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  1. Form 4 transfer questions

    He said he is not an FFL thus not possible to do an eform4. Has to go the slow paper route...
  2. Form 4 transfer questions

    #1 - All good advice from shiklg. It would be <very> atypical to not get paid anything until you have an approved F4 to the dealer... #2 - I'm surprised a dealer wouldn't provide a completed F4 If you need to make one, this should help generate a correct form As shiklg said, all you need to complete is the first page (in duplicate) with $200 Paper F4s to dealers are taking a VERY LONG TIME 6-9 months right now... 3) Without an FFL, you may find it simpler for the dealer to provide you a shipping label if your MG does not comply with USPS shipping regulations.
  3. How to tell M60 Manufacture Dates by Trunion Markings

    Hey Aaron, Great info!!! WRT the 57-62 “Saco-Lowell Shops”. There appear to be two variants. Those that start with (1) “Gun,Machine” and (2) those that start with “Machine Gun”. Any idea for the years of each why the change? Any similar info on the Springfields and T-161s? Matt
  4. M60 Informational Video Library

    Love the M60 videos - keep up the good work!
  5. Transferring an HK sear question

    fwiw, this makes it simple to generate a form4
  6. Dunno for sure, but the hole/loop on the fork section + no date code seems really odd to me. I'd post over at HKPro for a definitive answer (& full rundown on it if it is HK).
  7. Agree - that stock has a long "universal" 40/10 stock fork section. I don't believe that is an HK fork section - It is most likely aftermarket. The rest of the stock looks HK. It should close all the way & lock (if not on a gun). I'd ask this question over at HKpro - somebody here can likely identify the maker of that stock section.
  8. I guess this is essentially the police form of stolen valor - every hard working cop (& citizen) should be appalled. Who knows, perhaps the Vice TV crew edited the segment dishonestly to accomplish their agenda...
  9. Not surprised they would have these as Bill Fleming passed away unexpectedly in a car accident last year. Ok - That stuff was all made for sale specifically for police departments and government agencies and most likely turned into them for destruction…
  10. Where to source replacement trips for rdias?

    FWIW, there are a bunch of different shaped RDIAS trips - it is not a one size fits all.. A member here was selling all different types made from tool steel:
  11. Those alum pieces might be swift links looked like engraving on them, so prob post samples…
  12. AAC suppressor mount problems

    Couple options: you can also tune the mount with a file & use an O-ring to keep it snug.
  13. SOT-Not Renewing & ATF not approving Form 3 w/ LE Letters

    Not an attrny. I’d consult one of you need a legal opinion… My personal read/opinion of 922.o.2.a is whatever gvmt says at any time is the law wrt possession/mfg of postie MGs. I think the handbook expressed the working opinion/guidance of some relevant gov officials at one time in the past.
  14. SOT-Not Renewing & ATF not approving Form 3 w/ LE Letters

    The only valid reasons to mfg a post sample MG are as noted below. Anything built needs to be built for sale. R&D, testing, rental, etc. are not valid mfg reasons as noted below. Once legally manufactured (or imported) any legal use is fine (hang on wall, rental, testing, etc.). ATF NFA Handbook 7.6.2 Manufacture of machineguns solely for purposes of testing. The manufacture of machineguns solely for testing or research purposes is not recognized as a legitimate exception to the ban on possession or transfer of firearms under 18 U.S.C. 922(o). As previously stated, manufacturers may only manufacture machineguns on or after May 19, 1986 and stockpile the same if they are manufactured and held for sale to Federal or State agencies, for distribution as “sales samples,” or for exportation.