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  1. DIAS, Wilson Arms, Steel W Colt AR15 Host

    Message sent.
  2. Steel DIAS RDIAS $37,500

    Is this still available?
  3. WTS: HTA MP5S (MP5SD)

    Ok, I was under the impression that it was an actual silencer and MG which is why I thought it was 2 stamps.
  4. WTS: HTA MP5S (MP5SD)

    Wouldnt this be a 2 tax stamp gun?
  5. DAW 9mm MP40 Silencer $400

    I do not know. It fits the standard thread pitch of all war time MP40s.
  6. DAW 9mm MP40 Silencer $400

    DAW 9mm MP40 silencer on a form 4.
  7. Wilson tube MP40 built with BNZ 42 WWII parts on a form 4. Clean bright bore and barrel. Excellent shooter and display piece. Seven WWII magazines of various dates and makers, one MP41 Schmeisser marked magazine, and one unmarked magazine. One FXO marked magazine loader. Comes with a spare telescoping buffer with firing pin attached along with various other parts. Bolt handle is firmly attached and shows no signs of coming off. Stock has little wobble and is not noticeable when shooting. Great shooting weapon, very accurate. It has been well taken care of. Questions or requests for specific additional pictures are welcomed. Buyer pays tax and shipping.

    Called them and they sold it
  9. WTS: Fleming H sear in new 3rb pack

    I called he sold them all
  10. WTS 1928A1 Savage British Lend/Lease $27K

    If it helps, M1928 were cash and carry guns and A1 were lend lease, but both types were used by the Allies