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  1. WTB The Forgotten Winchesters

  2. Looking for a good set of original Colt. Found, thanks Randell.
  3. WTS: Czech SA23/25 magazine

    It is 100% original.
  4. For sale Czech SA23/25 40rd 9mm sub machine gun magazine.Original and in excellent condition. $135.00 plus shipping. Will not ship to areas where high cap mags are not allowed.
  5. For sale MG 34 dummy gun. Solid aluminum receiver. $1500.00 plus shipping
  6. For sale EAST GERMAN SSG 82 Sniper rifle with Zeiss 4x scope. 5.45x39 98% condition. $1800.00 plus shipping to your FFL or local pickup. Sold Pending Funds
  7. WTB The Forgotten Winchesters

    Looking to purchase a copy of The Forgotten Winchesters.
  8. Full case 900rdsd sealed in can 15rds per box. Case I have opened and tested is 1978 head stamped. Berdan primed. $500.00 picked up in Mentor, Ohio or OGCA Sept.14-15
  9. Thompson 18 rd. shot magazine. $1300.00
  10. WTS 50BMG linked 4 M8 1M20 100 rd cans

  11. For sale Cobray Street Sweeper. Folding stock, 11.5 inch barrel. $1200.00
  12. For sale, 2019 NRA annual meeting Buck knife. Limited edition one of 100. Signed by C.J. Buck. $150.00
  13. Federal Laboratories hard case for the Reising M50 $1000.00
  14. Looking for a pouch for the Thompson shot mags. Thanks, Sherman3