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  1. I'll take the Drag as it is pictured FPK dragunov-$1750 PM'ing you now.
  2. WTS: 5,000 M27-SAW Links / $150.00

    I'll take 2x 2000 M13. PM sent
  3. july 2cd ad? sold before i saw it. thx HH
  4. See private message. Thanks Houston
  5. WTS: M60e3 Assault Boxes Capco - Pics

    Aaron...I'll take two. Will email you. thanks Houston
  6. http://xrayguns.com/product/m60-beltfed-machine-gun-print/ This is my personal registered M60. It's in the classic "E1" configuration. It's a 10" x 20" black and white print on high quality photographic print paper and is meant for framing and hanging. I apologize for the crappy iphone pics and bad lighting. It looks great in person and natural light.I used a $750,000 medical CAT scanner to scan this gun. It took many scanning sessions and tweaking of the machine to optimize the image. The source image was then lifted, placed on a black background, centered ,sized. Artifacts were removed and the image tediously cleaned up and optimized for printing. It took several months of effort and many generations to produce this print. This high resolution print has a very mechanicalstark appearance that all gun lovers would enjoy. All the inner working of the gun are clearly visible and seen in a way that is virtually never come across. This is a one of a kind print. It is a very unique piece of artwork that is ready to frame and hang on the wall. All gun lovers will appreciate this print.Frame is not included.100% full money back guarantee. If the print does not meet your expectations then simply return it to me within 14 days in the same shipping tube with a brief note and I'll refund your purchase.
  7. WTS HK Fleming Auto Sear $30,000

    Guys. It seems to me the scammers have only gotten more sophisticated after Sturm moved to pay-to-sell status. I'm not trying to knock sturm here. I'm not. Try to view this in the best of light. BUT one of the benefits put forth by paid-sturm was to cut down on the scams. Well, now we have scammers with <paid> accounts (which adds credibility to them) and they are RESPONDING to us calling them out. Previously this didnt happen as best I recall. Maybe to list an item for sale (esp a high dollar item like a sear) sturm should require a certain # of posts. That's fairly common on other sites. BUT I completely realize that Sturm isnt MY site/business , that I have incomplete pic. of whats going on in the background. I'm just pissed off that scammers are using paid Sturm accounts. Before this I figured having a paid account would really really have cut down on the BS.
  8. WTS: 5,000 M27-SAW Links / $150.00

    I'll take the last batch of 5k M27 links. Please email me at rhouston8 AT gmail thanks houston
  9. ^^^ Def. looks like you have the optimal setup with a sear that can easily be separated from the host after SBR'ing it. Very nice. Thanks.
  10. I still cant tell with certainty whether the its the sear or the host that's the registered item. Here are a few quick questions to discern whether its a 2 serial number host+ sear firearm where the sear can later be "divorced" and legally separated from the gun or if the sear is truly and permanently married to the gun. Looking at the form box... 4B: Type of firearm : does it state "machine gun sear" or what exactly 4D: Model : ? 4G: Serial Number: is the sear serial number or the gun serial number. I believe you stated there is only ONE serial number and it's the same for the gun as well as the sear? Or are there TWO serial numbers stamped on the gun- one being the sears and the other being the guns? 4H Additional info : What does this box state if anything. Thank you and great looking gun
  11. WTS: M60e6 Conversion Kits - Danish & Black- Updated pics

    Hey MG Mike... Drop by OFASTs in a couple weeks ...line spot #6. ill be there w some buddies. We'll have a pair of 60's running w Predator packs. -Houston
  12. WTS: NIB POF MP5 pistol $1,450 (shipped)

    Bump. Price drop.
  13. WTB: Steyr AUG Qualified trigger pack

    pete set my pack up in the newest model aug. I also bought a 5th gen 9mm kit..but have been too lazy to even test it out.
  14. no problem at all. i didnt have his other info at the time of that post before i cut a deal with him (which i just ended up doing). nice fellow by phone. should be fine. thanks
  15. ^^^huh? Well, on the old sturm board ref. checks posted by the buyer were common place. Fair enough though. hmmm.