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  1. HAHA! What's going on rhouston8 ? Hope you're well buddy! I emailed the OP last week and he's pretty sure he's out of stock (this was from 2016) but he's checking. I've got dibs on 2 because... two Sterlings and all... :-)
  2. Okay, okay, okay... I know you posted this in 2016. Maybe luck is on my side and you have one or two still available. I just sent you an email to the address listed above. *fingers crossed* Mr.Maim
  3. WTS: LE Trade-In Sig 556 and 516 SBR's

    I'll take 2 556s if available. Email sent. PM sent.
  4. FOUND. Purchased one from someone on a different forum. For the record: I was sold a beautiful set: Feedblock, Complete Lock, and Barrel for $800 (not including shipping)
  5. Mike, thank you again for responding, you seem to be one of the few that regularly reaches out to those posting here with suggestions on where to find things they seek, thank you for that! Don't let this grind on you, I'm prepared for the long haul. Have you seen my WTB for the Browning 1917 topcover? LOL! <sigh...> I'm sure we can come to terms.
  6. Still looking for an 8mm Vickers kit or individual parts: feedblock, extractor or whole lock, barrel. DM/PM Thank you for looking!
  7. I have received an 8mm barrel from SARCO about two weeks ago. It is odd. It has no caliber markings and a very rough finish. The rifling is "okay" and I bought the $150 barrel. Believe me I'm not holding my breath.
  8. I am still looking for Vickers 8mm parts: feedblock, extractor or whole lock, barrel. Sarco has 8mm barrels, I am aware of them, thank you to those that have PM'd/DM'd me about them.
  9. WTB: 1917a1 Browning topcover

    (laugh!) " many went where..." tell me about it, I know the feeling.
  10. WTB: 1917a1 Browning topcover

    Please do keep it on the list. I am looking for two if you can part with them. I'm kicking myself because Sarco had these listed for YEARS and nobody bought them. Every time I was buying parts for something else I thought to myself "I should add one to my cart just to have it" then thought that the then-selling price of $135 could be better spent on other small parts. Now I have plenty of small parts, but the big parts (the topcovers) are hard to find. Add that to the list of "I should have known better..." right? If you locate any for sale, I'd love to buy 2 or 20.
  11. Purchased an MG3 loader from Gorgon and wanted to report back on the outstanding communication, professionalism, quick shipping, INCREDIBLY WELL PACKED, and excellent condition belt loader I just received from him. Functions perfect and is in excellent, excellent condition! If only every firearm, part, or accessory I've bought sight-unseen could be this great of an experience. My highest compliments to Gorgon. Thank you sir, I hope to do business with you again in the future. to load some 308!
  12. Bump please. Still looking for a kit or any separate parts.