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  1. WTK: 38 Cal Launcher Blanks

    fwiw, CDVS is now out of stock... and NonStandardAmmocom has them listed at $199/100 on GB (ouch)
  2. Quick question: Will the ATF still process a recently submitted form4 to a FFL/SOT that used the older F4 OMB 1140--0014 (06/20/2019) vs. the newer F4 version OMB No. 1140-0014 (08/31/2022) Thanks in advance, -- Matt
  3. WTK: 38 Cal Launcher Blanks

    Also sold on GB
  4. Yep, thanks, confirmed what I thought...
  5. Form 4-individual to SOT times?

    I've also got a couple that are pending over 5 months...
  6. Squad Automatic Wewapon

    Yes, It can be kept with drop of license. Subsequent transfer must go to a entity with license - just like the requirement to acquire it in the first place. I.e. can’t be inherited following death or sold to a non-licensee. — Matt
  7. Squad Automatic Wewapon

    Answer + likely follow up q&a in this thread...
  8. MP5 parts

    I’ll take the a3 stock matt
  9. WTB GE-style M134 bolt heads

    still looking
  10. Hi, Looking for a couple sets of NOS GE-style M134 bolt heads. Lots of stuff to trade or cash. PM me what you have. Thanks for looking! Matt
  11. Best way to ship NFA items?

    FWIW - Prob. ~10 years back, I was purchasing an NFA item from a seller who lived in an adjacent state but close enough to drop it off to a local FFL/SOT in my state. In addition to filing F4, the Seller had also filed a 5320.20 for the inter-state delivery. He was contacted by the examiner approving the F4; she questioned the purpose of the recently filed 5320.20 and then explicitly cancelled the approved 5320.20 and told him it was not needed. No idea how ATF would do this in 2021...
  12. Destructive Device without barrel question

    No problem - hope you can save it... not sure why they insist on cutting receiver (maybe frustration due to lack of barrel to cut, lol)
  13. Destructive Device without barrel question pg 21 Section 2.5 Perhaps it was properly registered as a DD and then there is a documented improper transfer that included a >.50 barrel at some point. That would make in contraband,
  14. Moving MG between two residences.

    BTW, Needs a new one every year as they are only approved for 1yr max duration (from/to date)
  15. Moving MG between two residences.

    There are some exceptions (eg he has a c&r FFL and the mg is c&r) but he prob needs an approved ATF 5320.20
  16. WTB GE-style M134 bolt heads

    still looking
  17. Optics Planet used to sell them. Doesn't look like they are avail anymore. Something similar you can still purchase: Trijicon MGRS I've got one of these - pretty awesome.
  18. Are you talking about the DCL1x0 series optics?
  19. Need help on HK sear burst pack

    IMHO, burst packs look cool, but the simplicity of an SEF pack is hard to beat for most users. I was never really a fan of HK burst packs until running one on 21e/23e - now I appreciate their usefulness. The article below has links to videos on assembly/disassembly The article contains a humorous quote from the author that is dead-on ... " It only took me five (5) days to reassemble the pack. This is a pure trial and error learning experience. All I can say is that the designers of these burst pack were true sadists and children of the devil." " That being said, when burst packs fail, it is usually the compression rod. FWIW, the spares I keep on hand for burst pack: - compression rod - compression rod spring - ejector levers (cal specific) - ejector lever spring (easy to loose) - ejector lever pin (also easy to loose, lol) - rifle hammer spring + complete spare burst pack Good luck! -- Matt
  20. I’ll take this: AAC 51T flash hider, 5/8 x 24 (no shim kit) - USED $75.00 shipped PM inbound Thanks in advance, matt
  21. Can manufacturers info be moved?

    Title I guns - SN never, other stuff maybe (depends on the state - NOTE THAT in some states <<<any>> remarking is illegal e.g. In AL any modification appears to be a class-c felony Title II guns (MG, SBR, AOW, SILENCER, DD) - NEVER - REMARKING IS NOT ALLOWED (unless pre-approved by BATFE)
  22. I've been using these for a couple years - they work awesome!!! o The long ones on original M60s and M60E3 long barrel and they ALSO fit on the HK21e/23e o The shorter ones work great on E3 commando, E4, E6 and ALSO on the shorter/Kurtz HK21ek/23ek
  23. Class 2 Engraving Machine Recommendation

    Fiber laser machines ~3K are pretty awesome - might be a good new revenue stream for them...
  24. Brand New - Question

    Post 41-F, all responsible persons for an entity (corporation or trust) must submit a responsible person questionnaire (ATF 5320.23) with each form 4 that includes picture and fingerprints.... See here:
  25. Got your forge up and running in ME yet? Pics?