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  1. WTB MG42 pre-dealer sample

    They do exist. Just rare. I've seen two for sale in the past 2-3 years. Good luck with the hunt!
  2. WTS: No Letter Post Sample Thompson $2,000

    How's it run?
  3. WTB: Colt C drum #3148 or #3334

    Like bmarvin said, mint and matching is $6000. I've seen some go for a little less, and some go for a little more. bmarvin, message sent.
  4. WTB: Factory Colt M16

    So you want to pay less than the going price for a Colt marked M16, and not pay for it all upfront? Ok.
  5. Wts Pre-May MP 40 $6800

    Message sent
  6. What color is it? If tan, I'll take it.
  7. I have a non matching original Colt Era C drum. The front half is numbered #3148, and the back half is numbered #3334. I am wanting to find the other halves to these two halves. Please let me know if you have either, and we can work out a deal. Also, I will pay a $1,000 finders fee to anyone that helps me find the other half of #3148, and I will pay a $500 finders fee to anyone that helps me find the other half of #3334. Thank you!
  8. WTS: Pre-86 HK53A2 Machine Gun "KEEPER"

    Interested. Pictures please? Thanks.
  9. WTS: Transferable M60e6 - RIA - $48,000 - Pics

    This seems like a good price, and it's exactly what I have. Fantastic gun. Someone should buy this!
  10. MG-42, C&R, Original WWII Bring Back

    Always like seeing another MG42. Good luck with the sale!
  11. WTS: German Leopard 1 Main Battle Tanks (3) - $125,000 - Pics

    Excellent ad!
  12. WTS: DWM 1898 Argentine Brass Maxim $40,000

    Except the tripod, is it all matching?
  13. WTS: M60e6 Conversion Kits - Danish & Black- Updated pics

    Gonna try and be there
  14. If you buy out of state, it really doesn't matter if it is on a form 3 or 4 at this point. Neither will beat the deadline. I'm waiting on form 3s from 3+ months ago still. Good luck on the hunt. The steel RDIASs are the two first machine guns I ever bought and probably my most used!