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  1. For sale is a Norinco SKS Sporter. These were limited imports that accept AK detachable 30rd mags. Many came with thumbhole stocks. This one I can’t remember if I ever fired, but if I did, very little. I bought it new. Excellent shape, in the original box with the accessories it came with, manual, sling,oiler...$950
  2. Send me ur email or text it (904)887-0322
  3. Selling my AK 84S-1 Norinco. It is unfired, new in the box, includes bayonet, 3- 30 Round Norinco .223 mags, ect.. everything it came with and still perfect condition. This is the underfolder.. $2250 . Thanks
  4. Send me ur email or call me (904)887-0322 and I can give u and address ect. Thanks.. or text ur email.
  5. Have for sale a Colt light machine gun upper, complete with Colt hydraulic buffer and the rare open bolt carrier group. I have put 125 rounds thru it but have never used the open bolt. It is otherwise complete, and was new when I bought it I believe. $2950..only way to shoot an M-16! I paid an extra grand or more for the open bolt kit
  6. WTS a nice Springfield 1903 Mk 1. Has a WW 2 barrel. $1100.. pics on request
  7. WTS nice Colt Targetsman 3rd series .22 auto pistol. 1973 mnfr.. 6” barrel. Factory wood grips. Pics on request. $695
  8. Want to buy full auto Ruger AC-556 bolt. Someone offered me one a while back on this site. Pls send msg or contact me at (904)887-0322
  9. WTB: Ruger AC-556 bolt

    Someone offered me a Ruger AC Full uto AC-556 bolt. Do u still have? Pls contact me at (904) 887-0322
  10. Send ur email or cell # and I will email pics or text them
  11. Have a Grease Gun parts kit M-3 A1 complete for sale- price reduced to $950 plus shipping. Torch cut- has no mag well, which is why I reduced the price
  12. Reising magazines

    I need a 20 rounder. Do u hav and how much $$? Thanks .. rosner@harrisguidi.com