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  1. Wow I got approved fast

    Never been a can kinda guy. I like the obnoxious sound of un-muffled full auto fire. I do like the look of the Bower's Bitty, though. I'd put that on my .22 Hornet.
  2. Wow I got approved fast

    Brother, I'll always have a soft spot for machine guns and this awesome community. I plan on bothering you guys for a looooooooooong time. If a really sweet deal comes along, I may change my mind and get back in. Right now, the wait times are just driving me insane.
  3. Wow I got approved fast

    Picked up my last Form 4 for 2019. It was just a little bit over eight months from when they hit my credit card until it was approved. I'm done for the time being. Six machineguns and an SBR is enough to tide me over for a while. It's been fun, it's time to focus on something else for a while. In Liberty, KH
  4. Turkish Turds bomb US Special Forces...

    I think President Trump is setting Turkey up for a royal ass 'effing. At least, I hope that's the case. In Liberty, KH
  5. Ran in to my first scammer in the nfa world

    Thumpy, my brother, great job on outing that clown. Our community doesn't need morons like that running amok.
  6. MK 760

    Thanks. I'll try to do a video for you next time I'm out at the range.
  7. MK 760

    S005x. One of the first sixty made in Irvine, CA. All the welds look good and all the parts appear well made. The finish is pretty lousy at this point and some parts are starting to wear a little bit. I am getting ready to do my ritual FOIA request for this gun. It has some kind of number stamped on a thin strip of metal attached to the grip. I think it may have been a law enforcement or prison gun at some point, not that I'll be able to determine that from all the redacted forms. I never planned to have an MK760 in my collection but did intend on getting an SW 76 at some point. All in all, I'm pleased with the gun thus far. She's a blast to shoot when you get used to the lousy trigger. In Liberty, Kristopher
  8. MK 760

    Thanks, Mike. I think I won the lottery with this gun. Probably used up all my luck and am due for the big hose next. -KH
  9. Upcoming Impeachment circus...

    Mike, I agree with you on there being a lot of haughty talk and not a lot of action on our side. It is in our best interest to preserve our Union. No one "wins" when a country is divided against itself in a war. At some point, the dam is going to break, and people are going to have to do some hard shit. My hope is that I have the stones to stand firm. In Liberty, K.H.
  10. Upcoming Impeachment circus...

    Reading this post made me think of the Four Boxes of Liberty and how we are inching closer to the very last Box. The Mail Box is no longer effective, because those in power don't listen to us or even care. The Ballot Box doesn't work, because the statist shitbags work to overthrow our duly elected officials. The Jury Box seldom works, because most are apathetic to and tolerant of bullshit laws enacted by those in power. The final Box of Liberty is the Ammo Box and we must fight like hell to preserve it. At the same time, we must fight like hell to avoid opening it. In Liberty, K.H.
  11. She's a dumbass. The morons listening to her drivel are even bigger dumbasses. RIP Scandinavia. RIP Western Europe. In Liberty, Kristopher
  12. MK 760

    Finally got out to the range to play around with my early Irvine made MK 760. Shot through three 36 round magazines with absolutely no problems. She ran like a scalded assed cat doing both short bursts and a full mag dump. Very, very sweet shooting gun. For what was essentially an impulse buy, I am very, very happy with this gun. I am also pleased with the gentleman I bought her from - Steve @ J&J Firearms - he runs a very professional business. Some people may regret getting an MK 760 but I believe mine is a keeper. In Liberty, Kristopher
  13. F*** Colt. Everyone knows Spikes Tactical puts out a better product.
  14. Looks like were movin' to Maine

    LOL. You and I could easily be best friends.
  15. Looks like were movin' to Maine

    Dirtbags are going to be dirtbags, regardless of their location. I hate to admit that Montana has its share of power tripping thugs working in the name of the law. These corrupt bastards need to be exposed, fired, fined/jailed and chastised. I almost forgot the most important thing: Congrats to RL!