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  1. SOLD .177caliber BB, pump action. Shoots good! Wood stock and front grip. Frame is blued. Fifty shot tubular feed. Rear sight adjustable for elevation. Stamped sporting scenes on both sides of the frame. No dents in barrel. Blueing shows wear and some freckles. Manufactured in Pymouth MI sometime between 1936 and 1952 when Daisy replaced the wooden parts with bakelite/plastic and the frame was painted, no longer blued – I have seen it referred to as variant 7 of this particular model. Contact me for photos.
  2. Red Flag Customer Questions (dealer input please)

    Hidden camera. Shill for the anti-gun crowd.
  3. WTS : IWI Tavor SAR $1600

    Barrel length? 5.56 or 9mm? Black, FDE, etc.? Left or right hand? Thanks