn't met, keep the part or re-evaluate what you are willing to take. -KristopherH