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  1. Colt lost several GI contracts and is now suffering the loss of private sales..
  2. I have for sale a full box (carefully opened to keep box front intact) 50 caliber Armor Plate testing projectiles. Sold as a historic collectable. $150.00 shipped. I only had two boxes and Keith Pagel bought the other back in the 90's
  3. I have for sale 7 rounds of original Boyes AT ammunition dates 1938 and 1939. For sale as collectible since they are 80 years old. They were "sealAmeal" protected since 1970 and in fine shape with NO rust on projectiles and intact green annular seal. Sell as a lot. One was opened for photos. I am including a Boyes magazine spring to the lot. $350.00 shipped.
  4. WTS M11 .380

    Sir, Minor error. The gun shown is a RPB Mfg. NOT SWD
  5. Hey guys, What rear sight did DLO use on his MG-40. Mine has been misplaced over the last few decades..need a replacement. Yes it was a shame he drilled and tapped through the COLT logo but the gun runs like a rattlesnake.
  6. I recalled Chase and they said they would shut the account down after investigation .. They didn't say when. I am a Chase customer. The photos I posted here are the ones Scammers sent me and I was nearly positive the M-11-9 was a old gun of mine I had sold. When I post here it always puts DB Guns on the pic( not on original photo.) Just clearing the air.
  7. Thought some pics that were sent would be interesting. Q? how did he get a valid FFL and SOT from RAM LAKE??? NOTE the pic stamp is MINE
  8. Whomever this was is overseas. I called CHASE and they shut down the account as fraudulent. I got a few pics and one of them was a gun I OWN..
  9. Raufoos .50 BMG ammo

    Beware of faked Raufous rounds. Note the REAL ones have a pronounce rounded tip where painted tips on Ball ammo is much different. Since most buyers just keep them they never know..
  10. These are no longer available unless I find another source of near NOS magazines. I need 300 to 500 L2A3 mags..ANYONE??
  11. Sold out but may do again in Spring 2019. If interested just inquire.. Just hard to find someone who does small batches of salt blue and a price that makes it worthwhile.
  12. Bump stock ban

    The BATFE has announced Discontinuance of Accessory Classifications Which means no further questionable approvals will be made. Complete weapons with the accessory attached must be submitted. The chances of getting the sample returned is slim to none. In order to stop Bumpstocks all they have to do is rescind the approval..( Similar done with drop in auto sears which were without restriction prior to 1981.) They do not need any higher authority to do the rescinding. They are waiting for public outcry which has been done. The president can only SUGGEST a rescinding. To do this it needs only be published in the federal register. Common knowledge.
  13. WTB potato digger parts

    In the way past a buddy of mine, Kent Lomont ( now deceased) bought a huge amount of parts from a auction I attended in Pennsylvania. The parts are out there somewhere. I do not know who distributed his estate. I hope one of us old guys can help further.
  14. $27,000.00 On it's way to my local NFA dealer so your dealer can get it F A S T with Efile Form 3. If not sold as is, it may be converted to 7.62x39 ,but the cost will be added and it will be over 30,000..
  15. Auction Houses

    Dec 2 Rock Island auction had a claimed NIB Saco-Maremont Std. M60 up and it went for $69,000 ( don't forget the buyer paid an extra 20%(7800.00) buyers premium. Total cost to buyer was - please be seated-- $76,800.00 Most other NFA went for almost exactly what is listed on MG values. ( Again add the 20% to the sales price)