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  1. Just updated, 10/8/17... David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  2. Good Afternoon Mr. Albert:

               My Name is Randolph A. Crawford. Due to financial issues, I am trying to list a class III Weapon for sale. I read the post concerning commercial posts. What will it cost for one individual to post one gun. In addition what format do you wish that I use?

               If need be, you can e-mail me at: rcrawford12@cox.net. Thank-you,

                                  Randolph A. Crawford


  3. Hey David,

    I just signed up to sell online.  I didn't realize that I should have signed up as a commercial user and signed up as an individual.  Can I sign up as commercial and get credited for my individual payment?  I just did this today.  Thanks Andy

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    2. AndrewsArmoryllc


      Will do thanks, Andy

    3. David Albert

      David Albert

      I just processed the refund for the personal account.  Thanks! -David

    4. AndrewsArmoryllc


      It went through.  Thanks David.

  4. This is resolved. David
  5. MY for sale payment

    Ron, My apologies. I thought I had already updated your account. I'm doing it now. Again, my apologies. You should be able to post in a few minutes. David Albert

    DFT, We converted from the free site to a pay site after almost 17 years of maintaining it for free. You will need to choose a membership to post ads in the market boards. Here are the details: You will need to go the site store to purchase the appropriate subscription for the types of ads you wish to place over the next 12 months. For personal subscriptions, there are 2 options, and for commercial subscriptions, there are many options. You should also read through the rules, which contain all the details associated with each rank. Here are the links: Rules: http://www.sturmgewehr.com/forums/index.php?/guidelines/ Personal: http://www.sturmgewehr.com/forums/index.php?/store/category/1-personal-site-subscriptions/ Commercial: http://www.sturmgewehr.com/forums/index.php?/store/category/2-commercial-site-subscriptions/ Just let us know if you have any questions. Thanks! David Albert
  7. POsting Fees

    Ron, I replied to your e-mail. Thanks! David Albert
  8. Hi David, i just posted a WTS ad on the NFA board and notice there is an alert of some sort (red Triangle with an exclamation point inside it and whole post is shaded red. i have purchased a commercial account for posting privileges, can you advise what mistake i've made here or how I can remove the warning flag? 

    BTW - it's been several years since i have been an active board member so my post count shows as 0 now, my last postings and board donation were back in 2012 and were made under this username. 

    thanks for your help sir. 





    1. David Albert

      David Albert


      We have a setting that requires a moderator to approve a first post by a new member on the NFA Board if posted within a few hours of purchasing a membership.  Its to help prevent scammers.  A moderator approved your post, and it is now visible.


      David Albert

    2. jaredr


      ah, i get it. thanks! If you want a copy of my FFL or any other docs to verify identity just let me know. thanks for the board!

  9. Sam Pikula's AR-10 book available on Kindle

    I'm happy to see a scarce book reprinted. I went ahead and purchased the Kindle version. Optical character recognition (OCR) is a useful tool. I spent a couple of years OCR'ing a book after I helped the original author regain the rights to his book, and the revised edition was published last year. He did not have the original manuscript, which was written before computers were available, so OCR was the easiest way to regain it. However, proofreading after OCR'ing is highly recommended. I'm not sure Mr. Pikula read the first paragraph after he OCR'd the book. This could definitely be improved. That being said, I am glad he made the book available via Kindle. I just want folks to know they will find awkward translations and misspellings when they read the Kindle version. The following excerpt is shared as a preview of the book on Amazon, and is the first paragraph from the "preface" section, which is the first paragraph from the old book. It is the same in the full Kindle download. I share it as a limited book review. "Most firearms enthusiast’s know very little if anything about the ArmaLite AR-10 series of rifles. Few have even seen an AR-10 much less owned or fired one. This is unfortunate as the AR-10 was as much of a groundbreaking weapon as the Thompson Sub-Machine Gun, M-1 Gar and, or the 1898 Model Mauser Rifle. Until the AR-10, half of a rifle consisted of a dead tree, and the other half was made of steel on the verge of oxidizing. The AR-10 ions the first standard infantry rifle to be constructed using plastic instead of wood for the stocks, pistol grip, and handguards, and the first to use rust proof aircraft aluminum in the receivers." I look forward to reading the rest of the book, but when I saw the two errors in the first paragraph from the old part of the book, and others as I began to read it further, I realized the Kindle version of the book had not been effectively proofread. David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  10. Hi David,

    I cannot seem to make my Topic Titles to show up BOLD like everyone elses...


    Thanks a lot.

    Bob Nemec / Nemec Ltd. (Blooptube)

    Grover, MO.

    1. Buddy H

      Buddy H

      Bold titles are only bold .....if you Do Not click on that title ....... once you click / view an ad ...... the title no longer appears in bold text.

    2. Buddy H

      Buddy H

      No photo/s.    ? ? ?

    3. Blooptube


      Thanks Buddy.....I think I've got it.

      I am very computer illiterate and 3/4 blind.

      Bob Nemec

  11. Delete post

    Posts stay on the board, which drives more traffic to the site. Mark them as sold when they sell. David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  12. 2017 Sales on Sturmgewehr.com Low Overall

    The gun market in general is way down in sales since Trump was elected. Most firearm retailers have seen sales take a huge dip. It's an industry thing...folks are not as worried about losing their gun rights, and are spending less money on guns and accessories right now. David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  13. DAVE..............SOMEONE MESSING WITH MY POST'S....................PICTURES WONT GET ADDED, YET BELOW 13.7 MB.........................DISAPPEARING POSTS....................WHATS UP?


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    2. frank morris

      frank morris

      THANKS DAVE!.......................SIG 210,ROBAR HIGH POWER.................DISAPPEARED 3 TIMES...........FROM COLLECTORS BOARD...............................PICTURES NOT DOWN LOADED?..................TO FOLLOW

    3. frank morris

      frank morris

      THE AD'S HAVE NOW REAPPEARED??????????.......................TRIED PHOTO'S TO AD.....................SAID ERROR 200...... 

    4. David Albert

      David Albert

      I'll take this one issue at a time.  I'm not sure why, but the 2 posts above were hidden from view by a moderator.  I have unhidden them.  As far as the photo posting issue, please try again.  If the photos will not post, please let me know what browser you are using.  If you are using Internet Explorer, you need to change browsers immediately, as it is no longer supported by Microsoft, and many web issues occur with it.  My suggestion is to use Firefox.



  14. ATTN: Corporal Members from Machinegunboards.com

    I get almost daily questions about why Corporal members can no longer post items for sale, so I'm replying to the thread to bring attention to it again... David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com
  15. Sorry for the delay...I updated the list with 2 additional FFL's today, 3/5/17. David Albert dalbert@sturmgewehr.com