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  1. WTB: Transferable Steel RDIAS

    Transferable or Post Sample?
  2. WTB- Pre-86 Dealer Sample rifles

    Shoot me your email.
  3. WTB Transferable AK 47

    I have a transferable underfolder if you're interested.
  4. WTB. Premay Walther Mpl/Mpk

    I have an MPK, MPKL and MP40 for sale. All are Pre-May Keepers.
  5. WTB: Transferable M16

    I have a SENDRA available.
  6. M10 or 11

    Sorry, selling as a set.
  7. Wtb Beretta 38/42 smg

    It was a postie. Good shape; I think $2K.
  8. M10 or 11

    I have one in .45 w/a can.
  9. WTB: NIB Pre Ban Norinco Ak-47 7.62x39

    email sent.
  10. WTB Milled Sidefolder AK Receiver

    I have a complete underfolder AK...
  11. WTB - UMP 4 POS Lower - 0,1,2,f

    Sorry, but I'd rather keep it original. I'm looking to sell it.
  12. WTB: MG42 cut receivers

    I have a complete MG34.
  13. WTB : NO DEMO LETTER Post-86 Machine Guns, $$$$

    Still looking? I have several.
  14. WTB - M16 Beater

    I have a Sendra.
  15. WTB: NIB Pre Ban Norinco Ak-47 7.62x39

    I have a transferable under folder.