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  1. WTS: Soumi drums $30, 4@$100 or 6@140

    I will take 6 let me know if you have enough.
  2. WTB M11 380

    I have cash in hand or any way you want it.
  3. WTB M11 380

    WTB used M11 380 SMG.
  4. WTB Swd M11 nine m11/9

    Found one thanks everyone! Used bare bones one plastic mag. now what to put on it to compete....
  5. WTB Swd M11 nine m11/9

    I have seen the items on gun broker and i am watching them. The buy it now prices are way out of my budget. Im looking for bare bones and magazines. Im in no rush. Im out by the coast. I missed the scara show. Where was the SAR show? Would love to go to knob creek but not possible for me this year.
  6. WTB Swd M11 nine m11/9

    I am trying to get my first machine gun. Im looking for the swd m11-9. Thank you,