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  1. Need Class II to engrave and register for SBR

    Gray laser on loop 1604 se san antonio Did a good job on mine. Marty Seidler
  2. Question r'e Form 4 sales

    Brent: Don't use a 50/50 sale when you dont have to. Get your money up front. This reduces the potential problem of incomplete payment. If your buyer cant pay more than 50% down this may be indicative of a problematic financial situation. In buying and selling over the years and in liquidating estates I have always paid the full price up front or collected the full price up front even with dealers. Asking for full payment is a good way to weed out questionable buyers. Life is too short to deal with flakey potential buyers. There are plenty of strong buyers out there who are able to send you a cashiers check by overnight mail. Always check out your buyer. Consider and provide for the possibilty that your buyer won't qualify as a lawful transferee. This has been an increasing but unusual problem in recent years in my law practice.
  3. Mp44 bring back. Dismal info on legalizing it.

    Been there many times liquidating decedents estates. No good news. You can strip and sell for parts and surrender the receiver to atf or donate the entire weapon to qualified museum. Justin Wehring in Texas has such a museum.
  4. Exploring more subguns, which to go for?

    Grease gun with suppressor. Much better than thompson. Bought mine from ruben mendiola in miami.
  5. M60 predator back pack wanted

    Look at Tyr mico pack. Pricey but works well. There may be a used one in Houston for 8k + with upgraded feed chute but set up for m249 and will need m60 adapter