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  1. I'll take the other slim hand guard
  2. 2--NIB Saiga 12 shotguns

    Thank you for the update @mheck I was wondering Appreciate it!
  3. 2--NIB Saiga 12 shotguns

    I'll take the two Saigas. PM incoming
  4. WTS: Vector Uzi $1750

    How soon are those pictures coming?
  5. I'll take it if available
  6. What is wrong with the bolt? For the edification of the rest of us.
  7. The barrel looks super long - is that a special part?
  8. I'll take the Hk brand ones PM incoming.
  9. Right here right now brand new M60 bipod unit. Can be adapted to fit AR, AK, etc. Real McCoy heavy duty GI part from the 70s $200 for this part plus shipping at cost.
  10. Like new M60 bipod, flash suppressor and front sight assembly off a project barrel. $250