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  1. Can M16 Legally be Converted to Full Auto?

    I don't have an M16, unfortunately, but I do believe it is just a simple parts swap to go from burst to continuous full auto. I do not know of any legal issues with having the full auto parts you would need after you have been approved for and take possession of the M16. Value should be unaffected, regardless of if the gun is burst or continuous full auto. Helena, Montana?
  2. Rules on creating a Stenling

    I know very little about Stenlings. However, I do remember two names: Don Quinell of Florida and John Andrewski of New Hampshire. Either should be able to answer your questions in regards to the Stenling. Best of luck to you, sir.
  3. UZI checklist items?

    I do not know what the original poster (texas_yankee) needs or desires but I do not regret purchasing my Registered Bolts. I got both for what I considered to be a deal. Yes, one of them is a B&G bolt. I took a gamble. Time will tell if I chose poorly.
  4. UZI checklist items?

    What I am reading is that if one wants the ability to do caliber conversions, he should get a full SMG specification Registered Receiver Uzi. If one doesn't care about caliber conversions and wants a cheaper gun, he might be fine with a Registered Bolt. I chose option #2, twice. One is in .45 and one is in 9mm. Both are still pending NFA approval.
  5. My vehicle hit by illegal alien today...

    I'm sorry that one of your previous mayors, Samuel Adams, was born in my beloved home state. That guy is a real gem, just like the mayors that followed him.
  6. My vehicle hit by illegal alien today...

    The average law-abiding, God-fearing, tax-paying, woman-loving, patriotic American man just can't catch a lousy break. Hooray for taxes. Hooray for socialism.

    Good to know.

    Quoted for truth. There are definitely some turds in our community. I had my own run in with one several years ago. Took a year to sort it out and it left a bad taste. One of my favorite quotes from the other MG board. Integrity: if you have it, nothing else matters; if you don't have it, nothing else matters. To the good guys: keep doing good. To the crooks: go to hell. Regards, K.H.
  9. New to forum New to MGs

    Welcome to the addiction! I started at 26 with a Sten Mk years, six machine guns, and countless dollars later.....
  10. It's do or die tomorrow guys..

    Bullock is Montana's version of Obama. After his comments on so called assault weapons, I hope he sunk his future political aspirations here. Dirtbag. Make America Great Again!
  11. It's do or die tomorrow guys..

    I'll be voting tomorrow. I am hoping our resident dirtbag, Senaturd Jon Tester, gets voted out.
  12. Finger print card FD-258

    Yes, I did. The Form (1, 4, & 5) instructions say “...fingerprints must be clear for accurate classification and taken by someone properly equipped to take them.” I have the fingerprint card holders and good ink. ATF will supply the fingerprint cards upon request. I have submitted prints I have taken myself and have been approved. The hardest part of printing yourself is getting the ring finger and little finger just right. It takes some practice but I can get prints as good as any Law Enforcement Officer using the ink method. Live Scan prints still look the best. In Liberty, KristopherH
  13. Finger print card FD-258

    Gentlemen of the Board, I misunderstood and provided incorrect information. I was thinking of the LiveScan process for taking one’s fingerprints. Sincere apologies for this misinformation. Best Regards, Kristopher
  14. Finger print card FD-258

    Yes, they do. I have submitted live scan prints before with no problems. For what it's worth, I have also done my own fingerprints and they have accepted those as well. In Liberty, KristopherH
  15. I was able to contact JJ Werner by email

    It is unfortunate that JJW will not be joining us, regardless of the reason. I enjoyed all of his posts on Subguns. Strange as it may sound, I enjoyed his non firearm related posts the most. Every one had a little bit of wisdom about life. In Liberty, Kristopher