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  1. WTB C&R MG42

    Still on the hunt for a nice c&r example. Thank you.
  2. I’ll take them if still available.
  3. WTB C&R MG42

    Still looking. If interested, let’s make a deal.
  4. WTB C&R MG42

    Bump in the new year! Looking for a true c&r gun without issue. Thank you.
  5. WTB C&R MG42

    Bump to the hunt and Merry Christmas to all!
  6. WTB C&R MG42

    Responded by PM unless no longer available. Thank you.
  7. WTB C&R MG42

    Bump and open to any that may be available. Thanks again
  8. WTB C&R MG42

    Still on the hunt for a clean example. Thank you.
  9. WTB C&R MG42

    Bump. Live or dewat, let’s make a deal.
  10. WTB C&R MG42

    Still looking. Had a couple leads but didn’t pan out unfortunately. Thank you.
  11. WTB C&R MG42

    Nothing has been shown to me yet despite money in hand. Eventually! Bump and happy 4th!
  12. WTB C&R MG42

    Btt. Thank you.
  13. WTB C&R MG42

    Name your price and bump
  14. WTB C&R MG42

    Still looking with funds ready. Thank you.