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  1. Cash went out today for the S&W folder.. thanks
  2. I'll take the smith and Wesson folder. Will just send cash.... $6... I have ur info from prior purchases.. thanks, Alan
  3. WTS RETRO M16 A1 Parts

    I'm interested in the buffers.. pls call me in the am..(I'm in est) (904) 887-0322
  4. WTB: Factory Colt M16

    Pricing is hard to figure. The 614 seems to command less $, even though they are factory Colt. The A-1 run around 25k, but those that are M-16, not M16A1, are closer to 30k. Can anyone explain why the M16 is more $ than the A-1? Rarity?
  5. New, I guess is not IMI factory..I'm interested.. pls call me at ur convenience.. (904) 887_0322
  6. WTS UZI, .45 cal IMI new-unfired

    Would like to discuss w/ u.. please email ur contact info to me at read many of your articles!!!
  7. Are these Colt AR's new or used?
  8. WTB: HK P4 .25 conversion kit

    Looking for .25 cal conversion for the HK P-4. Also want a.380 kit if they made em!
  9. Have for sale nice Air Force survival knife w/ original leather sheath and stone. $55 shipped
  10. You still have the Armalite .308 Mags? If so, I will check my gun to see what model I have. Thought all AR-10 Armalite's were the same. Pls respond by email... Thanks
  11. WTB: Original C&R M16

    If it's an M-16 or AR model 614 is it a C&R ? How can u determine the manufacture date?
  12. WTK: Value of Ramo 1919 and MANY extras

    Saw ur post.. Are u interested in just selling the 30-06 satellite barrel? Pls send me an e mail.
  13. Sold my last machine gun....

    Bob, very nicely stated. All of us will eventually be in this situation. They say the quality of ur life is not always measured by the duration. I've done a few deals with you, and it's always what you represent the items to be and it has been a pleasure. Thanks for everything.. Take good care of yourself
  14. Bob, I'll take the nine white ones at $25 each..u should have my info, but I'm at Thanks.. Be well!