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  1. Pm sent earlier this morning as well. Thank you
  2. I need help

    Thank you Ryo. I hope we can make a deal but if not maybe I’ll circle back with you. Appreciate it!
  3. I need help

    JBrach, I have one of those modern Mg42/MG3 tripods with the optics but no illuminator box. How much would you sell yours for? Feel free to pm me. Thank you
  4. WTB: Russian PPD40 Parts Kit/Parts

    Bump. Willing to pay top dollar for some great parts. Please pm. Thank you!
  5. I know they don’t come up often, but I’m willing to pay what they are worth if someone has one they are willing to part with. Also, even if not a whole kit I would still be interested in purchasing an original bolt. Thank you.
  6. WTB C&R Ppsh41

    Still looking. Cash in hand and willing to make a nice offer if a fine example surfaces. Thank you.
  7. WTB C&R Ppsh41

    Hello, I’m looking for a nice, all matching c&r ppsh41. If you are selling or contemplating selling I look forward to hearing from you; I have references as well. Thank you, Andrew
  8. M60 MatchineGun Receiver Gauge Kit, Plus Misc. M60 Parts

    I’ll take it as the backup offer. If you come across anymore please let me know. Best.
  9. Hello, In the market for a nice, all matching, c&r, war bring back ppsh 41, preferably with original finish and any accessories. Have references, and please pm me to discuss. Thank you, Andrew