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  1. Ironically the only time Ive been scammed in my 20 yrs of NFA was from a dealer in VA who listed a crap pile of parts and ammo in a lot as a paid ad on Subguns. Ad was legit looking as was the correspondence. $1200 worth of crap I think. usually I'm a bit more leery but on this one I didnt ask for the Buddy approved proof of life photo , etc. Well he never delivered after I paid. Ends up he himself has lost his FFL , was well known as a shit bag, and went to prison. I forgot his name. This was prolly 10 yrs ago. Other than that episode I've had nothing but solid deals- well, with the exception of the deal made and then later the seller contacts me to tell me they made a mistake and have already sold the Dragunov, etc , etc...
  2. Group vector uzi

    ^^ $0.03 /rnd rifle ammo !!!! You old farts just make me sick you know.
  3. Group vector uzi

    wow. small world. Man I love the 54R 1919a4 conversion. Thats all Ive been shooting over the last many years. Thanks for spearheading that conversion! Works great. Troy's fixed headspace version rocks - it's what I upgraded to last year.
  4. Group vector uzi

    Fair enough. You’ve been in it for the long haul and in serious Ammo vol. I’m more a recreational shooter - every 3 weekends go blast a couple thou rnds mixed cal. ( I did manage to smooth bore my 54R at OFAST this past June. 4500 rnds of 54R over 8 hrs and she was toast. Great fun !) Ammo IS something I’d stock up on when it’s cheap. Bc I burn thru it. Bought 50k rnds of 54R back when it was $0.20/rnd. That’s as good as it gets for me. I wasn’t around MGs in glorious days of 5cent 8mm Or when ANY MGs cost less than $3,500 ( mac at that price was my cheapest ever Mg purchase- At KC maybe 2008?). Lastly I stick to transferable “common “ MGs and “common “ calibers -9,45,556,308 with 54R in the 1919. I try to keep it simple. 30 carbine or really 7.62x39 is as weird as I get. I speak of not buying <many> spare parts but even as I say that I personally have cans of them for each MG. I’ve just been fortunate in not requiring much. I did manage to break a 54R 1919 bolt itself a few mo prior to OFAST. Troy at barrelxchange set me up with 3 additional ones. I have broken a M60 bolt as well. And wore out an already used MP5k barrel. Ok ok how about this for a weird failure? Bent HK rollers. And I mean instead of round it was octagonal - flat sides. Receiver/trunion fine-no dimples. Oh and unilateral, affected only 1 roller. Crazy huh? Bent up hk roller! Happy shooting my friend!
  5. Group vector uzi

    Thumpy... Im sticking w what I said but I appreciate Mike Todd’s input. We just disagree. My points again are: 1. Uzis are one of the most- if not the most- reliable SMGs out there. Like MT I have many ( although not for as long as he has I’m guessing) SMGs. It’s RARE that an Uzi needs a spare part - and when they do it’s an easy cheap fix. Despite what MT said about how much I shoot-well I’ll tell you. I shoot about 20k-30k 9mm reloads per year x 15 yrs or so. Not all in the Uzi of course. Actually most in MP5 bc I prefer that gun. It takes a LOT to smooth bore any SMG barrel bc the heat and pressures just aren’t there. Sure you can do it but hey they aren’t beltfeds. I’ve destroyed many a beltfed barrel but that’s an entirely different gig than 30 rnd mag Fed 9mm. Go ahead. Buy a bunch of spare parts like I did. Buy. Buy. Buy. Stack em deep. YOU WONT USE 99% Of THEM. I realize it’s heresy to say “ there’s no need to hoard Uzi spare parts” when talking to gun guys who are hoarders by nature. I am. I did. I have piles of that shit in my garage. I shoot plenty and as much as I want. And I never replace Uzi parts. That’s just the straight truth. If it were o/w hell I’d tell you! Buy ! Go crazy! The market says Uzi parts are CHEAP, Plentiful, rarely used. Go check it out. Dirt. F’ing cheap. So I’m summary - if you are anything other than an extremely high volume shooter then you don’t really need many if any spare parts for the Uzi. If you want to buy some parts then sure pick up an extractor and whatnot. Better yet just buy a de mil surplus Uzi kit. The entire gun will run ya $175 or so ( what does that tell you????). 2. Caliber conversions. This is certainly more individual than 1. above. I think they aren’t worth it. And yes I have piles of them for all kinds of guns- HKs, AR,Uzi, AUG, 1919a4, blah blah. Ain’t worth the headaches. Never get used anyway by me. Especially the .22 kits. Search Uzitalk and you’ll discover many a thread about troubleshooting 22 kits. That’s bc there’s a reason. BUT I appreciate it that some folks want to do that thang. I thought I did. Bought em all....& I never use them.
  6. Group vector uzi

