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  1. L1A1 FAL Bayonet for sale $55.00
  2. WTS: Browning pistol pouch. Original with black exterior leather and red interior. Fits challenger, hi power long slide or hi power. $65
  3. PSL 54, $2,500

    Will you take Bitcoin?
  4. Still available. Email me if interested . rosner@harrisguidi.com
  5. WTS: Ruger AC-556F (Folder)

    Not yet. Quite a few inquiries. Feel free to email me. rosner@harrisguidi.com or call (904)887-0322
  6. Have for sale an original Powder Springs MAC 10 in .45.. $6800. Transfers on a form 4. I am in Florida. Email me for more info or pics. rosner@harrisguidi.com
  7. WTS: Ruger AC-556F (Folder)

    No. Still up for sale
  8. WTS: Ruger AC-556F (Folder)

    I didn’t install it. I sent my rifle up to Andy Clyde who did it for me because I couldn’t figure it out. (I’m not mechanical) . Love the stock. Only way to shoot an ac-556!
  9. For sale is original Browning pouch. $65.00 shipped. Excellent condition - This is the larger pouch for the High Power, High Power long slide, or Challenger. Email for pictures at rosner@harrisguidi.com
  10. Lower price. Email if interested- rosner@harrisguidi.com. Or call
  11. Still available. Will negotiate if buyer takes multiple mags
  12. Call me if interested (904)887-0322
  13. Fllipiette Sovereign Tommy PPS/50 .22 long rifle semi auto rifle. Copy of Russian PPSH 41 in .22LR. These were Bingham .22’s, then later Fllipiette. Imported by Excam.. has drum magazine. As new in original box, manual, loader, ect..asking $795 shipped. Email me for pics. rosner@harrisguidi.com
  14. Yes still available. Yes, still available. Feel free to make an offer. Was asking $175 for the 40 rounders. These are original chinese