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  1. Hello. Thanks for the reply. yes I’m still lookin for a couple kits and yes As you mentioned in your reply, differing characteristics of the British MKII. if you have any for sale I am interested. thanks steve.
  2. SPF Here at SDF on a Form 3 Pre 86 Dealer sample "Keeper" Swedish K M45 with removable magazine well. This is a nice smg. Refinished near new. the Bore is near excellent and has strong lands and grooves. Bolt has some wear but overall VG++. other internals are excellent. and it Runs great. SPF Feel free to email, text or call with any questions (I will e-file for faster transfer to you) Thanks: Steve Hill Spotted Dog Firearms. 602-538-2769 *Im lookin for a couple British MKII (anm2) parts kits.
  3. Looking to purchase 2 British MKIi or MKii* 303 parts kits. Thanks Steve SDF mfg. cave creek, Az.
  4. To answer the last question left by voice mail: yes, it could be fitted with an original HK 3-lug barrel by the new owner if desired.
  5. SPF For sale on a form 3. 1- PBS-5 suppressor 5.45mm serial # 1 of production from the final prototype design. Excellent condition. / like new (No longer in production) (Most of the prototypes (save 2) have been sold or given friends, and if you are familiar with the print version of the "Machine gun news" and "Shotgun news" that used to be in print, you can read a review that was done by the late Peter Kokalis during the prototype phase of production from the Spotted Dog Firearms design. ) sorry, I cant recall the issues. (The Remaining 2 prototypes may be for sale in the future) The final design here was a collaboration between SDF mfg. and Elite Iron mfg. in Montana. Dale at elite iron has great skill and a baffle design that is of the best tech in the industry. This final design suppressor is very effective and during testing by Elite Iron at the time had a db reduction average above 30 and that's real good for anything, let alone a Kalashnikov where everything is open and violent anyway. The suppressor is designed and is capable of use with fully automatic function. The screw on muzzle design that fits the standard Bulgarian / Russian 24mm AK74 - AKS74U front sight base, and due to the screw on design, the suppressor may require " face alignment" with the bore to insure proper fit and function as not all of the front sight bases out there were aligned when installed. The AK105 is not for sale, just the can. * Thanks Steve Hill Spotted Dog Firearms mfg. 602-538-2769
  6. Fully transferable and is currently on a form 3 here in Az 1. Registered Receiver 9mm MP5 A3 with an SEF lower. Registered by "All Tech". Built on an Original HK94. The smg is marked as original HK94 on the of the receiver. has some rubbing wear in a few areas between the stock and the ejection port as seen in some of the pics. overall exterior is above 90% with the most finish wear being on the SEF lower. No dings Stock functions as it should. Firearm is well taken care of and functions as it should. The Barrel is the original 94 and in excellent condition strong lands and grooves modified to MP5 standard. The Bolt and carrier have some slight staining from use but overall VG++. The rest of the internals are excellent. Comes with 1 original magazine. $22k + shipppin to your FFL ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. PBS-5 5.45 suppressor. Last of the prototypes we designed: we had 7 prototype designs 6 in 5.45 and 1 in 7.62 For sale is prototype #5 5.45x39mm adjustable compensation for reducing full-auto muzzle climb. Brief history on these PBS-5’s that we did. about 1997 or Reverse engineered the size and design from a couple of pictures of an original Russian PBS-5 Main changes during mfg were to the muzzle design and the way the Can was adjustable. The first prototypes 1-4 in 5.45 and the 7.62 went out to guys in the gun research field over the years. All Friends. There was an article in the old MGN on our 5.45 builds and also in the shotgun news back in the day before the internet went so crazy that it put that stuff outa mass hard copy print business. A mfg. we contracted with in Oregon built the baffle stacks for these from the design we were thinkin about. A comical angled series of cones. At the time I was not a suppressor mfg. and I am still Milligan is listed on the can as I contracted the work through him in Oregon. The idea was that these prototypes would be adjustable for the angle of the muzzle brake to better control climb. We speculated it was to control the rate of muzzle rise when operating in full auto function. The adjustment could be fitted to the individual and not just the muzzle reaction from the lands and barrel twist rate among other things and each person tends to fire a weapon a little different. The original Russian At the time in the pics appeared to have a clamp for attachment or this possible adjustment (all speculation at that point) but not enough info for a proper R&D on that type so the design on ours is a little different Prototype 5 has Maybe has had about 500 rounds down it because the only difference between it and #4 was the locking lever and muzzle design. The suppressor is not as quiet as the final production baffle design that was built for us by Elite Iron but this was 20+ year old tech on this one and as I recall when tested It’s right on the good edge of needing hearing protection but still a good can with the consideration of how open, loose and loud an ak74 or for that matter all kalashnikovs are. Attaches to the AK74 24mm muzzle, standard russian or bulgarian thread. Because its a thread-on design, for or alignment and correct function the host AK74 front sight base faced. O.A.L. Approx. 8” $600.00 delivered to your FFL/sot in the lower 48 Feel free to email, text or call with any questions Thanks: Steve Hill SDF mfg. 602-538-2769
  7. For sale and currently here on a form 3. Real Nice "Curio and Relic" 1919A4 30.06 . Saginaw Gear mfg. I believe it to be original military finish and rates above 90%. Some very slight patina here and there but no pitting or anything like that. The trunion shows very little use, and is in excellent condition. Left side plate has a few scratches through the finish. Looks like It is all SG parts with the exception of the barrel. The grip is the USGI aluminum panel type often seen on an A6 $21.5K + ship and insurance to the lower 48. Feel free to email, text or call. Thanks. Steve Hill Spotted Dog Firearms mfg. 602-538-2769 *I am looking for a "PARTS KIT" of the British MKII aircraft (copy of the U.S. anm2)
  8. Looking for MG 17 parts and British MKII (anm2) parts kit. Please feel free to post or text or call if you have anything. Steve Spotted Dog Firearms 602-538-2769