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  1. Delay in mailing out approved forms?

    I've got F4 approved 4/23 that is "still in the mail"
  2. My 2 cents, if you can afford it, start with an M16.
  3. A local shop has an old 375 "monster" that I sometime use. but the face is pretty worn on it. It is soooooo sweet to work on a brand new anvil with those perfect crisp edges... If you haven't worked steel by hand, you just can't appreciate it... That anvil is awesome.
  4. Wow, that is a beautiful beast!
  5. Transfer question

    Strangely, I don't think the signature on pg. 3 is even required as I have an approved example without it...
  6. Book: Handbook of Machinegun Accessories

    Huge amount of work went into getting the pictures for this book - amazing job. Kudos to Robert & all those that helped the efforts to create this book. Book Review:
  7. Grabbed a 1917 kit - only a few left in stock... Thanks for the heads-up they were being re-stocked tonight!!!
  8. M1917 kits show out of stock on the website - got any more coming? ETA?
  9. FWIW, I've been using one of these ammo boxes for a while. It is awesome! Nothing else out there compares to it. -- Matt
  10. WTB: XM23 ammo can

    Got the xm23 I was looking for If anybody else is looking, I can put you in direct contact with a seller...
  11. Form 4 times individual to SOT

    In 2019, the numbers seem to be all over the place for Individual->Dealer on paper F4 as reported above. Just on this thread, as short as 62 days and as long as ~10 months. Perhaps this is due to the couple months where error-free paper F4s specifically to Individuals were getting prioritized. Odd there is that much variability.
  12. Maybe they became QuarterHorse Arms?
  13. WTB: XM23 ammo can

    Still looking for 7.62x51 ammo cans such as XM23 or v100 with box-end connector