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  1. WTB: C&R Sten Mk2 or PPSh-41

    Still looking for these. Thanks.
  2. Bump. Also open to offers. Thanks.
  3. This is a like new M60E4 kit from US Ordnance. US Ordnance/Desert Ordnance installed it on a M60, but it was removed without being fired. It remains in unfired condition, with only very minor handling marks on a few parts. The kit includes: Barrel and handle assembly Bipod Buttstock Forearm grip assembly Cartridge feed tray assembly Bandoleer bracket assembly with bolts/nuts Cocking handle Top cover assembly Bolt assembly Trigger mechanism grip assembly Operating rod Drive spring guide Operating rod drive spring Sling swivel Also included is a box with foam custom cut to house a M60E4, extra barrel, and accessories. You’ll be hard pressed to find a nicer E4 kit than this one. $4,125 + $125 shipping/insurance. Certified funds only. Please contact me with any questions. Thanks. Adam
  4. WTB: Steyr AUG 9mm kit

    I am looking for a Steyr AUG 9mm conversion kit, semi or full auto. Please email me with price, condition, and whether any full auto parts are included. Thanks.
  5. WTB: C&R Sten Mk2 or PPSh-41

    Still looking.
  6. WTB: C&R Sten Mk2 or PPSh-41

    Bump...still looking.
  7. I am looking for a C&R Sten Mk2 or PPSh-41 Please email me (atmow@hotmail dot com) with manufacturer, condition, and price (and anything else you think I should know). No tube guns, please. Thanks.
  8. WTB: M60

    Looking for a M60 in excellentcondition.Please let me know what you have, with specifics on maker, condition, and price.Detailed pictures are also appreciated. Email Thanks.