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  1. Excellent condition Bren MK2 Complete kit with Extras! I was planning to keep this for a posty build but plans have changed so it's up for grabs. This is a 1943 Inglis complete kit with 2 receivers. Original receiver is demilled through the barrel mounting and lockup area. Thus I purchased a second premium receiver center section that is not cut through the locking area or barrel mounting area. Between the two demilled receivers you have overlapping sections for a beautiful re-weld by a licensed manufacturer. All NFA Rules apply. I have more photos available upon request. As far a shipping goes this will be heavy with all the extras and I'm willing to ship it but will be shipped in several packages driving up the shipping cost. Thus please message me if you would like a shipping quote. Also willing to meet anyone within a reasonable distance of Western PA. Asking $1850.00 Included Items: -25 Mags and 2 full mag chests -complete 1943 Inglis Parts Kit (torch kit demill) -2 NOS (appear unfired) barrels -Premium cut receiver (not cut in locking area or barrel mounting area -Spare NOS MK2 trigger frame included also
  2. WTS: 5.45x39 7N6 Spam Cans - AK74

    SW PA ...... please message me for further details Thanks
  3. WTS: 5.45x39 7N6 Spam Cans - AK74

    I have several spam cans of AK74 5.45x39 ammo that I'm going to part with as I'm getting out of the 5.45x39 caliber. Russian 7N6 5.45x39 Ammunition 7N6 53 Grain Steel Core Full Metal Jacket Steel Case for the AK 74 family of rifles. Banned from Further Importation. One spam can consists of 1080 rounds. I'm asking $.463/Round or $500 per can of 1080. I would prefer someone in the East coast area purchase and I would be willing to meet them within a reasonable distance of travel. If shipped buyer will pay actual UPS rates on shipping/insurance.
  4. Email inbound I have 1/2/6
  5. I’m looking for a AAC 51 51T brakeout muzzle break in 5/8-24 for a 7.62 build. If you have one please email or PM me for quick response. For reference of what I’m looking for, It’s the same product as the sold out link below from midway thanks in advance!!
  6. MG Parts for Sale including M2HB and M60

    Message inbound on M2HB items
  7. Updated with a photo of all remaining parts
  8. WTB: M2HB Parts

    bump'n like a rock star
  9. WTS: M240 Various Parts

    Down to only 4 parts remaining, can deliver to April Knob creek as well
  10. WTS: M240 Various Parts

    Bump, would like to move these for any 240 folks out there
  11. WTB: M2HB Parts

  12. WTB: M2HB Parts

    I’m in need of some M2HB Parts per the below list. I prefer NOS items. PM or email for fast response, thanks!! M2HB items needed: Barrel Extension - stripped or complete Spade grip set Assembly Stripped Bolt Barrel Support Trunnion - looking for excellent condition LH side plate Top Cover - stripped or complete