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  1. FOIA for a NFA item?

    I just change the language to do as many as I like. I think I've done three at a time before.
  2. FOIA for a NFA item?

    I've used the language in the attached template many times to get info on my guns. A couple things: 1.) I've never had to pay anything to get my FOIA documents, but your mileage may vary from mine. 2.) These requests can take forever. I still have yet to receive documents on two of my mgs, and it has been almost 14 months since I submitted the request.
  3. President Trump may be gone but the movement lives on. The best thing he did for us is that he forced people to pick a side of the line that has been drawn in the sand. National Populism is the new big thing. I think we're going to see it grow on the left and on the right. Screw Globalism. America First and Foremost! -KristopherH
  4. Baby steps, man, baby steps. Wyoming is a nice place but it just ain't home. -KristopherH
  5. Shipping Ammo

    I looked at the FedEx guide and I honestly can't tell for certain if a cardboard box is required to ship ammunition. -KristopherH
  6. Nice. There is a state representative in Montana who is working on a similar bill. In the meantime, we are fervently working on passing Montana House Bill 102. If passed, we are going to get: permit-less concealed carry in cities (currently ok outside of towns/cities), college concealed carry, restaurant/bar concealed carry (no drinking and carrying), bank concealed carry, (limited) government building concealed carry, and a remedy for if the government denies us our rights. If these bills pass the legislature and get signed into law, Montana will be the number one spot in the nation for gun owners. She's gonna get wild, men. -KristopherH
  7. Long time, no see, my friend. I knew you'd have an appropriate quote for the occasion. Take care, -KristopherH
  8. As strange and messed up as it sounds, I am at peace. There is a great line from the movie Jacob's Ladder that I really, really like: The only destiny I have some control over is my own. Whatever happens on a national or global scale is beyond my influence. Oh...just so you guys know...The Bud Light Seltzer Lemonades are pretty good. RIP Liberty, KristopherH
  9. Cashing Major Bank Cashiers or Personal Checks

    Six of the seven machineguns I've purchased were paid for by a cashier's check issued by a small Montana bank. None of the sellers had any issues with this payment method. A cashier's check is well worth the few extra dollars in fees. FWIW. -KristopherH
  10. Biden’s “ assault rifle ..... solution “

    Gentlemen, You may or may not have seen my thread about left wing gun owners in General Firearms Discussion. Basically, for the past couple of weeks, I've been doing a deep dive into the Liberal Gun Owners of Reddit, trying to get a feel for what our counterparts on the left are like. I wish I could I say that there is hope for them, but I'd by lying if I did. Despite their opposition to assault weapon bans and affinity for open/concealed carry, left wing gun owners are not our allies. These guys won't vote for one of our guys, because they view other issues as more important - "choice", LGBT rights, climate change, racial/social equity, etc. Add in a dash of "all conservatives are racist a-holes who are out to oppress everybody who is not a straight white Christian male". They view us as enemies. It doesn't matter how much they like guns, they will not change. The time is fast approaching when each one of us must ask ourselves where our line in the sand is. My line has been drawn. I have broken contact with acquaintances and family members who are or suspected to be left of center. Going forward, they will get nothing from me. Whether is it a simple greeting, the time of day, good wishes, or a financial hand-up in hard times, I will not give a damn thing to a lefty from here on out. I commend you guys for thinking that you can convert these guys to our side, but I think it is futile. Lefties can get bent as far as I'm concerned. The Renegade Righty
  11. Left Wing Gun Owners - Friends or Foes?

    I just had to share this little gem I found on Reddit. It is absolutely hilarious. Guess this assclown doesn't really care about his guns after all. You know what I say? %*^# him!!! Guys like us will still have our guns while this little beta is being put in the Gulag. -KristopherH
  12. Left Wing Gun Owners - Friends or Foes?

    May 1986: President - Republican Senate - Republican majority House - Democrat majority In November '86, Republicans lost eight seats in the Senate and four in the House, where they were already massively outnumbered, and were the minority party until the November '94 elections. ... For what it's worth, in 1986, the parties were apparently not quite as hardline as they are today. Several Democrats voted against the machinegun ban and for FOPA as a whole and several Republicans voted for the machinegun ban and against FOPA as a whole. Believe it or not, Joe Biden voted for the Firearm Owner's Protection Act in 1986. Of course, he probably wasn't suffering from cognitive impairment back then. -KristopherH
  13. Left Wing Gun Owners - Friends or Foes?

    I have no problem with a person, any person, defending himself from a legitimate threat by any means available. What I do have a problem with is a bunch of spoiled children, criminal dirtbags, and professional victims trying to overthrow our government, our values, our freedoms, our very way of life. Maybe I'm only seeing a small percentage of what makes up the left-wing community, but the events of the past year haven't inspired much confidence in their movement. Burning down entire neighborhoods because some dirtbags got ventilated by some cops? What damage would those leftist cretins have done had they armed themselves? Sure, not every lefty in America was explicitly calling on the thugs to cause mayhem, but I don't recall a single liberal condemning the bad behavior, either. Like I said, I am having a hard time accepting that the typical lefty gun owner is "one of the guys". Just my take on things, worth exactly what was paid for it. (MSRP: $0.02) Good thing we are not on the cesspool known as Reddit, we would have been banned many times over by now. Reddit discourages civil discussion. -KristopherH
  14. Left Wing Gun Owners - Friends or Foes?

    R.L., I've been tossing this around in my mind for the past couple of days, and I believe that the good people of Sturm are indeed correct that we need to be very wary of left-wing gun owners. In the past, my litmus test was only the Second Amendment. At this point in time, however, I cannot ignore the other issues that left wingers espouse. The question in my mind now is: do left wingers, with all of their contempt and hatred for our system, have the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, especially when they may use said arms to overthrow our system? I am inclined to say NO. These bastards have already managed to %^*^ up our elections. I shudder to think of what they will do if they arm themselves, get trained up, and organize themselves into something resembling an army. The good news is, judging by the posts on Reddit, most of them got to the party pretty late. The dumbasses didn't follow the "buy cheap, stack deep" rule. Right is Might, KristopherH