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  1. Anyone deal with the Silencer Shop?

    I have purchased several suppressors over the years from the silencer shop. I don't trust them to send in the form 4s so I always request the originals and send them to atf for myself or my clients. This way I know I am purchasing one on hand. They did screw up a serial number and corrected the error without telling me which delayed about 6 other pending form 4s as atf could not figure out which checks to apply to which nfa items. Early on their staff was clueless about trusts and full of misinformation. If you must use a trust which you really dont need anymore since cleo signoffs are no longer required use a lawyer. I have been hired to redo many worthless do it yourself gun trusts which were not worth the paper they were written on despite the hype that they were atf approved trusts prepared by lawyers. If the trust a gun store tries to sell you dies with you as the grantor avoid it. This is a danger sign. A trust should last several generations if well drafted. Martin Seidler San Antonio Arms Co.
  2. WTS: Fleming M11-9 .22 sold pending funds to ig720

    Ok I will put you on the list
  3. WTB: Fleming or Lage .22 Conversion for M11/9

    Sorry. I sold it yesterday.
  4. Wts: Walther P-38 .22 $1,500

    Still available.
  5. WTS: Fleming M11-9 .22 upper. Used. Bolt and upper are marked with an 8. $650.00 shipped. No mags. Lage uppers shown for comparison of size only. They are not for sale.
  6. WTB: Fleming or Lage .22 Conversion for M11/9

    Have Fleming m11-22 upper. Used $650.00 shipped.
  7. Wtk m60 e6 adapter to m192 tripod

    Need suggestion for shop to fabricate adapters for m60 e6 to use on m192 tripods. Thought about welding platform mount or cut gooseneck pintle to steel or diamond plate bar to affix to existing tripod mounting crosspins. Any ideas. Marty Seidler San Antonio Arms Co.
  8. Ares Defense Shrike Fightlite MCR

    More photos of shrike failure.
  9. Ares Defense Shrike Fightlite MCR

  10. Ares Defense Shrike Fightlite MCR

    I tumble my links with steels pins to get rid of the rough edges and then dry lubicate them. Be careful as dry lube can be flamable. This is a must for proper feeding. Use .62 grain green tip for best results. Dont shoot long bursts. To see what happens with a 600 rd burst using a Colt m16 lower and Tyr mico backpack see video of exploding shrike under class 3 events at look at second to last video. Jeff claims the 600 rd burst led to the barrel being shot out, the carrier to crack and the rear takedown lug to break off. That is what caused the "jam" in the video. I now have a new upper and barrel which work well.
  11. Please delete

    Would you consider trading for a Ramo m37 Browning beltfed set up in 8mm? Marty Seidler San Antonio Arms Co
  12. Wtb dead air odessa 9 suppressor on fm 3

    I found one. Now inbound. Thank you. Marty Seidler
  13. Wtb dead air odessa 9 supressor on form 3. Marty Seidler 210 316 9576
  14. Wts: Walther P-38 .22 $1,500

    Photo shows oil spray on slide, not wear.