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  1. Not sure if this is the right place, but I need some help. If this isn't the right forum, let me know and I'll post where more appropriate. Recently found an M1AE2 (with the pistol grip stock). The stock has several interesting cartouche's including "USMC". I've heard that this stock is relatively rare and hard to find. I think that the stock alone sells for around 800. The bipod and muzzle attenuator are genuine and not repo from what I have been able to determine. The barrel is marked NM, pretty sure the sight are NM style. The receiver is the old style with "7.62" markings. I'm trying to help a family price some items left behind due to a sudden passing. Thanks in advance for any info you can give me.
  2. I kept watching the vids thinking "Damn, that looks a lot like Knob Creek" Guess I'm not the only one. Dave
  3. retracted

    Per our discussions, I'll take the Ruger 22 Mag. Dave
  4. Might be Interested. Have a few questions. PM sent. Dave
  5. A friend of mine is looking to buy or get information on a 45 shoulder holster that his father wore in the Army. One of the features that seems unique to it is the bullet loops on the shoulder area. Anyone know anything about these or have one for sale? Thanks in advance. Dave
  6. Might be able to help. Not sure if it is early version or totally different. I have one but it doesn't say "fleming firearms". it is marked "Subcal LLC" out of Collinsville, OK. Dave
  7. Thanks for the info. I really appreciate it. Always something new to learn. Dave
  8. Thanks Buddy, any idea on who the headstamp designates? Just curious, especially about the "|/|" or 'Backwards N". Thanks again. DAve
  9. Just wondering. I have this 7.62 ammo. Looks to be from 1979 from the headstamp, But I'm wondering about the "backwards 'N" K" part of the head stamp. Anyone have any idea or info on manufacturer? Guy I bought it from says it is USGI. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks Dave
  10. These are the 50 round 9mm Soumi Coffin magazines. I have 10 mags and 3 loaders. Mags are $95 each Loaders are $20 each, but will only be sold with groups of 3 or more mags I will entertain a lot purchase price. Cash, Paypal F/F, USPMO Shipping will be actual shipping. Dave
  11. Looking just for rifle mags? Any interest in Beta Mags or pistol mags?

    my direct email is ratski@ionet.net

    drop me a line.