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  1. WTS: M11 9 Lage set up

    Firearm is sold pending funds thanks.
  2. Suggestion for gun trust lawyer

    Got an answer via PM. Prince Law Offices does lots of firearms related law.
  3. Any suggestions for a qualified gun trust attorney near Lancaster, PA? Thanks in advance.
  4. WTS: M11 9 Lage set up

    Yes still available. Sorry but will not part out .22 kit. Thanks
  5. WTS: M11 9 Lage set up

    Bump. Really nice set up and priced right. Don't see any other similar ones priced this low. Thanks
  6. WTS: M11 9 Lage set up

    Bump, buyer pays transfer fee and shipping on the M11. Thank you
  7. WTS: M11 9 Lage set up

    Bump, still available.
  8. WTS: 2 used suppressors

    I am selling two lightly used suppressors for a client. Both on Form 4 in Kansas. Yankee Hill Machine 3500 stainless 5.56 suppressor (no QD muzzle device included) $250.00. SWR Spectre II .22 suppressor with disassembly tool $200.00. Very light usage on this one as well. I will handle the purchase and transfer on both of these. JDG Enterprise, 913-488-1459 dave.gilmore@sbcglobal.net
  9. WTS: M11 9 Lage set up

    I am selling a very nice M11 9 Cobray with a complete Lage set up that includes Lage .22 conversion kit, 9 .22 Black Dog mags, 10 9mm steel mags, original Cobray upper, wire stock, original box and accessories, Lage Slow Fire upper with side folding stock, vertical foregrip, and Trueglow red dot sight. I sold this firearm as new in box old stock to the current owner who has it registered on a Form 4 in Kansas. It has had possibly a couple of hundred 9mm rounds through it since that time. Same on the .22 kit. I will handle all the paperwork and facilitate the purchase/transfer. $8,500.00 JDG Enterprise 913-488-1459 dave.gilmore@sbcglobal.net
  10. 1928 A1 Auto Ordnance Bridgeport numbers matching Thompson. NAC suffix Numrich Arms pre 1968 imported complete gun (not a parts gun). Upper and lower match, beautiful wood, overall excellent with three 30 round and one 20 round mags, runs perfect, excellent bore, no issues. On a Form 4 in Kansas. Selling for a good customer. $21,500.00. JDG Enterprise, Leawood, Ks 913-488-1459
  11. WTS:Savage 1928A1 Thompson

    1928A1 Thompson C&R. Savage built war time firearm 1940-41 time frame. Acquired by Numrich Arms sometime after the war (thus the NAC initials after the serial number). Upper and lower numbers match. Excellent bore and internals. Runs beautifully. Flaming bomb mark as well as GEG George E. Goll, and RLB Lt. Ray L. Bowlin inspection marks. Marks are pretty light, so perhaps upper refinished at some time? Actuator lever changed to M1 style stick lever at some time in past. Very nice wood. Firearm is currently on a Form 4 in Kansas. Delivered with three 30 and one 20 round magazine. I am brokering the firearm for the owner. $25,000.00. JDG Enterprise, Leawood, Ks FFL/SOT 913-488-1459, dave.gilmore@sbcglobal.net
  12. Suomi M31 71 round drum in very good condition. Fits Swede K. $55.00 plus shipping. JDG Enterprise dave.gilmore@sbcglobal.net thanks for looking
  13. Complete M3 Greasegun barrel, new, perfect bore. I can only assume this is a repro barrel but not sure. $175.00 plus shipping, JDG Enterprise dave.gilmore@sbcglobal.net thanks for looking
  14. one Swede K stick mag and two coffin mags. $180.00 for all plus shipping. JDG Enterprise dave.gilmore@sbcglobal.net thanks for looking
  15. 1928 Thompson rocker pivot selector and safety selector. $75 each or $130 for the pair plus shipping. JDG Enterprise dave.gilmore@sbcglobal.net thanks for looking