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  1. Shoot. I’ll take one too if available. Mr Maim is a bad influence. Heck I’ll give you $10 more than whatever Mr Maim is offering !! < just kidding >. PM me if available. I would like one Thanks
  2. Anyone heard from Bill Fleming?

    i saw and spoke with him at OFASTS shoot a couple of years ago. And a couple years prior to that at another shoot elsewhere. He built my first MG. I got a great pic of him and me (me holding the hk mp5k he built) . I havent heard or seen him in about 2 yrs but I'm betting he's still around OK.
  3. MG's as an investment

    Some can be speculative investments in my book. For the majority I call it a "hobby that has a better than even chance of paying for itself in the end". And before one boo hoo's that - think about it. I'd say 95% of "hobbies" lose piles or money. It's a rare one that generally appreciates. Sure you can blow all the "profit" and then some on parts, shoots, ammo, etc- no doubt. But we are limited to talking about MG purchases themselves. I backed out my 1st mg purchase- an hk mp5k w sear - in 1999/2000 to now. It has appreciated at about 9% a year. That's my real life example. That said I also have a few MGs that are flat. I think it's unusual for one to sell a MG and actually lose money (not inflation adjusted. I mean absolute $ terms). Ask around--I cant ever remember a friend of mine losing money selling a MG. Of course you have the political risk, the loooong stamp times , the insurance or risk of it being stolen/burned/destroyed like any collectible. Here's a nice bonus and is not tax advice for you. I bet nobody pays tax on their MG sell gains...aside from dealers. That's huge if you are in high tax bracket. Compared to paying upwards of 40% combined state and local for some stocks/income. In summary...it's a unique hobby for most , a lot of fun, and while expensive to enter, generally doesnt lose money but rather earns a bit.That's how I think of it in general. Oh and it's NOT liquid (at least on the buy side) at all--so expect your funds to be tied up for a long time.
  4. WTS IMI UZI pistol in 9mm

    ^^^Tony...you crack me up dude. A true blue collector of fine baubles. I'd love to see your collection in person at some point. Hah. Houston
  5. i'll take the other. contacting you now houston
  6. Rules on creating a Stenling

    contact John Andrewski with all your Sterling/Stenling build questions. There are specific regs concerning the slot in the tube and issues with the differing angles of those slots. and read the SAR article if you havent SAR artcile on stenling builds
  7. WTS: Vickers MK1 pacakge - $27k - F3

    Wow. That is truly a beautiful gun + setup you have there. Wow.
  8. UZI checklist items?

    My job here is done. Readers of this post have the info they need to pursue their own decision concerning “cutting extra bolts” for their reg rec Uzis that have blocking bars in place. Im not here to argue. To each his own.
  9. Ad says it all. If you have 1-3 laying around collecting dust I'll buy them if sold cheap. Must be cheaper than the big parts shops of course. PM me. Houston
  10. UZI checklist items?

    For readers here....tread VERY carefully if you are following MT's line of thought on slotting additional bolts. Even if you own a reg. rec. with a blocking bar I seriously doubt you can legally slot yourself additional bolts - both by atf regs and logic. I mean you could use those unreg. newly slotted bolts in semi guns and get fa fire, no? That would be an unreg. MG. the least desirable/ cheapest of Uzi family is the reg. rec with the blocking bar intact and thus its unreg. slotted bolt is indeed "married" to that one gun. As far as the Group Ind. and Vector Uzis-- the vast majority of them out there today have already had their demons exorcised and they are fine. But yeah a full properly converted IMI semi is generally thought to be the best and most expensive option. Note that there are various degrees of conversions of the semi IMI guns to FA reg. rec. All can still be done (say to finish out an incomplete conversion) with exception of removing the blocking bar. No way I'd ever slot new bolts under any circumstance. It's not like owning a reg. SBR AR15 lower and having a mess of short uppers for it.
  11. WTS: 1919a4. DLO. 308. F4. Like New $16,950

    This Gun has been SOLD. I will now try to mark this thread as closed and sold etc.
  12. WTS: 1919a4. DLO. 308. F4. Like New $16,950

    email sent. -Houston