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  1. Raufoss Mk211 50BMG and APIT SOLD PENDING FUNDS

    I'll take it. Will PM you now. Houston
  2. WTB: SWD Mac M11/9

    yup...there will be differing opinions on how best to buy. no doubt. and nobody wants to get scammed. successful mg scams are very very rare fortunately. common sense will go a long way to preventing such. the vast majority of scam attempts are by non-mg , non gun owner morons who couldnt hold a basic 5 min conversation about why they like their gun, whats their favorite mg and why, who do they know in mg-land, where they shoot, etc. I've found that mg owners are a talkative bunch and we LOVE jawboning about all things machine guns and most of us know a lot of other machine gun owners...so I'd expect any seller to be able to carry on such a conversation naturally and without hesitation. Personally for some guns when I'm buying I like to see a recent video of the gun dumping two mags. Oh...a GREAT way to seriously cut down on scams...use iphone facetime. Get a local mg owning friend (or knowledgeable person-your receiving dealer perhaps assuming you are buying out of state) to hop on a facetime along w you and the seller...and look at the gun and seller real time. The red flags are when the seller: 1. has way too low of a price 2. is too aggressive in wanting to sell to you quickly 3. deliberately tries to minimize or eliminate face time with you or phone call. Ie..they want to do everything by text or email 4. They have weird emails, wont show you full form 4s or recent proof of life pics 5. They have a thick accent when you talk to them (yeah I know...whatever, it's true in the scammer world. sorry) 6. They misspell or use "weird" grammar in comms with you or in their ads. They add a lot of unnec. hyperbole 7. They don't personally know xyz or any other machine gunners. In fact I always do reference checks on sellers before I buy...meaning I post their name here and at snugbus.com and various mg boards. I ask the seller what online sites they have/hang out at and I go search it down to verify. 8. They insist on some payment form other than routine personal check. After all transfers take a LONG time..check should be fine. There's no need for immediate funds as I see it. Find a mg dude in your area, make friends, and enlist some help in your purchase. MG owners are glad to help a dude buy his first mg (or 100th mg). You'll find that most of us are long time addicts. You've clearly already done at least your basic homework as the M11/9 is a fantastic 1st mg...esp with Lage upper. Oh yeah...make sure to look a Uzitalk site too.
  3. WTB: SWD Mac M11/9

    dang man. you are paying a lawyer for a purchase contract and flights ...for a mac purchase? otay den. that's hardcore. i remember when i was all paranoid with my first purchase of nfa. what you will find is that nfa sellers and buyers are a decent group of people. i've bought many dozens of mgs from indiv and dealers alike over the last 25 yrs without issue. all sight unseen and no flights or lawyers. i say this just to say it can be done and doesnt have to be a confrontational antagonist process is all. id rec' involving a personal friend of yours who has been thru the mg purchase process. put him on the phone along with you to the seller and just chat about mgs for 5-10 min....no non-mg owner scammer can do that. they cant hide their scam via detailed phone calling just chatting about mgs. always TALK to the seller by phone. Always ask for unredacted copy of the form 4, pics of the gun including sn, and proof of life pic...and you are good to go IMO. i mean the above advise as friendly suggestions and not as me just being a dick and making fun of you. i do remember when i was at the same stage long ago. relax francis...you'll be fine.
  4. WTS: M60 Operating Rods - NIW

    ditto. i could really use one of those. crap. too slow.
  5. M60 Informational Video Library

    ^^^Hoarder !!!! Burn him at the stake !!! hahahah.
  6. M60 Informational Video Library

    Awesome Aaron. thanks so much for having taken up the M60 torch for us plebes. I am not worthy !
  7. Because reloading Sucks …….

    I think my pred pack holds about 400 rnds total ( chute + can full ). loads of fun. Heavy as crap. Is hell on the barrels of course !
  8. Because reloading Sucks …….

    I agree. Reloading sucks. Me at ofasts a few yrs back.
  9. Suggestions for next MG.

