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  1. Wts: M60 used parts $300 sold pf

    Sold pending funds.
  2. Wts: M60 used parts $300 sold pf

    New lower price!
  3. Wts: Fleming m11-22 upper $700.00 shipped

    Sold to ig720 pending funds.
  4. Wts: mac 11- 9 upper $85.00 shipped sold

    I dont know whether it is an open or closed bolt. You might do some research. I just dont have the time now. This is the one which I shot on my mac 11 and worked fine. Let me know if you still want it and I will set it aside for you Marty Seidler.
  5. Wts: Mac 11 - 9 upper with threaded barrel. No bolt. $85.00 shipped. Sold pending funds Marty Seidler
  6. Wts: Fleming M11 -22 upper. $700.00 shipped. For MAC 11 - 9. Sold to ig720 pending funds receipt. Marty Seidler
  7. Used Short Barrel Ar15 Uppers

    I will take the 11.5 colt upper with the front flip up sight.
  8. Sig Sauer 516 5.56mm 10.5" Uppers Used

    I will take one
  9. Wts: LC m72 30-06 match ammo $600.00

    WTS: Lake City m72 match 30-06 ammo in 400 rd cans. $600.00 each. Face to face only - San Antonio, Tx Marty Seidler
  10. Wts: greasegun parts kit sold pending funds

    Sold to emgunslinger pending receipt of funds
  11. WTS: partial m3a1 grease gun parts kit, receiver pieces, 6 mags , sling, and receiver flats (not 100%). $1600.00 shipped. Postal money order only. Only the parts shown in the photos are included. Marty Seidler San Antonio, Tx
  12. Wts: used Browning M37 retracting bar (charging handle) $105.00 shipped. Postal money order only. Marty Seidler San Antonio, Tx
  13. Wtk value of 1918 winchester bar parts kit

    Probably saw cut. I will find out.
  14. Wtk: range of value for 1918 winchester BAR parts kit. Bore excellent. Parts in excellent condition. Stock has some minor cracks. Found wrapped in 1930's and 1920's newspaper. 1 mag. No photos yet. Posting for a disabled vet in another city. No other detail available at this time. Marty Seidler San Antonio Arms co.
  15. Ares Defense Shrike Fightlite MCR

    This is a heavy duty tray which I purchased from Geoff many years ago. The feed trays on my earlier models did not seem substantial. Marty Seidler San Antonio Arms Co.