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  1. updated and the list is growing smaller, thanks to everyone for your purchases!
  2. bump, inventory updated
  3. Bump to $6250 shipped, may consider trades on a Barrett M82 platform
  4. Fully updated inventory and sharpened up some prices for those who are keeping an eye on the list
  5. Price reduced to $6500 shipped
  6. Updated with recent sales, list is getting shorter, thanks gents
  7. Updated and adjusted inventory with orders placed and filled.....thanks gents for your purchases
  8. WTS: M249 Trigger Housing

    Price reduced to $300
  9. Updated inventory on main listing with recent purchases and adjusted/reduced prices on a few items
  10. Updated with recent purchased and current on the primary listing
  11. Recouperator and charging handle marked SPF
  12. Updated inventory in primary ad and tweaked a few prices. Appreciate all the orders gents, let me know what else you need!!
  13. Order filled and list updated accurately