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  1. What do I need to know about mk760

    Both my cousin and I shot it right after it showed up at my SOT's place of business. This was in September of 2018, so it's been a while. Some things I noted: 1.) The trigger is pretty horrible. 2.) The sites are underwhelming. 3.) Suomi magazines are almost as awesome as Sterling magazines. 4.) I felt like the Omega Man. Say what you will, this gun looks cool. 5.) I like to tinker with things, so I won't mind if I have to do repairs or tweak on the gun. 6.) It's a machine gun. I can dream about a SW76 or I can have an MK760. I choose the latter. I think mine is going to be a pretty good shooter. It left the factory as a sub-machinegun (S prefix) and it has a very,very low serial number. If it had been a higher number C (Carbine) or P (Pistol) prefix gun, I might have walked away. The finish looks pretty rough - the previous owner either put some rounds through her or ran over the damn thing. Overall, I regret nothing. So far... -KH Edited to add: BWE Firearms is making parts for the MK760, so that played into my decision to purchase as well.
  2. What do I need to know about mk760

    I am nine months into the transfer process with my MK760. Didn't plan on getting one, but just kind of fell into a good deal. Have only shot it once, but it is a sweet shooter. I am hoping the transfer is approved in the next few weeks. -KH
  3. MG's as an investment

    You, sir, have two things...mettle and my utmost respect. If more people had your fortitude, this country wouldn't be in the sorry shape it is in now. In Liberty, KH
  4. Newbie Question - NFA Dealer Transfer Question

    I'm not a dealer but a machinegun enthusiast since 2012. Basically, you have three classes of machineguns - Transferable, Pre-May Samples, and Post May Samples. Transferable: These can be owned by regular Joes like you and me. The most desirable and the most expensive of the lot. Pre-May Samples: These can only be owned by FFL/SOTs. Depending on the business structure, a dealer can keep his Pre-May Samples after he surrenders his licenses. I believe all of these are factory machine guns, manufactured out of country and imported here after the 1968 Gun Control Act took effect, but before May 19, 1986. Less expensive than a transferable. Post May Samples: These were manufactured after the hughes amendment took effect in May 1986. These can only be owned by an FFL/SOT and require additional documentation to transfer. No option to keep these after surrendering your license. I think all that is pretty accurate. Like I said, I am just an enthusiast. Don't know about the requirements for getting all the licenses. In Liberty, KH
  5. Dewayne Craddock....take a guess?

    I'm not convinced that a suppressor was used in this crime. That being said, this isn't the first time one was allegedly used in a crime. Remember Chris Dorner?
  6. Dewayne Craddock....take a guess?

    Always enjoy reading your posts, R.L. There is a treasure trove of information in them. I absolutely agree that Eastern and Western cultures are diametrically opposed to one another, even when both sides share the same religion. I have heard accounts of Christians being stoned to death by other Christians for adultery and such. I do not condone adultery but neither do I think it is a capital offense. Just seems wrong to me. Add a different belief system into the equation and it comes to chaos. In Liberty, KH
  7. MG's as an investment

    Until transfer times come down a little bit, I'd have to really, really, really want it. If transfers took a few weeks to a couple of months, I'd be absolutely friggin' broke.
  8. Dewayne Craddock....take a guess?

    Up until a few short hours ago, this asshat had a MyLife*** profile that I was able to take a peek at. Democrat party affiliation & possibly a converted Muslim. ***Everyone (whether they want it or not) has a MyLife profile and the information is eerily accurate. Troubled times we live in, I predict they are only going to get worse as the older, wiser folks get fewer in number. In Liberty, KH
  9. Next mg

    Pretty much my outlook as well. I can either dream about an M16 or have an AC556. For me, it's all about the right deal at the right time. I don't want to miss an opportunity to get another machine gun, even if it is not on my list to get. Operated this way since 2012. Haven't been disappointed yet. -KH
  10. A heartfelt Thank You to those who have served, those who are serving, and those who will serve our great Nation in the future. In Liberty, KH
  11. Agreed. As far as our Forefathers, they were imperfect but decent men. I won't judge them for the times they lived in or the morals that existed at those times. God knows we have our own sins to atone for. -KH
  12. Thank you, sir. I was and am very fortunate to have wise family members and friends like yourself (and the other good folks of this community) to help me along on the journey. In Liberty, KH
  13. Next mg

    Sounds about right. With a registered M2 kit you can move it around from host to host. Pretty cool.
  14. MG's as an investment

    Dang criminal. Just kidding brother. I got a ticket for a seat-belt violation one time. Funny thing is, it was one of my passengers that wasn't buckled up. I may exceed the speed limit on occasion or fail to buckle my seat-belt, but according to the former clerk at the sheriff's office, I have a cleaner record than most of the deputies.
  15. Next mg

    Honestly, I don't think you can go wrong with any kind of full auto. All of mine were bought because they were in the "bargain bin" and I have enjoyed them all. Of all of my machine-guns, the M2 Carbine is my favorite. I love that damn thing. -KH