    Rooster …. WTH man ? The dude says he has a “$7k-$12k budget “ and you rec’ a $35k RDIAS to him ?????? 3x his Max stated budget ??? That’s how you help this dude ???? oh…and most Macs are not bullet hoses these days bc most owners shoot ‘em w Lage, etc uppers. But you know that too.
  10. Which models do you think will appreciate the fastest over the next 1-5 years? ----- I'd say % wise...Mac family of guns and Uzis. In beltfed the 1919 is WAY overdue for appreciation. Investor grade (as opposed to shooter grade) C&R guns and those with provenance --ie, auction guns.... can be good but you must have very specific knowledge in that area. What direction do you think the market will head in over the next 5-20 years? -------same trajectory as now. I'd build in a 5% annual appreciation . What would you have done differently in hindsight? ----- Buy ONLY transferables and more of them. Price them high and just wait for the price to climb to you...if you have the time. You only other choice is flip them at lower margins faster.
  11. Suggestions for next MG.

    oh.,..and to answer your question...in that price range....I'd buy a M11/9 ...with plans to add different uppers to it, etc.
  12. Suggestions for next MG.

    mac and sten are the only other main smgs in your price range. i wouldnt spend a lot of time looking for other stuff in that range personally. your next stop on the mg addiction could be Uzi if you threw a couple more thou $ at it. and i think thats pretty much all there is to it. well i guess a m2 carbine might fall in that price range ??????? happy hunting.
  13. My first full auto

    oh and MACs...although you dont strike me at first glance as being a MAC guy : $9,000
  14. My first full auto

    Oh yeah....some general prices ( general guys....plz dont nit pick it) cheapest mg - sten ...prob $7,000 Ar15- M16 : $19,000 - $35,000 AK47 : $30,000 AUG : $27,000 1919a4: $19,000 M2HB : $35,000 M60: $60,000 Uzi : $17,000 Thompsons...not my "area" : $18,000 - $45,000 Hk MP5 : $40,000 General prices only....
  15. My first full auto

    Joe, Welcome. Here are some random general thoughts on it. I own everything I mention below but even after 20 yrs of this I'm small taters and am no expert compared to the old guards here. 1. Determine if you are primarily a Collector (gun sits in man cave ), a shooter ( gun taken out to range and shot a lot), or Investor (meaning you very well could sell the gun in a few yrs and making a profit is a key concern of yours). Your answer to this will greatly help you in your choices. 2. Main types of full auto... Submachine guns (like Uzi and HK MP5), "assault "rifles ( AK47, M16) and the Beltfeds. 3. I could never rec to a new entrant to jump straight into a beltfed...and 100% not a water cooled beltfed. Start easy is what I mean. 4. Try to actually get your hands on various mgs ...seeing, shooting, talking to owners before buying. There are a LOT of issues at play that you might not otherwise realize as you shop for your first machine gun.... especially concerning maintenance pain in the butt and expense and expense to feed the gun. MG owners are generally a friendly lot and are glad to help you and let you shoot their guns if you are seriously interested in them. You are in AZ. Look up Big Sandy mg shoot. Tons of AZ mg owners and shooters. 5. Here's my standard rec for a 1st mg ...not knowing much about you or your budget or ultimate desires ( question 1.) submachine gun : get an Uzi to start with. Move up to MP5 if it's in your budget. rifle: get a converted AR15. If its in your budget AND you are primarily a shooter then get a registered DIAS. Otherwise, get a M16 registered receiver. beltfed: There is no better 1st beltfed than a 1919a4. Anyone who says otherwise has forgotten what it was like when they first got into machine guns. Water cooled, M60s, and HK 21s, M2HB, etc are MUCH more involved and make poor 1st beltfeds to own. so...flesh out some of that and we can help push you along. warning: mg acquisition is a sickness and addiction. I'd be glad to speak to you on the phone if you like and no I'm not a dealer or a person trying to sell you anything. Houston Hardin (ironic, huh?) You can private message (PM. ... sending a direct message from your Sturm account to mine ) me and we can swap phone #s etc if you like.