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  1. Repug Windsey GWAM...the SC Nancy Boy...

    Ain't that the truth...
  2. BOI - old subguns

    A Member Rep of 92 would be somewhere in the Superior range.
  3. Less than ethical seller/ member list?

    In my opinion, Ruben is the standard by which all machine-gun dealers should be judged. The second part of your post brings up an interesting question. As a licensed dealer, you can ship a "concealable" firearm via USPS without issue by virtue of your license. How would that have worked had you not been a licensed dealer? ... Something I learned a long time ago: If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don't have integrity, nothing else matters. I hope that BDMERC promptly gets what is rightfully his without further issues. Cheers, Kristopher
  4. Less than ethical seller/ member list?

    I absolutely agree. I like the idea of a Subguns style Recommended Dealers List, with a one exception. Said exception being that the s***bags don't make it to the RDL. In Liberty, Kristopher
  5. People Are Not Buying Guns

    Absolutely correct. I have had my Concealed Weapons Permit since February 2011 and have not been NICS'ed outside of the two permit renewals. Also, some states do not require a NICS check on private sales. In Liberty, KristopherH
  6. I strongly endorse your right to disagree with me or anybody else. Anything less would be un-American. Cheers, Kristopher
  7. BOI - old subguns

    I know there are some people who have or have had issues with Frank. I am not one of them, as he has always done right by me. I believe Frank to be a sharp businessman. Letting the treasure trove of information from Subguns be lost would be a foolish business move in my estimation. The login crap is well worth being able to access the information in the Archives. My views are mine only, your mileage may vary from mine. In Liberty, Kristopher
  8. Jeffery Epstein...DEAD

    In my opinion, it is too early to tell if this is over. What if Epstein had a "release upon death" dossier stored away? One can only hope. In Liberty, Kristopher P.S. Epstein can rot in the Abyss.
  9. BOI - old subguns

    I am seeing it.
  10. Exactly. Principles are a great thing, but one has to be pragmatic to survive. That is a fact of life that is not going to change. At the end of the day, we are going to be ruled by one tyrant or another. I prefer a tyrant that thinks *somewhat* like I do (Trump) as opposed to a tyrant that thinks nothing like me (Clinton). I guess we all have our line in the sand. Some people just haven't had their lines crossed yet. In Liberty, Kristopher
  11. I don't believe President Trump swings one way or another on the Second Amendment. I do, however, believe his sons are strong Second Amendment supporters. In Liberty, Kristopher
  12. Repug Windsey GWAM...the SC Nancy Boy...

    Brother, anymore there is nobody to vote for, only those to vote against. I will reluctantly vote for Trump, again. In Liberty, Kristopher
  13. Advice for first time Buyer please!

    My first MG purchase was a Sten Mk. II when I was 26. The Sten is as ugly as sin, but it has a relatively low purchase cost, is relatively cheap to shoot, spare parts are easily acquired, and it has historical significance. In retrospect, it was the perfect starter MG for me. Your mileage may vary from mine. In Liberty, Kristopher

  15. WTS: IMI UZI Model A with AWC MK 9 suppressor

    Regardless of which Form it will transfer on, you can purchase with confidence. I had a transaction with Steve last year and he is the real deal. In Liberty, Kristopher