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  1. Wtb-. Pre may m2 carbine

    I'm in search of a m2 carbine. Pre may. Thanks
  2. Wtb-. Colt Thompson c drum.

    Wtb-. Colt Thompson c drum.
  3. Remington XP-100

    Please call me I have the gun. I think you will be pleased. 423-335-6528. Call me after lunch. As I will be sleeping late
  4. WTB: Sig rifles 55X

    Pm sent
  5. Wtb- pre may 1928 Thompson

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  6. Would you accept a offer on your XP-100?

    1. Mohawk64


      Let it rip

  7. Sounds good....I'll wait for the pic's

  8. Wtb- pre may Uzi

    Want to buy pre may uzi. 423-335-6528
  9. Wtb- pre may 1928 Thompson

    Want to buy 1928 pre may Thompson. 423-335-6528
  10. WTB MP40 and Sten

    Pm sent