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  1. WTS: HK 91 - $2300 shipped

    Hey MIT, how many 91's do u have? U must love these guns! What r u doing w/ the one I sold u?
  2. I will take it w/ gratitude. Pls send payment instructions and cashiers check will go right out!!
  3. WTS: HK Bolt Assembly Tools - Pics

    Interest in bolt assembly for HK. Email me please Bought items from u b4...
  4. WTS: HK21 Complete Stock $450

    Trunion, that is
  5. WTS: HK21 Complete Stock $450

    I have an HK 91 receiver that needs work, and the barrel probably is shot out(zero bolt gap) Can be used for a 21 receiver if reunion is repaired/ replaced. Let me know if u r interested
  6. Send me ur email and I will make u an offer
  7. Will this fit all Armalite AR-10's? Call me (904)887-0322 or email me to discuss please.. let me know if u need my email
  8. Do any of these have the Star of David marked on them?
  9. Will these springs fit in any model full auto Sterling, including those built with an Erb Sten tube?
  10. Would u sell 3 cans @$100 shipped to Fla?
  11. X-15 shoulder holster, extra large, for Smith and Wesson 8 3/8" barrel or similar size. Appears unused, minor scuff marks as typical for leather holster.. $120 shipped. Made by Bianchi.. excellent overall condition
  12. LMO used to have 08/15 adaptors..(long mountain outfitters) ... but I have a Russian Maxim barrel if ur interested
  13. Also interested. Same question. And also want a pic. Thanks
  14. I'm interested. Can u call me to discuss. (904)887-0322
  15. Not sure why I would need something like this.. but sounds like fun. Pls contact me by email or the sturm system or best yet call me tomorrow at (904) 887-0322... in the North Fla area.. thanks