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  1. Form 4 question on address of transferor (block 3e)

    For same-state moves, updating the address was supposed to be a courtesy to the ATF, not a requirement. I'd probably call NFA Branch and ask. I wouldn't think it would be a problem, but the ATF is infamous for making shit more difficult than it needs to be. In Liberty, KristopherH
  2. Happy Holidays to all my friends on Sturm!!! May you all have great fortune in the New Year. -Kristopher
  3. Best Christmas Present for me..ever

    And a Thank You to you as well, R.L., for assisting the next generation of Patriots in their Journey. -Kristopher H
  4. Best Christmas Present for me..ever

    Congratulations to you both!!! Thank you for your service to our great Nation, PFC Christian Demopolous. In Liberty, Kristopher H.
  5. I thought it was just a matter of filling out an ATF 5320.20 but Suppressors and AOWs aren’t mentioned in the form instructions. I’d call NFA Division @ 304-616-4500 or email them at In Liberty, Kristopher
  6. In other words, they are going to end up hurting those whom they claim they want to protect: The elderly widow who is harassed daily by punks. A homosexual who lives in the wrong neighborhood. A mixed race couple in Peckerwoodville. Shitbags prey on the weak, not the strong. I though Democrats were supposed to be the champions of the vulnerable. Wake up, America, the progressives are out to f*** you over. And over. And over again. Sincerely, A right-winger named Kristopher H.
  7. Second Amendment petition story

    To hell with that leftist p***y. When it smelled the testosterone, it decided it was in its best interest to extricate the area. In Liberty, Kristopher
  8. May you all have a nice Thanksgiving Day

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the good people of Sturm!!! -Kristopher
  9. The bill is monstrous - in both verbiage and content. I believe this is the link to the bill: R.L., thank you for the heads up on this. What happens in Virginia (or any other state where leftists are in control) will spread to other states. In Liberty, Kristopher ETA: Link doesn't work if you click on it. Right click, copy, paste in address bar seems to work okay.
  10. As far as I know, Craig still owns it. Pike Arms and Tactical Innovations are one and the same. Great products. I bought some Uzi barrels from them. In Liberty, Kristopher
  11. Universal & Plainfield M2 Carbines

    There is a guy on who claims to have seen several cracked M1/M2 receivers. With proper maintenance and quality ammunition, I think there is a very low probability of cracking a receiver. In Liberty, KristopherH
  12. Universal & Plainfield M2 Carbines

    John Andrewski is my machinegun Go-To Guy. He is working on one of my Uzis right now. I think I read somewhere that he specializes in WWII/Korean War era guns, but will work on machineguns from any era. Robert Naess is another subject matter expert on vintage machineguns. I've never done business with him personally. In Liberty, Kristopher
  13. Universal & Plainfield M2 Carbines

    A registered trigger housing should fit on any M1 Carbine made to USGI specifications (including Inland Manufacturing and Fulton Armory Carbines) I say should because there may be a little bit of fitting required. I had to ever so slightly open up the trigger pin holes on my registered housing. I suspect that my trigger pack required fitting because it is a commercially cast part. Other than that small issue, my trigger pack fits and functions perfectly and I have no doubts about its durability. In Liberty, Kristopher
  14. Thank you Veterans

    A heartfelt Thank You to all past, present, and future Veterans for their service to our Great Nation. In Liberty, Kristopher
  15. Next Machine gun, buyers advice please!