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  1. Good evening, your number came in, then vanished. 

    Alan dba POLLC 

    702 281 7883 

  2. Hello. I'm interested in the suppressor for the Mac 10.  Please call me. 423-335-6528

  3. WTS Post No Letter Sample MADDI AKs

    Uh?? I didn't think there would be a $200 tax on these.
  4. Wtb. Madsen smg parts kit

    Wtb Madsen m50 submachine gun parts or complete parts kit.
  5. Want to buy. Hk 53 - 93 collapsible stock
  6. Wtb. Hk 53. 93 collapsible stock
  7. WTB....M2 Carbine Pre May Sample

    Call me. 423-335-6528
  8. WTB Thompson PRE-MAY M1A1 or 1928

    Call me. 423-335-6528
  9. WTB Thompson PRE-MAY M1A1 or 1928

    Pm sent
  10. Wtb-. Pre may m2 carbine

    I'm in search of a m2 carbine. Pre may. Thanks
  11. Wtb-. Colt Thompson c drum.

    Wtb-. Colt Thompson c drum.
  12. Remington XP-100

    Please call me I have the gun. I think you will be pleased. 423-335-6528. Call me after lunch. As I will be sleeping late
  13. WTB: Sig rifles 55X

    Pm sent