    Hey fellas about a month or so back I bought a mint condition vector uzi was told it’s never been fired looked to be true. Was curious any of you have one? Or have had one? Did you have any trouble with it? How’d it run? What caliber is best for uzis? The receiver is marked for 22/9mm/45 so is it pretty easy to swap calibers? Just change out grip and bolt and barrel? Or is there more to it? you dont have to swap out the grip for cal conversions- at least not the .22. I think 9mm is the best for the gun. While others enjoy tinkering with other cals I've found that frustrating- esp the 22 kits. They require a lot of tinkering. Not worth it . plus the 22 mags suck to load and generally hold 20 rounds or less and have a super fast ROF. Stick with 9mm. Your Uzi should NOT be ammo sensitive - other than maybe not liking the weakest cheapest underpowered crap. It likes hot ammo. They eat most anything though. I wouldnt bother cal conversions. I own Vector, Group, and IMI full sizes. All run fine, look great. All vector/group uzis were out of spec from the start from bad heat treating and other crap...but by now the vast majority run just fine and have been fixed. Watch for broken trunion welds and general rec. alignment issues with vector/group. If yours doesnt run right then first thing to do is replace the bolt w an IMI bolt if it has a group ind. bolt in it. GI bolts sucked. bad. I personally would rather buy a used , proven to be good shooter vector/group than a NIB one. BUT chances are your gun is fine and will be a great shooter for deacdes to come. Uzis are tanks. Dont even bother buying any spare parts. You'll rarely use them if ever. And they are cheap and plentiful regardless. If you have issues actually the first thingt you wan tto do is change the mag. Plenty of the surplus mags out there suck. Cheap fix.
  7. Shoot. I’ll take one too if available. Mr Maim is a bad influence. Heck I’ll give you $10 more than whatever Mr Maim is offering !! < just kidding >. PM me if available. I would like one Thanks
  8. Anyone heard from Bill Fleming?

    i saw and spoke with him at OFASTS shoot a couple of years ago. And a couple years prior to that at another shoot elsewhere. He built my first MG. I got a great pic of him and me (me holding the hk mp5k he built) . I havent heard or seen him in about 2 yrs but I'm betting he's still around OK.
  9. MG's as an investment

    Some can be speculative investments in my book. For the majority I call it a "hobby that has a better than even chance of paying for itself in the end". And before one boo hoo's that - think about it. I'd say 95% of "hobbies" lose piles or money. It's a rare one that generally appreciates. Sure you can blow all the "profit" and then some on parts, shoots, ammo, etc- no doubt. But we are limited to talking about MG purchases themselves. I backed out my 1st mg purchase- an hk mp5k w sear - in 1999/2000 to now. It has appreciated at about 9% a year. That's my real life example. That said I also have a few MGs that are flat. I think it's unusual for one to sell a MG and actually lose money (not inflation adjusted. I mean absolute $ terms). Ask around--I cant ever remember a friend of mine losing money selling a MG. Of course you have the political risk, the loooong stamp times , the insurance or risk of it being stolen/burned/destroyed like any collectible. Here's a nice bonus and is not tax advice for you. I bet nobody pays tax on their MG sell gains...aside from dealers. That's huge if you are in high tax bracket. Compared to paying upwards of 40% combined state and local for some stocks/income. In summary...it's a unique hobby for most , a lot of fun, and while expensive to enter, generally doesnt lose money but rather earns a bit.That's how I think of it in general. Oh and it's NOT liquid (at least on the buy side) at all--so expect your funds to be tied up for a long time.
  10. WTS IMI UZI pistol in 9mm

    ^^^Tony...you crack me up dude. A true blue collector of fine baubles. I'd love to see your collection in person at some point. Hah. Houston
  11. i'll take the other. contacting you now houston
  12. Rules on creating a Stenling

    contact John Andrewski with all your Sterling/Stenling build questions. There are specific regs concerning the slot in the tube and issues with the differing angles of those slots. and read the SAR article if you havent SAR artcile on stenling builds
  13. WTS: Vickers MK1 pacakge - $27k - F3

    Wow. That is truly a beautiful gun + setup you have there. Wow.