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  1. What is wrong with the bolt? For the edification of the rest of us.
  2. The barrel looks super long - is that a special part?
  3. I'll take the Hk brand ones PM incoming.
  4. Right here right now brand new M60 bipod unit. Can be adapted to fit AR, AK, etc. Real McCoy heavy duty GI part from the 70s $200 for this part plus shipping at cost.
  5. Like new M60 bipod, flash suppressor and front sight assembly off a project barrel. $250
  6. Looks fake or like someone's account was taken over
  7. All have bipods attached, various years see photos for years/numbers/cage codes attached. Each has its own barrel bag. One appears to be Army/battalion marked G388 B13 and is dated 11-65 and tape says Blanks Only - there is a restrictor in the barrel by the flash suppressor allowing most gas to escape but enough to cycle the bolt when firing blanks. Now $425 each plus ship, $800 +shi for two Please ask questions, can send other pictures if desired. Thank you.
  8. One set of fresh triangle handguards still in wrapper dated 1984/85. Great for your retro build! $SOLD plus ship