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  1. WTB: CZ BREN 805 A2 Post-86 Dealer Sample

    Rep at the SHOT show told me they would sell one direct to me with a law letter.
  2. Colt LE901

    If you can find me an SBR upper, I'll trade ya!
  3. Colt LE901

    I have a complete LE901.
  4. Colt LE901

    What's your budget?
  5. Machineguns for Sale

    Everything sold except: BAR, MPL and Stemple. Thanks for all the inquiries.
  6. WTB MPK/MPL Magazines

    Looking for at least one MPK/MPL magazine. Shooter grade is fine.
  7. WTB MP5K SEF Housing

    Looking for an SEF trigger housing for an MP5K. Will consider others.
  8. Machineguns for Sale

    UPDATE: RDIAS Sold AK - Sold Pending UMP may be back available...
  9. WTB MP5K Folding Stock

    Found one.
  10. WTB MP5K Folding Stock

    Looking for an inexpensive Choate style MP5K folding stock for a PTR 9KT SBR. Shooter grade.
  11. WTB: Colt M16A2

    Check with Engage Armament in Rockville, Maryland; they had a heavy barrel one with factory bipod available recently.
  12. Machineguns for Sale

    Update Bump. M16 sold M9 w/can sold.
  13. Looking for an MP5 pattern host. All configurations considered with preference to SBR or pistols. Clone acceptable and preferred as long as it's built w/FA bolt etc to run reliably in full auto. This will be a shooter. Prefer 3-lug barrel, paddle mag release and a German full-auto bolt carrier. Will consider all centerfire calibers. I have pistol/suppressor combinations as well as rifles to trade, or purchase outright. PIC for attention
  14. Machineguns for Sale

    Update Bump. Following are sold pending: M3A1 UMP RDIAS, but I have another MP40 MPK All the MP5's
  15. WTB: TNW semi Mg34

    Pre-May Keeper.