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  1. Price of 100 round Thompson magazine

    A drum in nice shape could easily bring $8000, if it is an authentic Thompson. There are reproductions. If you can get some close ups these guys can tell you exactly what you have.
  2. BAR magazine markings

    How much are the BAR mags worth? mine are not in paper? Thank you Sir
  3. Group Ind. M1918A2 BAR on Form 5

    Beautiful gun, did you say its already on the sons Form 5. Nice to have all that probate court stuff done.
  4. 2 NFA questions

    shiklg.- taylorwso is very knowledgeable on NFA laws. One other person you might try emailing with your question is. Ruben . Ruben knows NFA law better than some agents. Have a good one .
  5. WTS: Colt M16 MG in A1 configuration

    Very nice gun, I like the early gray color. The Colt logo stamp is nice and deep. Mine looks shallow compared to yours.
  6. WTS M-2 Carbine RR Plainfield Machine

    i agree with the Montana Renegade, that appears to have the factory stamp of M2. I would not consider this a conversion, actually making it more desirable and worth a small amount more. Dell in Fort Worth
  7. Conversion done with the John Norrell trip lever kit. Could be moved easily gun to gun. Lots of info on the net covering this item, $15,000 Fort Worth Texas Dell Free 817-266-1574 References available, thanks for looking,
  8. WTS Colt 1921/28 Navy all original

    Beautiful gun, I noticed the compensator, is this an AC gun on the Title?
  9. WTS:Powder Springs M10/45 Like new W/Box

    Beautiful camera work, the little MACs are really bringing the bucks. Sold my first one for $2750, let the kid put it on layaway, lol
  10. Ruger Mark pistol 80% receivers?

    Hello Roy, I have heard Ebay is a decent source for some Ruger parts. Easy enough to check out/ Good luck buddy
  11. Colt 639 CAR-15 with XM177 moderator

    Dave, its a 2 stamp gun becaues of the 11 inch barrel, not the moderator. imo. I love the early Colt gray, shes a beaut. Dell, Ft Worth
  12. Price check on M1 Carbines

    I went to a gun show a few months ago. A young man was selling old M1 Carbines in workable condition but they were beat to hell. He was asking $1200 each. He had name brands like General Motors, and the likes. I thought that was high. Has anyone sold any lately or know about what to expect for a price. Appreciate you guys, Dell
  13. We purchased new from Auto Ordnance. Mint condition No handling marks, may have original shipping carton...very nice example Dell Free 817-266-1574
  14. Trying to ID pocket pistol

    A gentleman phoned me this morning nice enough to inform me on the pistol. Harrington & Richardson I havent researched the grips yet but he told me those of that style would . be near the turn of the century Thanks for taking the time for the info. My dad went thru a phase where he would buy a little bluing kit from Gibsons, He would blue everything. Respectfully Dell