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  1. WTS Spitfire smg $4500 obo

    I have a decent, reliable Spitfire smg with a GG bolt, feed ramp and has never jammed on me since retro. Decent gun and exceptional value for the money. I would not sell for less than 5500 but am relocating to S Florida and need funds. In fact, any of you Florida dealers who see this, I am in town today and early tomorrow. Gun is on form 3 and have it with me. All funds up front for immediate sale and will be glad to demo in Florida today, tommorrow or next week when I move for good Very nice gun and I do know my spitfires. Been the love of my life Thanks for looking Jack Schnaitman 410 924 1801 I added a picture but the foregrip you will get is with aluminum stock grip as originally issued by Spitfire Manufacturing Co NOT the wood one pictured
  2. WTB: Osprey 45 and Salvo 12

    How about Silencer company?
  3. I have for sale a little fired PS FN-30 built by Ohio Ordnance Works and is so marked on the RS plate. Gun Caliber is .308. Runs great, no problems. Could use a refinish but who cares really? I did just purchase a 7.62x54R barrel for it and have a box of major spare parts(30-06 stops) to be used in a conversion. The barrel and parts are not included in this sale but are available for what I paid for them. Namely $600.00 for all. Only a SOT Importer or Manufacturer can buy this weapon on a form 3 This gun is pictured on a tripod that is not for sale and not included. Thanks for looking I am seldom around a telephone so it is best to email me. If you must call, make it about 7pm eastern. Email is jackguns@atlanticbb.net Trades considered Sorry no CC cards
  4. Decked out Spitfire 45 ACP Package

    I rebuild these guns for a living. I am Jack Schnaitman of J & S Gun Sales. I have been on Sturm board for many, many years. Just not in the current format. The Spitfire smg is a passion of mine. It is dubbed the "pick last" of all the smg's out there for one reason and one reason only. It jams. However, when i rebuild these guns, they never jam again, period. Don't matter what kind of mag you throw in it, it will run like any other smg and better than most out there. The way this gentleman has his gun built is how I rebuild them. Most important being the feed ramp because these guns never had one when produced. they didn't have one because they were converted semi's and you really did not need one. I have 2 of these I am going to sell. Both have been rebuilt but only have 1 trigger as I see no use whatsoever in having 2. I like to run my guns at 450rpm and you can write your name with them. The stupid Mac is a bullet hose where these are nice and slow Anyway if you turn down this deal you are an idiot. All these conversions would put the gun at 6500-7000.00. Plus he is throwing in a 1k silencer. No, I don't know this gentleman but I do know spitfires. This is a steal!!!
  5. WTB: Post 86 Dealer Sample Machine Guns

    Sorry, I checked my mind reading skills at the door
  6. WTB: Post 86 Dealer Sample Machine Guns

    or I should have said registered and transferable
  7. WTB: Post 86 Dealer Sample Machine Guns

    Nice!! If it is on a form 3 and goes thru, I would like that very much
  8. WTB: Post 86 Dealer Sample Machine Guns

    I had pics of some other parts but ran outta room
  9. WTB: Post 86 Dealer Sample Machine Guns

    I have an FN 30 in 308 I am trying to find a home for.I have not tried til now and it is starting to bug me. I have to move to Florida from Md and I think I will be a renter so no FFL guaranteed at this time so I better move it. Got a 30.06 setup minus barrel and a bunch of replacement parts. I have other PDS but this one worries me. I paid 3000.00 for the gun, 600.00 for the parts and I just hate to cut it up. I paid cash for the stuff from 2 dealer friends. Thanks Jack Schnaitman