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  1. pre-May Mini Uzi

    Whats your e-mail/phone number?
  2. I mean, I get what you are saying, however when listing $100,000 worth of guns, it's good to be responsive. For the buyer's comfort and to help with the buyer's sales.
  3. C&R m3 greasegun $23k

    Kick ass gun
  4. That's why I said "by the pictures". It's clearly not an E model.
  5. You can tell it was a scam by the pictures and the price. If is was an all German 21E, it would not be $13,000.
  6. Guide Lamp, M3A1, Keeper

    Yes, that barrel is shorter than normal.
  7. Looking to get my first beltfed, any advice is welcome…

    My first belted was an M60. Converted it to the E6, and it is awesome. Now I have the M60E6, MG42, MG34, HK21E, and RPD, and I have to say the M60E6 is the best out of all of them. The MG42 is pure badass, but it's hard to beat the M60E6 for just about everything. Good luck, and enjoy the hunt!

    What's the price?

    mike todd, I agree. When I bought my Colt, it had to be a 1921A. Love the look without the cutts! I wonder how many 21A models are even left. Mike
  10. WTS HK S&H Roller sear $30,000

    Taylor, when I talked to Urbach, he said that Fleming and Qualified only made the friction sears. Had some cool stories about those last couple days before the ban in the HK machine gun world too. Definitely no mention of roller sears. S&H though, I do not know. I'm sure there are many floating around? I can ask him in person next time I am in town again.
  11. 1921A WH Thompson - $18,800

    WOW! I have a real 1921A, but I still wish I could buy this one to have as a shooter, but I just can't. Damn good job though man! Looks really nice.
  12. WTS: ithaca m37 12ga aow with punisher $400

  13. $305,000. Bet you saw that, and was like "Hell yes!" haha. Good luck with the sale. I already have a couple of transferable full auto AKs, but nothing nearly as cool as a North Korean gun. Love it!