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  1. WTB ZB26 magazines

    Bump. Still looking for a few more ZB26 magazines. Thanks.
  2. WTB ZB26 magazines

    Thank you. I just texted you. Mike
  3. WTB ZB26 magazines

    I need a couple ZB26 magazines. Let me know what you have. Thank you!
  4. Would like to buy this if previous falls through.
  5. WTB H&R M16A1 parts

    I am looking for parts for an H&R M16A1. Let me know what you have. Thank you.
  6. I need several of these Colt 604 (no forward assist) uppers. Condition does not matter, and even if it is just the bare upper, that is fine. Thanks, Mike
  7. WTB H&R M16A1 upper receiver

    I need 1 H&R M16A1 upper receiver. I really only need the upper receiver itself, but a complete upper would be a nice option as well. Condition does not really matter. Let me know what you have. Thank you.
  8. WTB Colt M16A1 parts kits

    I am looking to buy Colt M16A1 parts kits. Not built, no barrel. Also, furniture is not necessary, but all other parts are needed. Let me know what you have and thank you.
  9. WTB Minimi presample

    There is only one on the registry, and it has been verified directly with the ATF and documented. I have personally held it, and I know the current owner well. This gun is obviously not it, not that anyone here was claiming it was. Just saying though. Also, it was about 10x as expensive as the numbers we are talking here.. Also, unfortunately $65,000 for a pre sample Minimi 20 years ago was WAY overpriced. That is overpriced for even now. I was in the market at one time. Just my $0.02
  10. Machine Guns for sale

    Ok thanks
  11. Colt M16/AR15 Aluminum stocks and buffer tubes

    Found all, but just ONE BUFFER TUBE. If anyone has a 2 position buffer tube they would like to sell, please contact me. Thanks.
  12. Machine Guns for sale

    Pictures and details on the Vickers please.
  13. WTB: Colt 604 M16 Upper

    I am now looking to buy one more of these. Slickside Colt 604 upper receiver. Thank you.
  14. Colt M16/AR15 Aluminum stocks and buffer tubes

    Still looking for these. Thank you.