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  1. Have for sale Israeli Light weight Mag 58 tripod with anti- aircraft extension. $350 shipped
  2. OBO! This is to be sold soon unless someone makes an offer
  3. I’m interested. Would like to speak with u. Alan. (904)887-0322
  4. It’s an M-16, not an A1 or A-2. Safe, semi, and full. No burst. Just the way it comes from the Colt factory. Send me ur email and I can send pics. Or text to ur phone
  5. I have for sale an Israeli mount for the 249, very light weight . Springs to absorb recoil. Will send pics if u are interested. rosner@harrisguidi.com
  6. Aaron, John was a good friend and a genius. Was loved by all. Remember well when he passed. He was at the height of his creative career. Sad. He got me hooked up with Reed Knight who at the time had 3 M-60’s to sell that were consecutively numbered. I foolishly bought only one. I also learned u weren’t going to have a short conversation with Reed!
  7. Whoever sent me a PM, I did not receive. Feel free to email rosner@harrisguidi.com or call me
  8. I would be interested. Send payment info pls
  9. WTB Your MG Machine Gun Parts Kits

    I posted aGG parts kit for $1200. Lemme know if ur interested. Can send pics
  10. I’ll take it. Send me payment info
  11. WTB Colt LMG buffer and bolt carrier

    I have the open bolt carrier that I would probably be willing to sell if u are still looking. Lemme know.
  12. WTB: PVS-2 Scope(Non-Functional)

    Sent u an email. Make me a good offer!
  13. K, it’s urs. I am out of town for another week. I will send photos when I get back
  14. Have a nice M-60 E-3 Kit for sale. Complete, appears used, but very good condition. Longer barrel $3200 shipped