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  1. DAW Austen MK1 Machine Gun 9MM Post Sample $1800
  2. For sale Post Sample GSG-5PK 22 LR F/A $2500. This item is in good condition.
  3. For Sale: WWII M86F Telescope for M18, 57mm Recoiless Rifle in Good Condition. $100. Pictures available at
  4. WTS: Post Sample Colt AR 9MM Short Barrel Rifle Kit $1500. Pictures available at Email any questions or concerns to
  5. WTS: Yankee Hill Machine Suppressors

    It was found in our Junk Mail folder.
  6. We are looking for a value and comments on this Fully Transferable Steyr MP Full Auto 9mm. Any information or interests would be appreciated. Ice Armory.
  7. Wolf Performance 7.62X39 1000 rds. $225 plus shipping to your location. Boxes weigh 38 pounds. Multiples available.
  8. SOLD!!! Ohio Ordnance 1919A4 'New' $3500 plus shipping of two boxes to your location.
  9. WTB Beretta PM12S Magazines

    We have these available. If you interested make a fair and serious offer. Thank you, Ice Armory.
  10. WTS: Sten Mark 1 Skeleton Stock in Good Used Condition $350 plus shipping to your location.
  11. SOLD: Zastava M53 Dealer Post Sample $3500

    Thank you for your note Ray. Please give 'Tracey' a call at 717-916-2472 after 3:30 p.m. most days and she will discuss this issue with you. You may FAX your SOT to 717-632-4884. Thank you, Ice Armory.
  12. SOLD: Zastava M53 Dealer Post Sample $3500

    Yes, we have it available. Ice Armory.
  13. WTS: DS Arms RPDS New $2600
  14. SOLD!!! Wise Lite Hungarian PKM 7.62x54R.