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  1. WTS: PreBanArms, Colt, Galil

    Please edit your ad so that it does not lead with the "I want to buy" statement. This is confusing to potential buyers, as it appears you are selling. You may post a WTB ad on the WTB board, or you could make it more intuitive by incorporating the general WTB statement into your signature line at the end of the ad. Thanks, David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  2. andrew88, Please post photos of the item, and detail why your IP address is in Louisiana versus your stated location of Colorado. I'm sure there may be a good reasons for this, but you are a new member posting a very expensive item, and potential buyers will want to know. Thanks, David Albert
  3. Sturmgewehr SSL/TLS Certificate expired 5-Apr

    This has been resolved. BTW, everyone has the ability to send a support request. Thanks, David Albert dalbert@sturmgewerhr.com
  4. As we become more familiar with the version of the IPBoard software that Sturmgewehr.com runs on, we will post helpful hints and other pointers here in this thread. If you have noticed anything that you think should be added, please feel free to reply to this thread. The goal is to make everything as easy as possible for everyone. Helpful Hints: If you have already posted in a forum, such as the Collectors Board, and you go to post again, the text of your previous post will appear in the text window of your new post - You can delete it by highlighting it, and pressing your "delete" button - You may find that having your previous post present in the new post text window may be helpful for formatting, or saving time when you make your new post, as some of the information you provided previously is probably the same Member's Country - We added a plug-in to the main software that displays a country flag next to most member names that are listed on the right hand side of each post - This can be helpful in knowing the location of a member, as it is determined by IP address In case you wonder about your post count, it does not count posts made in the "test" section If you hover your mouse over a listing on any of the boards, without opening it, a preview of that post will appear - You can even scroll through it in the preview, without opening it up Searching for 3-digit items, such as "Uzi" - Add a "wild card" asterisk character after your search term. For example, "MP5*" or "M10*". What this does, in the case of the MP5 search, is return anything with MP5 and MP5 plus any additional follow on letters or numbers, such as MP5K or MP5N More will be added here as we progress with the new site... David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  5. What was the first major machine gun shoot you ever attended? For Andy and me, after going to some small shoots in the Austin area, the first major machine gun shoot we attended was what ended up being the last Hill Country Machine Gun Shoot in the San Antonio area (Helotes, TX) in May, 1991. We'll never forget it! David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  6. To post a new topic on the board, do the following: 1. Go to the board on which you would like to post. (Ads go on in the various 4 boards listed under the "Buy and Sell Marketplace," and discussion topics go in the 2 boards listed under the "Firearms Discussion" section. 2. Once you are on the appropriate board, click on the "Start New Topic" button: (It is toward the top right hand side of your screen) 3. A page will load that looks like this: 4. Type in a title, as shown above. If you are posting a market ad, it is helpful to post as much information about the item as may be immediately helpful to anyone seeing it. Though not required, listing a price in the title is helpful. 5. This step is completely optional, but if you want to use the "Tags" feature, you can type terms into that field, separated by commas. If 2 or more posts are tagged with the same term, they will appear as links at the bottom of your post. This will happen more often as additional content is posted to the new board. 6. Post the text of your ad, or your discussion topic within the large area shown below. Remember, if you are posting an ad, you are trying to sell something, like in a newspaper ad...Provide as much information as you can about the item that will fully inform potential buyers. It is recommended that you post a price, full description, your city, state, and name, e-mail address, and any sales tax and shipping details. You are not required to post all these items, but they are recommended. 7. You can post photos several ways: You can link to an existing URL where your photo is stored externally on another website (Photobucket, etc.) - Use the "Link" icon to do this (4th icon from the left, as shown below) Click on the "Link" icon, and a window will appear, as shown below Cut and paste the URL for your externally hosted photo into the first field, as shown below If you want your photo URL to have a name, you can fill in the second field, and it will link to your URL - You can also leave it blank, and the URL itself will appear in your post (I will complete this tutorial ASAP...I've worked on it on 1/9/16 and 1/10/16) David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  7. transferable m16

    Please post photos, or links to photos. You have the access to post photos directly on the site. The price of this item should drive a lot of buyer caution without photos, and further explanation/proof of the F3. That, and you are a newly registered seller. You will want to provide more information to any potential buyers who could legitimately be wary of this ad. Please post more information about the item for sale, its status, and your business. Thanks, David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  8. Is the subguns boards down

    Toad, R.L. et al, Thank you for your kind words, and also your honest opinions. Toad...Andy and I miss you, too. The old Astrohall shows were great, as were the various Austin and E. TX shoots. It's been a long time! As many say, "Those were the good old days!" I'll just say that with a change from an anonymous posting system (no login), which both Subguns and Sturm used to have, that some folks just don't like logging in to comment. That's fine, but we had to make the change. The old software was no longer supported, and presented too much risk. I'm open to making any changes to the discussion boards that may be beneficial to the site. Sturm has always focused on the market board side of things, and the discussion boards have been secondary. Subguns has been the opposite. Their discussion boards thrived, and market boards were secondary. We'll see how it all turns out. I'd like to see both entities remain successful. If you really like serious, collector discussion, I suggest also giving Machinegunboards.com a try. Thanks! David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  9. Less than ethical seller/ member list?

