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  1. Form 4 times individual to SOT

    Answered my own question regarding transfer times for a Form 4 coming from individual to SOT. Just had a S&W 76 approved in 42 days and an UZI same deal in 40 days! Add 4-5 days for the approved paperwork to arrive at the sender's address.
  2. Colt SAA .45 LC Class C Colt factory engraved revolver. Early 3rd generation 1978 vintage in near new condition (I believe it may have been fired but can't really find a drag line on cylinder). 4 3/4" barrel, blue, with genuine 2 piece ivory grips (by Nutmeg Sports Jim Alaimo). Original Birdshead grips also included. SN 99269SA. Box and papers included (I can't confirm they are original since they look too good to me). Shipped to West Texas Wholesale Supply in December of 1978. A Colt factory letter is included. If you want a beautiful Colt SAA to display or shoot you won't find a nicer one at the price! 3 day inspection period (non firing). $4,300.00 I am an FFL. JDG Enterprise. Leawood, Ks. 913-488-1459 dave.gilmore@bcglobal.net
  3. Vietnam Idrang valley veteran bring back AKS

    I have a client who has been searching for one. PM me and we can discuss.
  4. KG-9 is it legal

    I appreciate all the constructive comments. Thanks for this great forum!
  5. KG-9 is it legal

    Sounds high to me as well for a cheaply built gun, but the only one I've seen lately is currently on Gunbroker asking that price.
  6. KG-9 is it legal

    A customer wants me to sell his like new KG-9 open bolt 9mm pistol (forerunner of Tec-9). I know anything built prior to Jan 19, 1982 can legally be possessed/sold as a semi auto pistol according to the BATF rule enacted at that time. Not sure if it has changed, and sure don't know how to date the firearm by serial number. I imagine these guns are in the $4,000 range since they are pretty rare. Is this a hot potato I should avoid? I am an FFL/SOT.
  7. I have a new unfired Barrel Exchange Mini Uzi full auto .22 conversion bolt. These may never be available again. A competent machinist should be able to manufacture a barrel to work with the bolt, but building the bolt would be very difficult. I just sold a complete conversion kit and remembered I had put this one aside as a back up since I really enjoyed shooting the Mini in .22. Black Dog offers mags and extractors are also available. $500.00 shipped. Dave Gilmore JDG Enterprise 914-488-1459
  8. WTS Pre May Mini UZI w/.22 conversion

    .22 conversion kit and slow fire bolt sold. The rest still available at reduced price of $10,600 and I will include a 9mm NFA, Spring, TX suppressor that attaches using UZI barrel nut.
  9. Form 4 times individual to SOT

    Dealer to individual has been averaging 10 months for me.
  10. Wondering what typical transfer times are running on machineguns on Form 4 owned by individuals transferring to SOT's these days. Thanks in advance.
  11. Pre May Dealer Sample (keeper) on Form 3 ready to go. I bought new unfired and have put about 1,000 rounds down range. Comes with standard 9mm bolt and barrel, spare threaded 9mm barrel with Silencerco QD mount (works great with your Hybrid), slow fire Barrel Exchange 9mm bolt that gets the rate of fire down to a manageable 800 rpm rate, 2 mags, spare top cover with Burris Fastfire mount, and best of all the impossible to find Barrel Exchange .22 LR conversion kit. These kits have not been available for years and likely won't be available in future. Kit includes 4 Black Dog magazines, 2 spare extractors (extractors are still available) barrel is threaded 1/2-28. .22 kit runs well. I can send videos of it in use. $13,500.00. JDG Enterpreise, Leawood, Ks 913-488-1459 dave.gilmore@sbcglobal.net
  12. WTS: M11 9 Lage set up

    Firearm is sold pending funds thanks.
  13. Suggestion for gun trust lawyer

    Got an answer via PM. Prince Law Offices does lots of firearms related law.
  14. Any suggestions for a qualified gun trust attorney near Lancaster, PA? Thanks in advance.
  15. WTS: M11 9 Lage set up

    Yes still available. Sorry but will not part out .22 kit. Thanks