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  1. Hi John, just to point out in your listing. Your BM-59 has the quick detachable grenade launcher/muzzle device along with a folding stock so that makes it a rare Paracadutisti (Paratrooper) model. Very nice MG.
  2. It is a fake. For one thing, a real ACOG would have the Trijicon name and ACOG cast into the housing rather than printed onto it. The A.R.M.S. #19 mount appears to be a fake as well.
  3. fr8 sight tool

    A CETME sight tool is what you need for your FR8. Many vendors have them, Apex is one...
  4. SOLD I have an original factory FNC rifle manual and combo tool for sale. The combo tool is excellent and does not appear to have been used, the manual is in good condition, it has some marks and minor oil stains on the cover from being in the box with the rifle, no tears or writing in it. $100 + postage for both. SOLD
  5. Sig 551A1

    Always wanted a 550 but was never able to make everything come together at the right time. I do own a 556, which is a nice rifle in it's own right, but it just does not have the same mystique that the Swiss made rifle has.