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  1. WTS: Various Items: Cobray, M203, etc.

    I have a sight for the 203 Handguard, in the OD original canvass case still in the green wax paper for anyone interested
  2. Israeli Golani Folder made from Galil parts. Century receiver. Fine tuned and runs great. If interested, send your email by pm and I can send pics
  3. WTS: Machine Gun Books

    I’ll take the Blietzkrieg mop 40 book. Pm to follow
  4. WTS: Polytech AKS-223 Underfolder $28,999.00

    I have Chinese .223 mags for this gun if anyone is interested. 40 and 30 rd
  5. WTB M60 barrels.

    I have a few. Let me see what I have and will send info by PM. If you are still looking that is
  6. Sent you a PM … I have a 20rd mag I would let go.. let me know please.
  7. WTS Colt SP1 (1973) $2100

    Sent you a PM.
  8. WTS: Thompson Firing Pin & Buffer Pilots

    Ok, I’ll take ‘em. Will pm for payment/ shipping info
  9. Wtb mg 08/15 parts

    I have some parts, drum, may have a top cover. I’ll check when I get back home Sunday. Are you interested in a steam port cover?
  10. delete

    I’ll take it. Email payment info. rosner@harrisguidi.com