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  1. At least they didn't destroy it, it's in a museum now:
  2. Looking to get my first beltfed, any advice is welcome…

    This shrike looks like too much fun:
  3. I took my grip stick apart and now the gun will only fire semi auto. I only took the trigger housing parts out and cleaned them and the housing and put them back. I didn't touch the bolt or receiver, both were the same as before when it worked fine. Works as flawless as before, but now semi-auto only whether I pull the top part of the trigger or the bottom part. Did I put something back wrong? Is the attached photo where the trigger rod should be in relation to the disconnector? If I move it farther back the grip won't align back up with the receiver holes, and I can't move it farther forward because it bottoms out against the trigger. I've looked at pictures, watched YouTube videos, nothing works, this is driving me nuts, please help. Never mind, I had put the catch pin in backwards.
  4. Question on Value of German SIG P228

    Do a search on GunBroker for completed auctions for one similar to yours, see what they average sell for.
  5. Opinions on selection. First time purchase.

    I beg to differ on the "you will get bored with a .22 FA" comment. IMHO .22 LR is the ultimate caliber for civilian recreational full auto use. Reasons: 1. The ammo for it is cheap. The ammo for it is cheap. Did I say the ammo for it is cheap. 2. In my experience it is the only truly controllable caliber in full auto, I can literally write my name on the target with it. 3. Suppresses very well. 4. When used with an M16 lower it has the cyclic rate of an MG42 (at least my setup does). Which is kind of cool. Even though more expensive I would highly recommend saving your pennies and going with the M16 lower. You can have any number of upper configurations and at least five or six different calibers with the one lower. If you get the M16 lower and either a .22LR conversion or dedicated upper get a boonie packer SW15-22 mag adapter, a bunch of SW15-22 mags, and a McFadden Machine loader and loading the mags is almost as much fun as emptying them (an important consideration with full auto as you will find yourself loading mags quite often). In full auto I have guns in calibers .22LR, 9mm, 5.56, 8mm kurz, 8mm full size, 7.62, and 300BLK. And to me by far the .22LR is the most fun. YMMV.
  6. Tripod question

    Just get a surplus Bundeswehr AA tripod, there relatively cheap and work great, here is one currently on Gunbroker http://www.gunbroker.com/item/617648868 I can vouch for the guy, I just bought one from him about a month ago. You will still need to source an adapter to fit the HK gun to it though. KNS precision makes a picatinny adapter but you will need an adapter that will work with the block type fitting on the HK to either the MG3 round type fitting that comes with the AA tripod or one that attachés to the KNS picatinny adaper. http://www.knsprecisioninc.com/gun-parts-and-accessories/m16-parts/mg42-tripod-to-picatinny-rail-adapter.html I don't know of anyone that makes one, you might have to get a machinist to make one.
  7. WTK: Value of a C&R transferrable MG34.

    Don't have any pics, nothing matches, barrel shroud is cra 1942. Doesn't appear rewatted to me, but I'm no expert, ejector plate is not the original plate, it's in the white whereas the rest of the receiver is blued, cams look good, quite a bit of bluing left on all the parts considering it's 70 some odd years old. Comes with three barrels, an original Lafette (has the spare bolt box, but no scope or slings), an extra bolt, a belt filler, and a bunch of assorted other stuff.
  8. I want to mount an MG34 onto an MG3 Lafette tripod. I have the TNW adapter block for the barrel shroud latch, but was wondering how to modify the trigger lever to be able to switch between the lower portion of the MG34 trigger and the upper portion to have semi and full capability like the original Lafette 34 has. Has anyone done this and could you describe and maybe even post a photo of how you did it, or does anyone know of someone who makes an adapter for this. Thanks in advance.
  9. I have a chance to buy a fully transferrable C&R MG34. I have been out of the MG hobby for awhile so am not sure what the going price is now. The gun is not matching but runs fine and still retains about 70% blue. Thanks in advance.
  10. WTS: Transferable M60e6 - RIA - $48,000 - Pics

    Sorry off topic...but what is the make and model of that floor system in the photos. It looks like some sort of rubberized dovetail locking panels made to look like diamond plate. Really nice, I would like to do my gun room floor like that. Thanks in advance.
  11. WTB: MG34 Dummy Receiver

    I need a dummy receiver for an MG34. Please send description, condition, and price. Thanks in advance.