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  1. I think that's "Nathan" right? does a lot of 50 cal ammo sales etc . If so then he's good to go.
  2. ISO Picatinny rail for 1919A4

    man i'd like one too!
  3. BPP 21E vs. MM 21E

    I'd be willing to bet there are 10:1 MM 21e out in the wild vs. BPP. Seen bunch of MMs out in the field. Never seen a BPP. The market speaks.
  4. I'd say sell it/'em when they dont bring you enjoyment and when prices dont seem to be esp. and temp soft. i do know what you mean though. some of my mgs simply dont get shot much at all. the rational thing prob would be to sell them yet i dont. we tend to also have an emotional element tied up in our guns ...which is normal as they are strange and unique creatures in this civilian world. i'd say dont allow the market action overly influence your decision to sell or not. Base it instead more on your level of current enjoyment of them. seriously. finally i'd like to add... its rare for someone many yrs later to comment "im glad i sold that MG". sure there are rare exceptions for truly shitty inoperable guns...but by and large we hear 10:1 about people regret either not buying OR selling their MGs in the remote past. Think about it.
  5. Later this month I’ll be at OFASTS mg shoot. The redneckengineer is in our crew on line spots 43-45. I think he’s bringing his UltiMac devices and we’ll have a few Macs ( M10 and M11/9) there to beta test and fiddle with. drop by if you like. Our spot will have an “ XrayGuns” flag hanging on it. like y’all I greatly look fwd to the versatility of his Mac upper !
  6. BPP 21E vs. MM 21E

    I've had a MM23e/21E for 10 years. Had some growing pains like broken extractor, buffer gone bad, or whatnot. Gun has had a bunch of rounds thru it . I shot it last weekend- 500 rnds. Shot great. I have several MM guns- 51, 11k, others and they are all very nice. Mike has always answered my calls and has serviced the gun without fail when needed. He does excellent work and his knowledge of German gunsmithing is extensive. Ill be at OFAST next month with the gun (line spot 43,44,45) which is sure to see a LOT of action- you are free to drop by and shoot it if you like.
  7. WTK - m60 adapter for M192 tripod

    im sure you have looked at BMG parts and discussed with Aaron of Beltfeds.com Or Crane <Technologies?> They can put you in the right direction. I recently
  8. What where you doing today in 1986?

    wow. mike. that is some interesting cool history there you were involved in. 1986. crazy days. Ive heard that John Norrell has a "bag full" of fal sears that he's still trying to confirm registration on....
  9. WTB: My first machine gun preferably FN FNC

    i hate to break it to you but you wont find ANY ar15/M16 for $15,000 I'm thinking....and for those that say o/w...shoot me a PM offering your AR15 for that price and we'll prob cut a quick deal. very quick. I expect crickets here. I bet you'd be lucky to find one at $17,000. That makes a decent case for a $13,500 FNC in my mind if money is tight. My 2 cents. Happy hunting.
  10. WTB M60 Bipod

    PM coming
  11. Belt-fed Question

    first beltfed? I'd say definitely 100% a 1919a4 ...pick your caliber but .308 is easiest and cheapest. dont go water cooled right off the bat. keep it simple. dont go HK 21/23 either. M60 is prob too expensive. You just cant beat a 1919 for simplicity, parts availability, price, price to shoot, etc. It aint the prettiest gun but .... I modified my shooter 1919 from 308 to 54R bc at the time 54R was the cheapest .30 ammo in bulk to shoot. Now 308 is cheaper I think. with 1919 you have options of 308, 30-06,8mm, 54R...... prob. others as well. I think troy at barrel xchange was working on a 7.62x39 conversion. go 1919 and dont over think the decision.
  12. What where you doing today in 1986?

    probably trolling the local gun show with no money to buy guns ...and coming home with some throwing stars and beef jerky
  13. An Introduction

    Mike...hah. I dont really "need" a hitch but the thought of one kinda gets me moist ya know? I frequent TX so shipping may not be an issue. I'll have to see where your AO is. One day maybe I'll get a hitch for the ole 1919!
  14. An Introduction

    dang mike...are you scooping me? i swear! hahahah
  15. An Introduction

    ^^ hitch mount for 1919. I might be interested in that for sale. just send me a private message if you like. thanks houston