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  1. Form 4 times individual to SOT

    In 2019, the numbers seem to be all over the place for Individual->Dealer on paper F4 as reported above. Just on this thread, as short as 62 days and as long as ~10 months. Perhaps this is due to the couple months where error-free paper F4s specifically to Individuals were getting prioritized. Odd there is that much variability.
  2. Maybe they became QuarterHorse Arms?
  3. WTB: XM23 ammo can

    Still looking for 7.62x51 ammo cans such as XM23 or v100 with box-end connector
  4. WTB - M60E3 parts

    Hi, I'm looking for the following M60 e3 parts: M60e3 ammo hanger M60e3 swivel M60e3 commando barrel (or long barrel) M60e3 Heat shield I would prefer NOS condition. Let me know what you have and price, Thanks for looking. Matt
  5. WTB: XM23 ammo can

    Still looking for XM23 can and V100 can in 7.62
  6. WTB: M60e4 Trigger Group

    Got most of the stuff I was looking for - thanks guys! Still looking for an e4 trigger group...
  7. WTB: M60e4 Trigger Group

    Looking for the following M60e4 parts (NOS or used condition) 1) M60e4 trigger group Let me know what you have and price... STURM IN-mail or Thanks for looking!!! -- Matt
  8. AM180 Adapter for G3/HK91 or M11/9

    Attached are a couple pics of a NIB I sold a few months back since there seemed to be confusion as to what it looks like,,,
  9. WTB: XM23 ammo can

    Got a NIB XM23. Open to one less pristine at lower cost as well... Perhaps a V100 ammo box in 7.62 (fwiw, I think some of these are also in 30-06)
  10. WTB: Transferable M60

    Hi, I'm looking to purchase a transferable M60. My preference is for an RIA marked on the channel, but I'm open to other offers. Let me know what you have to offer... Contact thru Sturm inmail or Email me directly: Appreciate you looking! Matt
  11. Please put me down for a rivit kit as well - Thanks!
  12. If I had a rocket launcher.......

    Very cool! Did you manufacture the rockets? What kind of propellant?
  13. got what I needed - thanks