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  1. This is not an all German made briefcase. Metal handle and philip screws are the reveal. Just making it clear for potential buyers and I'm not disparaging the seller or implying anything. Just stating facts so potential buyers will be aware.
  2. i'll take one if becomes available. thanks. houston
  3. M60 Links Approx. 350, FREE, FREE, FREE...

    nice move murray. seriously.
  4. i seriously doubt it'd "fit" in a full size. i've heard the bg bolts cut down for mini in theory can run in mini and micro. my mini is a reg bolt gun - open my micro is reg rec. closed bolt....so i cant test that theory out for you.
  5. M2HB value ?

    if you have stand up pedestal for it I'd be interested in that part. current value? saw a $35k one listed here that didnt seem to sell. just the gun i think. for a price point.
  6. MG Mounts, Shrike, LM7 Upper, Colt LMG Upper Pricing

    If the "pedestal" is for a M2 HB then I'd be interested in it. thanks
  7. My understanding is that the flash hiders are different for these guns. Howco shorter barrel gun v. GunSouth longer bl ones I have a Howco imported one w sear. I lack the flash hider and need a replacement. It has the shorter one, right? Anyone know where/how to get those? Thanks
  8. M60 Informational Video Library

    @Waffen, I personally experienced a severe lock up as described. The first day I owned my M60 in fact. My usual process upon receiving a new MG is to test which ammo it likes. I shot a few rounds of various ammo thru it just fine...then I made the mistake of Monarch steel 308. On the 4th round it blew sh$t out the ejection port peppering my friends arm and hard locked the barrel into the trunnion. Ultimately I had to get the bolt milled out (destroying it) thru the top slot to free it all up. The extractor was toast as expected. I learned the hard way and this was just before Aaron put out his video on this issue. My M60 will never eat another steel cased round in its life!
  9. M60 Informational Video Library

    Aaron, Your videos have been my primary source of M60 information since I bought my gun several years ago. A lot of us M60 owners are scattered about the country and so its rare that I run into someone in person that can offer assistance with the gun, etc. And not all of us are former military or have significant prior hands on M60 knowledge at the time of our <very expensive> purchases. That's where your vids come in to save the day. You have been a huge asset to the machine gun community and esp. in the M60 world. You stepped into some old timers large shoes and quickly became THE M60 man in my opinion. I pinged you numerous times w pesky M60 questions and you have always been gracious enough to help a brother out. Heck I have a predator pack bc of your early vids describing the various components required and all that jazz. I'd love to buy you a beer or a shoot a case of ammo alongside you one day dude. Hopefully that chance will present itself. You have an open invitation to join my crew on our OFASTS line spots as I've mentioned.
  10. You are too kind Tall Pine...and no I'm not giving him commission . Hah! Thanks for the added info. Shows you what I know and don't know about FNCs. I actually have two. The other has a longer barrel--I prob. should have listed it instead! oh well.
  11. oh...the flash hider on it is my AAC one for my can I think. I'll replace that sucker with the native FNC one I still have for it. Ive been asked about the bl length. I dont know. I'll measure it and post. Ive owned it since about 2013 as-is. I didnt cut it, etc. Also I have a Stormwerkz rail that will be included. New, uninstalled.
  12. i should have 02/07 a long time ago too.
  13. i used to carry form 4 copies all the time i shot. after 20+ yrs of shooting mgs and being asked exactly once for it ...actually i offered bc the officer was visibly concerned and i wanted to put hiom at ease and i was on county private land but a scared neighbor complained and called sheriff etc. anyway... i even had a few shrunk down and laminated. but then my mg addiction quickened . i'd have to bring out a frikkin book worth of that crap now - mgs, cans, sbrs. prob got 50 sbrs now bc i went crazy back when f1 was first put on eform. now i dont even bother. sure i have copies on my cloud backup i could access while at the range but it'd take a while to find the proper reg. for any one particular nfa item.