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  1. WTB The Forgotten Winchesters

  2. WTB H&R Handy Gun

  3. WTB H&R Handy Gun

  4. WTS PPSh41 display gun.

    Send email or phone number.
  5. WTS: Armalite AR7 survival rifle as modified by the Israeli Air Force. Telescoping stock, FAL type pistol grip. Includes 3 mags, original sling, cleaning kit, cap for grip, clip to hold spare mags on the stock. Matching serial numbers on barrel and receiver. In the box as received from Briklee Trading Company in the mid 90s. $950.00 plus shipping.
  6. MAC 10/45 Powder Springs

    It is sold pending payment.
  7. For sale is a display or dummy gun made from a new Bulgarian PPSh41 parts set. It has a solid steel receiver, the original trunion and barrel shroud were not cut in the demil. Includes a drum magazine and original sling. $800.00 plus shipping.
  8. MAC 10/45 Powder Springs

    Sorry NO
  9. MAC 10/45 Powder Springs

    Powder Springs MAC 10 .45 $6500.00 Plus shipping and tax as needed. Transfer on Form 3 or 4.
  10. WTB H&R Handy Gun

  11. WTB The Forgotten Winchesters

  12. WTB The Forgotten Winchesters