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  1. Cowboy Action shotguns

    Very good Sir. Just let me know how you want to pay. We will determine shipping based on your FFL. Feel free to email or call. dave.gilmore@sbcglobal.net 913-488-1459
  2. This 97 Norinco is a reproduction of the 1897 Winchester. Used but in good condition. I have to tell you the trigger pull on these guns sucks! 12 ga., 2 3/4 in. chamber, 20 in. barrel, spur hammer, wooden stock and forearm. If you are a cowboy action shooter this is an excellent way to get into the sport for a reasonable price. As shown with leather butt pad included. Some fingerprints on photo but no rust. Only blue wear is on mag tube from pump action. $300.00 plus shipping. Stoeger Coach Gun 12 bore, 3 in. chambers, 20 in. barrels with choke tubes (only two) , double triggers, polished nickel receiver finish, dark hardwood stock, dbl triggers, polished chambers for improved extraction, 6 1/2-7 lbs. Very nice firearm. Only thing not up to snuff is forend is a little loose which should be an easy fix. $400 plus shipping I also have a selection of Cowboy accessories, holsters, wrist protectors, bullet holders, pouches, bullwhip, spurs JDG Enterprise 913-488-1459 dave.gilmore@sbcglobal.net
  3. These are sold pending funds thanks.
  4. WTB: COBRAY/MAC stuff

    Did you see my ad for a MAC original covert briefcase? Texas Travelair $4,900.00 M11-380 JDG Enterprise
  5. I have a pair of these used Vaquero’s (old model). .44 mag or .44 Spl. They come with custom grips as well as the original walnut grips. Please note that the back straps are engraved “Noble Paladin” which was the handle of the cowboy action shooter that owned them. Since he no longer competes, I assume that name would be available to the new owner. No issues with either revolver. They function fine. $500.00 for the pair plus applicable shipping.
  6. Ruger Short Spur New Model Vaquero .45LC Suggested to Ruger by the Cowboy Fast Draw Assoc, this new Vaquero has the traditional hammer placement allowing for fast weak hand cocking. Special " Dooley Gang" inspired wood star grips. 4 5/8 inch High Gloss Stainless in 45LC. Lightly used (primarily with snap caps or laser cartridges). These are very hard to find! Laser cartridges and snap caps available at additional $75 charge if you want them. $650.00 plus shipping. (lots of other Cowboy action items, shotguns and revolvers)
  7. Brazos Customs 1911 race guns

    These three firearms are now sold thank you.
  8. several nice Colt SAA Revolvers

    .454 revolver is Magnum Research BFR not Freedom Arms. $1700 price is not correct. Feel free to make an offer on it or the 4 3/4" .44 SAA thanks
  9. several nice Colt SAA Revolvers

    4 3/4" .44 Spl SAA price reduced to $2,300/offers. Freedom Arms and Wildey still available as well thanks.
  10. several nice Colt SAA Revolvers

    Buntline and 125th Anniversary revolvers just sold. Thank You Sturm! Rest still available. That little 4 3/4" .44 is a beauty. Make an offer!
  11. Bob Londrigon of Brazos Customs builds some of the best competitive 1911 you can buy. A new 1911 style gun will cost you $7,000 plus and the wait can many months. I am selling one of his masterpieces which cost over $5,000 when purchased. Also selling a super nice Garcia Extreme, and a Copeland Custom 1911 Lightly used by the owner, all are ready to put the whup ass on the competition or just provide years of casual highly accurate informal shooting. $1,500 each with buyer paying shipping and insurance. Brazos Custom 1911 race gun, BCG Pro SX, .38 super, C-More side mount red dot, 3 Brazos tuned mags, all the right stuff to compete and win any match. Sti frameNew replacement value $7,000 with a long wait. $1,500 STI Garcia Extreme .40 S&W custom 1911, beautiful firearm. Low round count. Sti frame. Pictures show all the features. 2 magazines True Glow front sight. Excellent condition, low round count. 2 magazines. $1,500 Copeland Custom Major 9 1911 race gun, 9 mm, C-More side mount sight, pictures show a multitude of custom touches. Incredible shooter with low round count. STI frame, 2 magazines. $1500
  12. several nice Colt SAA Revolvers

    7 1/2" .44 Spl just sold Thanks! Rest still available.
  13. Four pre-ban blue box AR15's available

    Nice unfired AR15 Colts still available!
  14. Selling a nice collection of Colt SAA revolvers. Contact me for additional photos or details. 3rd Gen .44 special with box, fired but excellent 4 3/4" $2,700.00, 3rd Gen. 45LC Buntline no box fired but excellent 12" $2,000, 2nd Gen 125th anniversary 45 LC, fired, very good, Colt walnut case $1,900, 3rd Gen .44 special, fired but excellent faux ivory altamont grips 7 1/2" wrong box $1,800, also Widley Survivor .45 Win Mag 7" with 3 mags and box $2,600, Casull .454 6 1/2" near new with box $1,700, JDG Enterprise, Dave Gilmore 913-488-1459 dave.gilmore@sbcglobal.net
  15. Case still available. Ultimate MAC accessory!