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  1. New: IMI MICRO UZI Pistol B&G registered Bolt, correctly built Pics F3

    Message sent for additional pics/details thanks
  2. WTB: Vltor PKM Receiver

    Looking to purchase a Vltor PKM receiver. Please advise if you have one or know of one that's available. Appreciate your help in advance. thanks
  3. I'm in need of 2 - M249 cocking channel cover retaining pins that mount the cocking channel cover to the top cover. The NSN # is 5315-01-128-5618 and the part # is 9348303. I'm short 2 of these and will have completed my top cover assembly. Any leads or help finding these would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance
  4. Sorry the sight has been sold thanks for looking you might try Aaron above as he may have a few among other "D" parts if you have a need for them
  5. WTB: PKM Ejector

    Bump....still in need of one
  6. Hello I'm looking for a PKM ejector for a much needed replacement. Please send a photo and asking price. Thanks in advance, and appreciate any leads if anyone knows where one may be. Email is easiest ....... Remove XXX
  7. I still have trigger frame #2 available, everything else has been sold
  8. I'm looking for a Vltor PKM receiver for a future project. If you have one available, please send pics and your asking price. I'm also looking for someone to rivet in my trunnions to the vltor receiver. If you can recommend someone reputable for this work I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance!
  9. Looking for a good condition Browning 1918A2 Parts kit for a future project. Please send pictures, asking price, and your contact information via IM and I'll contact you. Would even consider a de-milled post-86 kit if someone has one available and the barrel is in reasonable condition. Thanks for your time, and if you have any leads on a kit I may pay a small finders fee.
  10. I have multiple quantities of each of the below (A skid load). Prices for each item listed below and shipping via USPS flat rate to the US Only. Will honor discounts for multiple items as well as multi item shipping. Please IM for quick response. Most all are Saginaw Gear USGI parts. Drop me a note if you would like to see pics of the exact components I would ship you. 1919 Parts Price Saginaw Gear 30-06 Bolts $ 100.00 Forged Top Covers $ 40.00 Cast Top Covers $ 30.00 Machined Lock Frames $ 50.00 Cast Lock Frames $ 40.00 New in Wrap Barrel Extensions $ 25.00 USGI Feed Slides $ 6.00 Izzy Feed Slides (Marked U) $ 8.00 Charging Handles (With Nubbin) $ 6.00 Charging Handles $ 4.00
  11. Sorry, no spare extractors at this time.....thanks for looking
  12. M2HB 50 Cal Scope Mount.....Secure mounting with 3 arms lever style mounts and features a large degree of adjust ability.....GI Issue Cleaning out some parts of items I haven't utilized $250 shipped to the lower 48.....EMail/PM for quick response
  13. Picked these up in a parts collection and looking to move them Complete Semi Bolts as shown - $175 Ea (Bolt #1 has a german bolt head, Bolt #2 has a M53 Bolt Head) Firing Pins -- (List for $30 each on BRP's site)....$10 ea or $35 for the lot of firing pins as shown Trigger Frames -- Both Frames take AR FCG's and need AR hammers -Trigger Frame #1 is a modified german grip...Needs a AR Hammer...My price $125 -Trigger Frame number #2 (List on BRP's site for $225)...Needs a AR selector/Hammer....My Price $150 Recoil Springs -- One measures 9" and one measures $10.5"......$5 ea or will toss in for free with purchase of bolt Email/PM for Quick response