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  1. WTS: Micro Uzi with Trident 9 Suppressor

    Note: This is a Registered Receiver machine gun, NOT a registered bolt! Questions? PM me at: Thanks for looking!
  2. WTS: Micro Uzi in 9mm with SWR Trident 9 suppressor. This is an Action Arms imported I.M.I. Micro Uzi pistol that was converted to a machine gun by Weapons Specialties, Phoenix, AZ. An after market side folding stock has been welded to the rear of the pistol receiver making for a very compact package. The barrel is threaded for the suppressor and comes with a matching thread protector. Overall condition is very good, unknown round count. Package comes with 10 32 round Uzi magazines and a de-milled Israeli Micro Uzi side folding stock. The Uzi and suppressor are currently on my books and will transfer to your Dealer on a eForms-filed Form 3. PA residents can purchase these items directly on 2 Form 4 transfers (2 NFA Tax stamps). Seller reserves the right to pull this ad if these items sell locally. Price is $19,750.00 + S/I
  3. WTS: Transferable Swedish K, Tromix SBS, FP6 SBS

    This was my personal gun, until I found a nice Pre-May Sample. Runs great!
  4. WTS: Transferable Swedish K, Tromix SBS, FP6 SBS

    Swedish K now $13,500.00.
  5. WTS: Transferable Swedish K, Tromix SBS, FP6 SBS

    Additional image.
  6. I am brokering following NFA items for a PA individual. Transfers will be on tax-paid Forms 4; these items are not on my license. I will handle the paperwork and shipping for the owner. 1) Transferable Carl Gustav M/45 or Swedish K SMG. Built by Wilson Arms Company (WAC) using a WAC tube and a Port Said parts kit. 85% gun that runs like a champ. Comes with two drums and two stick magazines. Unknown round count, barrel in good condition with good rifling. $15,000.00 up front starts the transfer. 2) Transferable Saiga-12 Tromix S-17 Short barrel Shotgun (SBS). Built by Tromix Lead Delivery Systems (Tony Rumore) on a NIB Saiga-12 shotgun in 2011. It has all the desirable Tromix features, including: Tromix Shark Muzzle Brake, H/K Sights, Enlarged Trigger Guard, SAW Pistol Grip, Galil Charging Handle, Tri-Rail Hand Guard, Side Folder Stock, and Side Mount Scope Rail. Comes with one 20 round drum, two 10 round stick magazines and the original 5 round Saiga-12 magazine. $2750.00 up front starts the transfer. 3) Scarce transferable H&K FP6 Entry Gun. Built by the Italian firearms company Fabbrica Bresciana Armi S.p.A. (FABARM) and sold by Heckler & Koch. This item is the tactical short-barreled model, the FP6 Entry (H&K 40621T), featuring a 14" barrel, matte finish, perforated heat shield, receiver-mount Picatinny rail, large flip-up blade sight, fixed synthetic butt stock, and a contoured forend. Currently equipped with an NC Star combination green dot and red laser sight. 5=1 capacity, unknown round count. $900.00 up front starts the transfer. All items are in the owners possession and will be withdrawn if they sell at a local gun show. Reasonable offers/trades will be considered. Email: Thanks for looking!
  7. Magazine found; thanks for all the replies!
  8. I'll take it; please PM me the details:
  9. Wanted to buy an original Walther MPL/MPK magazine. No modified originals, please. PM with price and availability. Thanks! Bloodhound
  10. WTB: Pre-86 Dealer Samples

    I have a Pre-May MP-5 and MPK, PM me if interested:
  11. WTB: chauchat parts kit or rear sight

    PM me, I have a parts kit.