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  1. LMO used to have 08/15 adaptors..(long mountain outfitters) ... but I have a Russian Maxim barrel if ur interested
  2. Also interested. Same question. And also want a pic. Thanks
  3. I'm interested. Can u call me to discuss. (904)887-0322
  4. Not sure why I would need something like this.. but sounds like fun. Pls contact me by email or the sturm system or best yet call me tomorrow at (904) 887-0322... in the North Fla area.. thanks
  5. What is the condition of the bolts?
  6. I'm interested in a number of the items. Can I tell me what's still available?
  7. WTS: 1910 Russian Maxim $19K

    I have a nice spare barrel for the 1910 Maxim. Let me know if ur interested
  8. BAR Parts, US M1918 and M1918a2

    I have night sights for the 1918 BAR, in the original box, papers.. interested?
  9. Cash went out today for the S&W folder.. thanks
  10. I'll take the smith and Wesson folder. Will just send cash.... $6... I have ur info from prior purchases.. thanks, Alan
  11. WTS RETRO M16 A1 Parts

    I'm interested in the buffers.. pls call me in the am..(I'm in est) (904) 887-0322
  12. WTB: Factory Colt M16

    Pricing is hard to figure. The 614 seems to command less $, even though they are factory Colt. The A-1 run around 25k, but those that are M-16, not M16A1, are closer to 30k. Can anyone explain why the M16 is more $ than the A-1? Rarity?
  13. New, I guess is not IMI factory..I'm interested.. pls call me at ur convenience.. (904) 887_0322
  14. WTS UZI, .45 cal IMI new-unfired

    Would like to discuss w/ u.. please email ur contact info to me at read many of your articles!!!