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  1. I have a new, never installed, barrel for the Lahti 20mm semi auto anti tank gun. I bought this, but ended up going with .50 instead. This is a U.S. made barrel and is for U.S. 20mm projectiles (you will not have to turn the driving band down when reloading. The barrel will require the final machining (extractor cut, gas port,...). $2600 plus shipping, or free pick up at the Creek.
  2. I have a display/dummy gun for sale or trade. It is a U.S. M3 (M24) type 20mm Hispano Suiza autocannon. It would make an impressive display piece for a gun shop or man cave. It weighs around 100 lbs.IT CAN NOT BE MADE LIVE AGAIN. It was made up from parts of a real gun that was demilled. There are no servicable parts on this dummy.$950. I would like to get cash for it, but I will listen to trade offers. Trades need to be close in value, or over. Nothing specific in mind, but 1911s, Glocks, ARs, AKs...I WILL NOT SHIP IT, but I will be headed to louisville, KY (Knob Creek) in a little over a week and can deliver it anywhere along the way.
  3. I planned on using it up until I found a .50 conversion. Now that I have a better option in front of me, I don't think I would try it even if I wanted a 20mm. At the very least, I would repair the pits on the tip of the firing pin and the bolt face, but I am not sure if I would stop there once I got started. I am not a gunsmith and my opinion is worth every penny of the price paid for it. I have used bolts that were worse, but those were in much smaller, and less valuable, guns (sks,vz52,..).
  4. Yes, still got it.
  5. Yes, they are still available.
  6. I have one parts set for the U.S. MK12 20mm automatic gun. The kit includes a NOS barrel, complete bolt assembly, new extra stripped bolt body, overlapping receiver sections, barrel nut, gas piston, buffer, and other parts shown. The receiver sections are from two different guns and overlap. The feeder was damaged during the demil, but could possibly be repaired or a Lahti magazine could be modified to feed the rounds (20X110mm). Also included are 300 NOS links. There is no muzzle attachment, or ammunition included. I dug out the literature I have on the guns and will include copies. Buyer pays shipping. If you are in MO, OK, or TX, I can possibly arrange for it to be dropped off if you are not in a hurry. Trades are possible, but cash is king. All NFA rules apply.
  7. I have one used bolt for the Lahti L39 20mm AT rifle. It is UGLY. It was badly pitted. It is complete LESS ONE PART. I am not sure about the correct name of the part, but am calling it a locking block. Only the parts pictured (bolt, firing pin, extractor, springs, etc.) are included. It is in poor shape, but parts are hard to find and maybe it will work for somebody. Price is $500 plus $20 shipping. Thanks.