    The discussion boards are the correct place to discuss this. Anyone here can see both sides of the story, if both sides participate, as they are doing here. Since Sturm is a bulletin board where ads are posted, but any transactions are conducted outside of the site, a true feedback mechanism is not really feasible. The discussion boards can be used to provide specific feedback in a factual manner. No one should flame a seller in follow-up posts to their ads on this site. I would potentially be interested in a recommended dealer's list, but the truth is, I just don't have the time to manage such an effort currently. Though I am open to ideas... Here are some things I would suggest considering when making a high dollar firearm purchase. These can all be agreed upon prior to shipment. Is the seller insured throughout the entire transaction to the customer - In other words, if there is a problem in shipment, does the seller own the issue? If a customer asks a dealer to ship on the customer's account for preference of carrier, or cost, does the customer own the transaction when the package is handed off to the carrier by the dealer? What type of box will be used for shipping? How is the firearm packaged inside the box? How is the box sealed? These are things I would consider, among others, if a recommended dealer list were established. It would be an extremely high bar that almost all dealers would not meet, in my opinion. For that reason, it is good to know the answers to the questions above, among other questions, in case there is a problem. David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  10. I realized I had not updated this list since late 2017. I just updated it. Thanks! David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  11. I was asked to consider pinning a list of FFLs willing to accept Title 1 firearms resulting from ad sales on this site, and/or others. If you are an FFL holder who would like your information made available for non-FFLs to receive firearms for transfer to buyers in your area, please reply with your name and/or business name, state, town, and e-mail address, and I will begin to compile a list by state, and pin the post for future reference. Here's the latest list, 7/28/19: David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  12. Is the subguns boards down

    Right now, if you go to Subguns, you get this... I wish Frank the best, and hope the Subguns downtime is temporary. The following is speculative on my part, but I do know a bit about how Subguns' website runs. For a few years, around the turn of the century, we hosted it on our server, and the URL used to redirect you to our Biggerhammer site. Those who remember way back, there was a period of time when if you typed in 'Subguns.com" it would automatically redirect you to "subguns.biggerhammer.net." Sturm and Subguns were run on the same type of software, circa 1999. That software stopped having any support after about 2002. I believe that Subguns had some custom updates made to it after that, but the discussion forum still ran on what is essentially 1990's software until it was taken down recently. Perhaps they have figured out a way to migrate any archived content. That would be awesome, but I also know that would be difficult to translate into a new format, and there are no member logins, so assigning any posts to existing members on another platform would be at least a partially manual process. Think about how you typed in your name every time you logged onto Subguns, or the old Sturm. There were no member accounts. Think 1990's...As such, the software today could be easily corrupted, damaged unintentionally, or potentially messed with. That was the main reason we made the decision to go to the new forum software for Sturm in 2016. That, and we wanted regular support, instead of selling t-shirts and other efforts that never fully funded the site, and pulled many monthly dollars from my wallet for over 12 years. We'll see what happens. Maybe they will be down for a couple of weeks, and then return to service. There's a long history of behind the scenes cooperation between the two sites, the extent of which is really only known or acknowledged by the principle folks who used to be involved. No Subguns mods are fully aware of what I'm talking about. Frank has also been very friendly to Sturm, and I hope that he works through any IT issues that may be contributing to the current Subguns downtime. In the meantime, please feel free to post on the discussion boards here, or if you are a serious collector, post on Machinegunboards.com. David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  13. I have an original U.S. War Department manual for sale titled, "FM 23-35, Automatic Pistol, Caliber .45, M1911 and M1911A1," dated April 30, 1940, for $35, plus $2.75 Media Mail shipping. This also includes a separate, 2-page supplement (C1) inserted inside the manual. The manual itself is 96 pages long. This manual is in almost fine condition, with a pencil scribble on the front cover, and light handling marks. The covers are crisp. This is a really nice example of this manual, and it covers all the basics about operating and maintaining the pistol. If you were one of the lucky ones to recently purchase an M1911A1 from the CMP, this would be a great collectible accessory to add to your pistol. Here are a couple of photos. Anyway, the manual is $35, plus $2.75 Media Mail shipping, and if you are in Ohio I must collect your local sales tax. You can pay by PayPal, or by check. Please reply to the thread if interested, or you can PM me, or send an email to my address below. Thanks! David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  14. For the first 16 1/2 years after launching Sturmgewehr.com in June, 1999, the website looked almost exactly the same. Except for the 3 different website icons, and some minor background software updates that were available while the legacy software remained supported, the site appeared the same as it did on the first day it was launched. We kept the old format much longer than expected. Sturmgewehr.com was founded to carry on the tradition of the FJ Vollmer site - to provide a place for folks to buy/sell/talk about guns in a lively but friendly atmosphere. The internet has changed a bit since those days, so everybody has had to become a little more hardened and cautious, but we remember our roots. We want to return to them as much as we can, leveraging powerful new capability that a board software like this one can provide. Sturm launched immediately upon the closure of the Vollmer site, and it remains extremely well known in the firearm community, and ubiquitous to the NFA community. We hope you will like and explore the new capabilities. Many of you may already be familiar with this type of format, particularly if you are a member of our sister board, Machinegunboards.com. MGBoard members will be able to log in to Sturm using their existing credentials. There's more to come in the transition, but the immediate change you will notice is that it's easier to post with pictures, and that you must use a member login to post. If you stopped frequenting Sturmgewehr.com in the past, we hope you will take a fresh look. It looks a little different, but we are confident that in short time, it will become a welcomed change. New and easier rules have been posted. We now have one advertising banner that will be available for up to 5 Admiral level supporters. This is necessary to help support the site. As the new board progresses, we will post updates, and tutorials that will help everyone become more familiar with the additional features. Welcome to the New Sturmgewehr.com Forums! Andy and David Albert
  15. WTS/HK 770/FN PS90

