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  1. Never heard from U
  2. Or, send msg. thru Stürm system with ur email. Would like some pics
  3. I am interested. Please call me. (904)887-0322
  4. wtb M3a1 Grease Gun Bolt, Mp 18.1 stick mag

    I have a M3A1 bolt. I believe it is stripped. Use my email if interested
  5. Sure. I’ll take two if u have them. Send me instructions to pay to my email..
  6. Any interest in selling the mag loader only?
  7. I’ll take it. I think I have ur address already, and will send a check
  8. MP 40 Parts

    Interested. Will E-mail u tomorrow
  9. WTS Rare UZI Blank firing barrel for SOLD

    I assume it is 9mm. Could u email me?
  10. Custom M60 / M60e3 / e4 / e6 Gun Covers - Pics

    Does this fit the Standard ‘Ol M-60? What kind of material it?
  11. Wts Vickers/Lewis bipod $500

    Dean, Alan Rosner in Jacksonville here. Can u send a pic to my email? U should have my email. (Just bought steam port cover -08-15- from u)
  12. I have a complete excellent compensator that came off a west Hurley gun. Interested?email me at or call (904) 887-0322
  13. Pls email me for more info. Thanks... what is new price?
  14. WTS Trijicon RX06-10 and MS03 - $125 - $275

    Can u send pics to my email?