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  1. WTS/HK 770/FN PS90

    Please post your prices within the ad. David Albert
  2. How do I delete an account?

    Please send me the account name information. Accounts do not auto-renew and charge an account, however they will auto-generate a renewal invoice with the option to renew. Thanks! David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  3. WTS: L1A1/STG-58 Parts, $450

    I still have this available, if anyone is interested. David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  4. I have a friend who is looking for a registered MP40 tube. (Tube only) If anyone here has one for sale, please contact me, and I will put you in touch with my friend, the potential buyer. Thanks! David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  5. Some Sturm Swag from the past

    These items may be purchased at the following link: http://www.sturmgewehr.com/forums/index.php?/store/ Thanks! David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  6. One of my ads was deleted?

    Don, I have temporarily restored your ad for you to update with a price, but a price is required per the following guideline: - All posts should contain the price of the item being sold within the ad text – placing the price in the title is optional. Thanks! David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  7. F/T:Colt 1921 Thompson 4 digit SN

    I have unhidden this post so that the owner may update the ad with a price. Thanks, David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  8. David,  I got a note from Buddy and I put the guys name that screwed me in the title. I edited it but now I CAN NOT FIND IT?  I started in in the wanted to but section as a warning to watch out for this guy. I am at my wits end. Please help  Gary Malmquist

  9. WTS: L1A1/STG-58 Parts, $450

    Still available...Time to add these to your spare parts as a Christmas present to yourself...:-) David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  10. I have the following parts for sale that are partly L1A1, and partly STG-58. I believe that everything pictured from the barrel and up is STG-58, and everything below is L1A1. You will get everything pictured below for $450, plus USPS shipping to your address. A few notes: The barrel bore looks good, and the barrel has a "63" on it. The front sight post is bare - It does not have any sight or spring parts in it. The bolt is marked "UE A 92874 *" and "S180 58 (Broad Arrow) D960-2104" The bolt carrier is marked "(Broad Arrow) B60 960-2107" and "UE A 92874" The piston rod is marked "D 77 (Broad Arrow)" The plunger assembly is marked with a "2" and a highly serifed "f" In the bag under the flash hider, there are 2 parts...a small washer, and a pin, which I believe go with it. In the bag under the cocking handle, there are 2 parts...a pin, and a locking device that fits into the cocking handle slide assembly. The rear sight is marked in Yards, and I can get the sight to fold down, but I can't seem to move it for elevation yardage. The front slide swivel assembly is marked with a Broad Arrow on one side, and "908 3098" on the other. The gas regulator "goes to 11" (LOL!) The lower contains the trigger assembly internal parts, and the recoil spring assembly, and is marked "UE 66" and A139654" The selector is marked "C21693" and has a Broad Arrow. The trigger is marked with a Broad Arrow, and "B58" I hand selected these L1A1 parts in the early 1990's, but didn't end up building an L1A1. The buttstock and hand guards are in much better condition than any I have seen online currently. These are sold as spare parts only...this not a complete parts set to build a rifle. There is no firearm receiver included. Payment can be made by money order, or via a popular online payment method. Your purchase helps directly support this website. Thanks! David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  11. I have an MG34 Machine Gun pistol grip assembly for sale for $250, plus USPS shipping to your domestic destination. I'm not a German machine gun expert, so I'll let the pictures tell the story. Payment can be made by money order, or via a popular online method. Your purchase helps directly support this website. Thanks! David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  12. 50 cal

    You would have to have a paid rank membership to sell on the site. David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  13. David, I was trying to edit prices on my older posting and I could not edit it??? I also wanted to delete pictures and listings that had sold. Please help. Gary Malmquist    garysgun@aol.com  

    1. David Albert

      David Albert

      Hi Gary,

      You should be able to edit.  You won't be able to delete.  You can mark items that have sold using the "sold" button in your post.  If you have something you really want to have deleted, I can hide it for you, but you would have to send me individual links.



    2. garysgun


      David,  Thanks for responding. I was going to delete some of my old things that sold then add new items to the same ad. I guess that is not the way if works here. So I guess I need to start a new ad? I have several new guns I want to sell.  Let me know if I am right. Thanks Gary Malmquist

    3. David Albert

      David Albert


      Yes, that is the correct way to go about posting a new ad.



  14. Please Help

    You will need to purchase a rank subscription in order to post items for sale on the market boards. You can find the different options at the following link: http://www.sturmgewehr.com/forums/index.php?/store/ You will find that there are personal, and commercial site subscriptions. Thanks! David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  15. Khrut27Gg, 4.6MB is too large of an image to upload, and the system will automatically reject it. It's many times larger than is necessary to nicely display a photo on a computer screen, and it would serve up very slowly. You know, like when you see the top of an image begin to download, but you give up wanting to wait to see it, because it takes much too long to download? The system is trying to prevent that. Please keep in mind that your audience has limited cellular or wifi bandwidth. If your photo were 100KB, instead of 4.6MB (about 46 times smaller), it would serve up very quickly, and almost no one would notice the difference in size or quality. You should at least reduce the size of the image you are attempting to upload by 50% or more. Resizing can be performed in Photoshop, or by using an app like iResize on a MAC. That's the app that I use. They can also be reduced if you have a phone, and forward the images to your own e-mail address. Depending upon your e-mail program, most of them automatically ask you how large of an image you want to send, usually presenting 3 or 4 size choices to enable more speedy and efficient processing. David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com