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  1. Purchased an M4 Colt Socom barrel.Fast shipping and great communication with tracking number. Recommend this seller ! Thx ! M17ap
  2. SOLD

    Hello, I will take one barrel. Thanks M17ap
  3. PM sent on what’s still available . Thanks Rich
  4. Hello, I will take 1 barrel. Prefer the lower one in pics. Please reply. What forms of payment do you take ? Thanks Rich in PA
  5. David Hogg/ antigun...

    I think the time has come for us law abiding gun owners to have our own march on Washington. We have been silent for too long and we keep getting blamed for crazies and their misuse of guns. More laws are passed that will probably not do anything in the areas of school shootings. The time has come for schools to have armed guards ( plural ) not just one. If children are the future we need to protect them. What about fertilizer bombs ? FBI dropping the ball along with the local sheriff and his dept. dropping the ball. This shooting could have possibly been prevented if these guys had done their job. I don’t see or hear anybody complaining about them just AR 15s and the NRA. If we don’t speak up we will regret it later. More laws on top the laws we have that are not being properly enforced. The Dems want all the guns destroyed like Schumer & Pelosi. We really should get together on this and speak up and be heard like our accusers do. No more silence or politeness. We need to defend the 2nd amendment and our rights and not take the blame for crimes we have not committed.
  6. Dan Shea-Stembridge Rental

    Recall reading s post back when sale was current that certain information on the machine guns was sent to the purchasers of the cowboy pistols & rifles. Maybe Cody museum. Don’t know if this was ever resolved. Maybe Dan Shea can chime in. He was the broker that sold the machine guns. I purchased a Thompson from the sale. Would be interesting to know some of that info. May also be a lot of work to research. Time is money. May cost also. Good luck ! Rich
  7. Anyone have a floor plate for a grease gun mag they don't need. This is the part that slides on bottom of.mag to hold follower and spring in mag. Please state condition and price with reply. Thanks Rich in PA
  8. Hello, I will take locking wedge. $25 please reply. Thanks M17ap