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  1. Looking for shot out M60 barrel assembly for a dummy gun build. Barrel Support/socket damage is ok Pls txt 8133892566 thanks
  2. WTB Bren semi auto parts

    I am also in for parts 6 sets for me if we can get someone to fab. I also think the market is deep enough for about 50 M60 semi kits...still waiting for those too..
  3. Need muzzle end plus about 15" would take up to 25 of them in the 10-15$ range.
  4. M79 Receiver WTB

    Looking for stripped or complete usgi M79 receiver. no rewelds. thanks!
  5. What a stellar day for me!!!

    Slightly off topic but wondering if you have any more of the rv85s left - I would buy one if you were still selling. Best, tim