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  1. WTS machine guns from Personal collection

    PM sent on both reisings.

    Message sent on krink.
  3. WTS Post MG42, M16, AK47 shutting down FFL/SOT

    Pm sent on m16
  4. WTB Lanchester End Cap and Trigger Group

    Thanks. Please shoot me a message with your findings.
  5. Looking for a lanchester smg trigger group and end cap. Purchased kit and was missing these items. Might also entertain a dummy gun so long as these parts are present. Thanks!
  6. WTB PKM Barrel

    Hello, looking for a pkm barrel. Please pm with anything you may have. Thanks!
  7. WTB ZB26 Parts kit with barrel

    Hello, looking for a zb26 parts kit complete with barrel. Please PM with what you have. Thanks!
  8. WTB Stoner 63/63A parts

    Please PM me with what items you have. Interested in anything and everything stoner related! I would like to locate gas tubes, charging handles, magazines, and bolts among other things.
  9. WTB Demilled M16 lower Receivers

    Hello, looking for demilled M16 lowers. Does not matter what variant M16. Specifically I am looking for the back halfs to mate to magwells to remanufacture into post samples. Thanks! brennon272
  10. WTB Suomi M31 demilled receivers and small parts

    Found. Thanks Buddy.
  11. Hello, i am looking for some demilled Suomi receivers, charging handles, springs, etc. let me know what you have! thanks, brennon272
  12. WTB XM16E1 Upper

    Looking to purchase a stripped or complete with barrel XM16E1 Upper. Cash in hand. Please PM or email me with what you have! Thanks, Brennon272
  13. WTS M60 Oprod-200

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