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  1. I appreciate the info. Thanks Gents!
  2. I always tell customers they are required by law to always have a copy of their approved Form 4 with them in case LE asks to see it. It’s the law of course. A client recently asked what would happen if he did not have it when asked. What are the consequences? I can’t seem to find anything definitive on it. Thanks in advance
  3. SOT dealer moved during transfer

    And what if the dealer does move to a different State that borders the State where the form originated? I may move my SOT to Missouri from Kansas if taxes keep going out of sight where I am located. No immediate plans to move but a possibility in future.
  4. Lots of good suggestions! After lots of full autos over 10 years I really lean toward firearms that can be dependably converted to .22 rim fire. Cheaper to shoot and quieter suppressed generally. That pretty much limits one to UZI, M16, MAC. Of those three UZI converts best.
  5. WTB Silencerco Alpha ASR mount, part number AC 2632. dave.gilmore@sbcglobal.net Thank You
  6. WTB Silencerco AC 2632

    Does anyone have a Silencerco Alpha ASR mount for sale? Part number is AC 2632. dave.gilmore@sbcglobal.net Thanks!
  7. M1A1 wanted

    We were able to find a nice numbers matching gun. Thanks to all who responded!
  8. M1A1 wanted

    I was able to recover the missing photos. Thanks all.
  9. M1A1 wanted

    I recently ran an ad looking for an M1A1 numbers matching gun (not a West Hurley) and had two gents respond. Will the gent who had the M1 A1 please contact me again? I have had some email issues and your response has been lost. Thank You.
  10. WTB:M1A1 matching numbers

    Looking for a numbers matching M1A1. I know, tough to find but let me know if you have one thanks. JDG Enterprise 913-488-1459 dave.gilmore@sbcglobal.net
  11. WTS: Bridgeport M1A1 Thompson - $21,995

    PM me re your M1A1. Thanks. Dave Gilmore. Will call if you provide a phone number
  12. Price reduced to $3900.00. Can remove the ivory grips and come down some more as well.
  13. Price drop to $4,000.00 on the Colt SAA.
  14. shipping a subgun

    I am an SOT and have a customer (not a licensed person) who just sold her M11 to an SOT out of State. It is approved and she wants to ship it. USPS won't ship handguns but UPS will. Should she go to UPS, declare it as a handgun, and let them ship second day air? Alternately, could I meet her at post office, hand them a "Statement by Shipper of Firearms" form, and have her hand it over to them and pay the shipping cost? Would second option technically be an illegal transfer of an NFA item in BATF's view? Have not dealt with this before and I'm sure some of you have. Thanks
  15. Form 4 times individual to SOT

    Answered my own question regarding transfer times for a Form 4 coming from individual to SOT. Just had a S&W 76 approved in 42 days and an UZI same deal in 40 days! Add 4-5 days for the approved paperwork to arrive at the sender's address.