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  1. Found it.. 1997
  2. MG's as an investment

    In 1980 I desired the historical value of guns and military weapons. I had to have originals or legal remakes.. In 1981 I smelled political rats afoot- I spent a few thousand HARD EARNED dollars I made in the silver rush and bough NFA's After I became a dealer and SOT. I dropped 35 bucks on DIAS's and 28.95 on uzi bolts from Group. I bought a pile with the intention of recovering my money over time.. I had a clue on tire kickers at gun shows.. They could pay anything to get what they wanted.. Even Century arms was selling 50 BMG complete for 1500.00 and the same as their 1917A1's.. Their refinished reising were 300 dollars.. Even in 1987 SWD was selling converted Polytech AK's for 700 dollars.. I spent most money on registered parts as they fit well in my Safety deposit box. Now, I am retired and living off the "leftovers" happy I followed my own gunshow barker advise. Even at today's priced it still is better but commensurate with wages. All owner's do not sell fo less and some transfers are 400.00 .. Over the years no matter when I sold I still kept up way better than stock/ bond investment' I also have including pension.. It still is a personal choice.. I got schooled well by Kent Lomont who was a good and at that time local friend.
  3. Any word on the Form-4 e-file?

    First trial swarmed their servers. Trial of new server system probably early 2020. The snafu still is the paper FP cards
  4. Rules on creating a Stenling

    I like the wishful thinking on prices.. This is not 2013.. If you find kits you need TWO and they need to be sawcut from way back as now the torcuts are ruined. Some of the C2's do not do conversions anymore due to the time now involved is not economically viable to them. Raw tubes in reality run 7500 from reputable sources and with the transfer time of 1-2 years for paperwork( depending on F4 vs F3 etc.. Mfgs are charging up to 3 grand with shipping costs or more making your "build price" a realistic 13 to 14 thousand and don't forget the time involved to build so a scenario of 2 1/2 to nearly 3 years or more before you actually "own" the gun.. THAT my friend is one reason prices are at the levels they are now.. Not to mention the 200 to 400 in NFA tax..and your SOT transfer fees. For those completed guns that are on F3 now the dealers are not ASKING they are GETTING the prices since ONE tax and a year sounds so much better to most all buyers..
  5. Rules on creating a Stenling

    The makers that will do the conversions now are VERY expensive and take a L O N G time to complete. The sawcut gun kits have all but dried up and if found are partial sawcut and super expensive since it usually takes two kits to finish one gun. I called a couple days ago and got a quote for 650 for a good kit and 24 to 2600.00 minimum for the build. Add the two way shipping and you could wind up paying over $4,000 to get a gun done ( and that is a IF the C-2 wants to bother with it!) The faster money seems to always put your project on the back burner. I had a gun done for competition a few years back and done in Cerakote to match military contract guns and lucky I had it done then!
  6. What If?

    Note- The governments currently take land under eminent domain. Some areas demand Historic cars driven meet EPA standard( keeps them off the road). You may own a home but you DO NOT own mining rights and can lose your home at any time and that has happened. The only control you have is the VOTE and if you don't mine counts twice!
  7. Mac11 gunsmith

    Check your M Guns for old/missing or hardened buffers. They are there for a reason. Shoot standard pistol ammo(no +p or "MG" ammo) After 33 or more years the buffers go by-by and it may take your gun also. Take care of the 'ol ladies...
  8. Rules on creating a Stenling

    Strange you mentioned this- Today I found a Paws that was in 45 cal and fed with grease gun mags.. Looked rough but it was mostly finish wear from beating around in a farmers tractor for a couple decades.or some such silly story.. .(yes, it was properly papered.)
  9. The ruling was first posted in 1997 and available on BATF letters site. There have been rulings/exceptions since on a "per request" but the original is the gold standard
  10. WTB DLO sterling MkIV

    I have several F-4 to a local C-3 and it has been since Jan this year. I have 4 F-3 to dealer and it has been 3 weeks so far.. I have a WITT MACHINE Canooter valve(Supressor) from Jan to now and beyond and it will be mine personally. All this and I am a retired C2 to boot.
  11. Rules on creating a Stenling

    7.5 to 8M.. ??? Stockmarket tanking.. NFA's in my portfolio.. Gimme.. now.. Since "real" Sterlings are rare and very few were registered prior to "86 almost all are "tube " guns. I did find some DLO tubes that were amended to MkIV legally with small slot---. Want- Want--
  12. WTB DLO sterling MkIV

    WTB DLO STERLING.. MUST transfer as a MkIV. Form 3's only not a Mk4.. ( sorry F4 guys but it takes another year) Best offer considered within reason.. . I have C-3. Potential seller MUST provide FFL ( EZ CHECK) and be sold/purchased at the FFL address with visitation privilege as I travel to inspect. Must do Efile in my presence. I am also a LEO.
  13. In search of bona-fide letter copies of BATFE rulings or letters on assembling Sterling models on pre 86 Sten receivers. So much misinformation out there . Thanks guys.
  14. Rules on creating a Stenling

    The Andrewski family legacy will be Stenling/Sterling. That said my first "Stenling" was a Quinell made way back a couple decades ago and has about 60 thousand rounds through it with only replacing bolt/springs and barrel as normal wear. No issues at all. I constantly read about gun fails but most are the same 'ol stories retold. Even the Sterling tube guns have had failures from several C-2's.. I don't bad mouth anyone unless I have PERSONALLY seen the issue.. Currently newish "Stenlings" built from torch cut parts vs. the early sawcut have heat treat issues that are very difficult to overcome and unless MPI inspected should be avoided. YES, I have seen this myself. The point is no matter who builds the "stenling"(for that note Sterlings also, since originals are super scarce) an issue can happen as with any firearm. All can be remedied.. You bought the paper and the gun came with it.
  15. Colt lost several GI contracts and is now suffering the loss of private sales..