    Please post your prices within the ad. David Albert
  16. How do I delete an account?

    Please send me the account name information. Accounts do not auto-renew and charge an account, however they will auto-generate a renewal invoice with the option to renew. Thanks! David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  17. WTS: L1A1/STG-58 Parts, $450

    I still have this available, if anyone is interested. David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  18. I have the following parts for sale that are partly L1A1, and partly STG-58. I believe that everything pictured from the barrel and up is STG-58, and everything below is L1A1. You will get everything pictured below for $450, plus USPS shipping to your address. A few notes: The barrel bore looks good, and the barrel has a "63" on it. The front sight post is bare - It does not have any sight or spring parts in it. The bolt is marked "UE A 92874 *" and "S180 58 (Broad Arrow) D960-2104" The bolt carrier is marked "(Broad Arrow) B60 960-2107" and "UE A 92874" The piston rod is marked "D 77 (Broad Arrow)" The plunger assembly is marked with a "2" and a highly serifed "f" In the bag under the flash hider, there are 2 parts...a small washer, and a pin, which I believe go with it. In the bag under the cocking handle, there are 2 parts...a pin, and a locking device that fits into the cocking handle slide assembly. The rear sight is marked in Yards, and I can get the sight to fold down, but I can't seem to move it for elevation yardage. The front slide swivel assembly is marked with a Broad Arrow on one side, and "908 3098" on the other. The gas regulator "goes to 11" (LOL!) The lower contains the trigger assembly internal parts, and the recoil spring assembly, and is marked "UE 66" and A139654" The selector is marked "C21693" and has a Broad Arrow. The trigger is marked with a Broad Arrow, and "B58" I hand selected these L1A1 parts in the early 1990's, but didn't end up building an L1A1. The buttstock and hand guards are in much better condition than any I have seen online currently. These are sold as spare parts only...this not a complete parts set to build a rifle. There is no firearm receiver included. Payment can be made by money order, or via a popular online payment method. Your purchase helps directly support this website. Thanks! David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  19. I have a friend who is looking for a registered MP40 tube. (Tube only) If anyone here has one for sale, please contact me, and I will put you in touch with my friend, the potential buyer. Thanks! David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  20. Some Sturm Swag from the past

    These items may be purchased at the following link: http://www.sturmgewehr.com/forums/index.php?/store/ Thanks! David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  21. One of my ads was deleted?

    Don, I have temporarily restored your ad for you to update with a price, but a price is required per the following guideline: - All posts should contain the price of the item being sold within the ad text – placing the price in the title is optional. Thanks! David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  22. F/T:Colt 1921 Thompson 4 digit SN

    I have unhidden this post so that the owner may update the ad with a price. Thanks, David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  23. WTS: L1A1/STG-58 Parts, $450

    Still available...Time to add these to your spare parts as a Christmas present to yourself...:-) David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  24. I have an MG34 Machine Gun pistol grip assembly for sale for $250, plus USPS shipping to your domestic destination. I'm not a German machine gun expert, so I'll let the pictures tell the story. Payment can be made by money order, or via a popular online method. Your purchase helps directly support this website. Thanks! David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  25. 50 cal

    You would have to have a paid rank membership to sell on the site. David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com