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  1. The sear has been sold, thanks for you interest. Dave
  2. PM replied to Thank you
  3. Rob, Yes the Navy Sear pack is still available ave
  4. Bump....still available
  5. WTS: FNC Parts

    Sgt Mac, Yes the FNC charging handle is still available. Dave
  6. Final price drop.....then back in the safe Thanks
  7. Final price drop..... then back in the safe Thanks
  8. WTF, Not sure on the carrier. Have a complete 21 carrie that I may put up But I do not know the differences between a 21 carrier and 21A1 carrier if there are any Dave
  9. WTS: FNC Parts

    Marty its a metal recoil plate dave
  10. HK-SP89barrel, this was removed by Mike at TSC for a HK MP5SD build Price is $300.00 plus shipping Dave