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  1. Looking for a pouch for the Thompson shot mags. Thanks, Sherman3
  2. WTS M-16/XM15A1 by Sendra

    M16 by Sendra. Built on Rock Island XM15A1 receiver. Has Surefire Tac lite and quick mount suppressor. flat top upper, Midwest Ind. free float hand guard, 5 position Rogers Super Stock, Magpul grip, Nickel Boron bolt and BCM gunfighter charging handle. $18,500.00 Buyer pays taxes and shipping.
  3. M1A1 Thompson PreMay Sample. Great shooter mismatched AOC upper, Savage lower. $12,000.00
  4. 4.2 inch mortar

    OK my M30 is not complete it is missing the bridge and recoil assemblies. However my M2 is complete. It is an as new unite cleanly demilled.
  5. 4.2 inch mortar

    Are you looking for an M2 or M30?
  6. East German 1961 production. 160 boxes of 15 rds. 2400 rd. case. $1800.00 I will ship where legal with your shipping label.
  7. WTB H&R Handy Gun

  8. WTS MP43

    MP43 has a replacement but original barrel and bolt.. I believe all other parts are matching numbers. Includes original MP43 marked magazine. Excellent shooter. E-mail for pictures if truly interested in possible purchase.$25,000.00. I have a case of 61 dated ammunition available to the purchaser at a very good price.
  9. M2HB 50cal transferable machine gun

    What is on the right plate (manf.ect.)?
  10. Very nice old type demil center of receiver saw cut and not included. All parts are excellent plus condition. Original barrel , magazine, oil can and sling included. $1000.00 plus shipping.