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  1. several inquiries. Three dealers and three individuals. One dropped out.. Still available.
  2. I ran across an estimate to complete this "registration" ploy.. the actual cost of a single transfer is over 500.00- they collect 200 by law. A 200.00 per loss. saying they did hire enough employees and found every gun and magazine estimated at 30 per EVERY LIVING CITIZEN. The government can't even print enough money to cover the costs and time it would take to complete. Making everyone a suspect? An administration would be ousted so fast it would make your head sspin.
  3. I am including 400 to 500 linked ammo with purchase. Get in line as two are scraping up the money. And waiting for tax refunds. 1st payment gets the lot- several thousand dollars of extras..
  4. I have about 1,000 50 Cal BMG empty primer cups. never used NOS. Listed as an entire lot. Additional 10.00 shipping I used these to make movie and museum display ammunition..
  5. WTS Stemple 76/454 76 45 NOS with two mags

    bump.. Don't miss out on this as it is timed and a shooter- the parts alone are worth it.
  6. At present if you include all Magazines and ALL semi automatic guns it would take the ATF in the neighborhood of 183 YEARS to approve all of them if they run at 10 times current levels.. To facilitate the change they would need 1700 times their current budget and the personnel to match. at current rate yes it works out to a snafu of biblical proportions and totally unenforceable.
  7. Merry Christmas Buddy.. and Happy New year.. ( Covid protected I hope)
  8. Sir, This was purchased from a police department several decades ago. I have no clue on its history then. It does gage well. I fired maybe 400 rounds in the past and just put it away. I will include a very nice barrel for shooting as I would prefer the 1961 barrel be kept for the future.. Scarce.. probably not to be found again. Same goes with the NEW OLD STOCK parts I include.. It took decades to find. I provide provenance upon purchase including letter from the national museum director. PM me for photos. Include a email address. I really don't want someone to scab them offline. I will also include tools and manuals as I uncover them plus ship parts (except receiver until approved) immediately. I am really generous when I know it will go to a good family.
  9. SOLD pending funds
  10. NOS barrel for AN-M2 Machine gun .. MG-40 Military USGI. THIS IS FOR THE NOS ONE IN 30/06 When you need a barrel to withstand 1350 rpm there is nothing better than original GI issue $350.00 plus shipping. very rare.
  11. I am including 400 rounds of Czech B/C m-13 linked ammo in 50 cal. can in sale,
  12. This is a Lahti AT Op Rod Guide. The missing piece in a Lahti rewat. Always either missing or spot welded to gun. This is a NOS duplicated from an original in the early 80's. The amount of machine work was extensive. $149.00 plus $9.00 shipping. I also have the "Left" grip pane I used as a template when making new ones out of exotic but stronger hardwoods. (These were many times cracked-broken or missing.) $50.00 plus $9.00 shipping.
  13. PM about Lower AR15 receivers.. Have FFL and C2 if needed. Also a complete list of services.. Customers coming in with Daniels LL they bought for pittance back in the day.