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  1. WTS M60 Oprod-200

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  2. WTS M60 Oprod-200

    225 OBO
  3. WTB: Factory Colt M16

    Either way youre looking at a mid 20's to 30k investment, at that price I would spend 10% more to get the A1 rollmark since that's what most people will do anyway. YMMV.
  4. WTB: Factory Colt M16

    The rifleman out of Georgia had a 614 at the creek this past fall. I'm almost certain it did not sell, coulda been because everyone wants A1s or the price was too high, either way you could start there. They are a professional group of people and often deal with rare MGs like stoner 63s and the like.
  5. WTB 7.62 LC Ammo

    Hello, looking for 7.62x51 ammo. Ball, AP, tracer, whatever you've got send me a message.
  6. WTS M60 Oprod-200

    Bump. 250 OBO.
  7. WTS M60 Oprod-200

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  8. Seeking info on MK48 LMG

    Hello, Have been acquiring parts for the MK48 LMG. I am trying to figure out what if any, differences there are in the receiver of the MK48 vs mk46/249, the only thing i can surmise from common sense is that the ejection port will have to be larger. Any information on the receiver differences between a Mk48 and M249/46 would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Brennon272
  9. Willing to trade for other cool or unique gun parts or 5.56 or 7.62 ammo or components. Can add cash where necessary.
  10. Deal fell through. Here are pictures, let me know if theres anything specific you want to see. As i alluded to before, the blueprints and necessary info to properly build this receiver will be included. She is a little dirty with some light surface rust, will clean up with zero issues. This is priced at about half of what the ones that are less complete go for.
  11. WTB M249/Mk46/Mk48 Receiver plans/drawings

    Plans have been located. Thanks buddy.
  12. Please PM with what you have. Thanks.
  13. WTB M60D Dust Boot

    Looking for M60D Dust boot. PM me with what you have. Thanks!
  14. Russian AVT-40 Transferable Question

    Also you may consider the FN FAL. They are easily overlooked and an Israeli HB is nice on full auto, can also make an OSW if not a registered receiver gun.
  15. WTB Live Smoke Grenades M18

    Looking for any and all live m18 smoke grenades for sale. Please PM me with details.
  16. Russian AVT-40 Transferable Question

    I think they are going between 13-18k from the few ive seen sold over the past year or so. They are OK, quite controllable considering the cartridge fired. However, they can be pretty temperamental when it comes to ammo and gas issues. Typical crude soviet production and good luck finding parts in any quantity. If youre trying to get into a rifle cartridge in this price range theres better choices in my opinion, such as 1919, m2 side plates, various ww1 beltfeds, vickers, etc, FNC though lacking in the parts department, and m14's come to mind. video on the avt 40
  17. Yes, buffer bolt yoke and actuator are all OOS.
  18. Hey guys! I have a bunch of parts to sell. Everything is NOS with the exception of the top cover, it has some handling marks but no dents or dings. M60 rear sight- $150 M60e3 grip assembly complete missing sear- $350 M60 feed lever with clip x3 -$70 M60 cam x3-$120 M60e3 top cover, missing fees lever and cam- $725 Please contact me via pm. I only take usps certified MO. Same day shipping.
  19. Just to clarify, i am fresh out of bolts.
  20. Here to add a few items to the list: M60E3 front grip spigot- $75 XM16E1 bcg, complete- $400 (will separate) "No Drainhole" m16 handguards, mint condition- $100 Also, I'm offering free shipping for the rest of the week, as well as discounts on multiple items! Contact me at