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  1. I am brokering following NFA items for a PA individual. Transfers will be on tax-paid Forms 4; these items are not on my license. I will handle the paperwork and shipping for the owner. 1) Transferable Saiga-12 Tromix S-17 Short barrel Shotgun (SBS). Built by Tromix Lead Delivery Systems (Tony Rumore) on a NIB Saiga-12 shotgun in 2011. It has all the desirable Tromix features, including: Tromix Shark Muzzle Brake, H/K Sights, Enlarged Trigger Guard, SAW Pistol Grip, Galil Charging Handle, Tri-Rail Hand Guard, Side Folder Stock, and Side Mount Scope Rail. Comes with one 20 round drum, two 10 round stick magazines and the original 5 round Saiga-12 magazine. $2500.00 up front starts the transfer. 2) Scarce transferable H&K FP6 Entry Gun. Built by the Italian firearms company Fabbrica Bresciana Armi S.p.A. (FABARM) and sold by Heckler & Koch. This item is the tactical short-barreled model, the FP6 Entry (H&K 40621T), featuring a 14" barrel, matte finish, perforated heat shield, receiver-mount Picatinny rail, large flip-up blade sight, fixed synthetic butt stock, and a contoured forend. Currently equipped with an NC Star combination green dot and red laser sight. 5=1 capacity, unknown round count. $900.00 up front starts the transfer. All items are in the owners possession and will be withdrawn if they sell at a local gun show. Reasonable offers/trades will be considered. Email:
  2. WTS: Micro Uzi in 9mm with SWR Trident 9 suppressor. This is an Action Arms imported I.M.I. Micro Uzi pistol that was converted to a machine gun by Weapons Specialties, Phoenix, AZ. An after market side folding stock has been welded to the rear of the pistol receiver making for a very compact package. The barrel is threaded for the suppressor and comes with a matching thread protector. Overall condition is very good, unknown round count. Package comes with 10 32 round Uzi magazines and a de-milled Israeli Micro Uzi side folding stock. The Uzi and suppressor are currently on my books and will transfer to your Dealer on a eForms-filed Form 3. PA residents can purchase these items directly on two Form 4 transfers (2 NFA Tax stamps). Seller reserves the right to pull this ad if these items sell locally. Price is $17,000.00 + S/I
  3. Reising Model 50 Military Version SPF Excellent

    Is there a "P" proof on the barrel?
  4. Selling four "Coffin" 50 rd 9mm magazines for the Suomi M31 and Swedish K (M45) SMGs in a single carrier. The magazines are in excellent condition with only minor scratches in the finish. Two of the mags have serial numbers (not matching) and a T in a Triangle in a Circle proof. The other two are unmarked. The leather carrier is in good shape with some staining to the carry strap. Is in NOT the large carrier with the side pouches for a mag loader and cleaning kit. The leather is soft and supple and all the rivets are good and solid. It is maker-marked, but hard to make out. I think it says A. Ruchti, Ultendore In an Oval proof, with the number 45 (year?) and an open cross over a W. As you all know, these coffin magazines have been drying up and are getting hard to fine. As far as I know, even Folke is out of them. The last ones I saw on Gun Broker were $155 each, shipped; sold as singletons without a carrier. I will throw in a coffin mag loader as well (my last one). Price is $600.00 shipped/insured via USPS Priority Mail. Payment by USPS Money Order, Bank Check or other Certified funds. PM me with questions: Thanks for looking! Bloodhound
  5. Selling my fully transferable Madsen M50 submachine gun from my personal collection. It is an original M50 made in Denmark and imported by International Armament, Alexandria, VA. Standard black painted finish. Excellent leather on butt stock. Bright bore, comes with one magazine. This item will transfer on a Form 4, buyer pays transfer tax and actual shipping and insurance costs. $8500.00
  6. WTS: Transferable Swedish K, Tromix SBS, FP6 SBS

    Swedish K SPF.