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  1. WTK pistol grip 12 ga. "weapon"

    Thanks, Johnsonlmg41, that is exactly the info I needed. Keep your powder dry. TR
  2. WTK pistol grip 12 ga. "weapon"

    I "assumed" that since there never was a buttstock installed, it might fall into the same category as the Mossberg Shockwave, Remington 870 TAC-14, Asylum Gatekeeper, etc.. Not that it makes much practical difference. Guess it would be best to just call ATFE tech. branch .
  3. This may seem stupid, but......I have a pistol grip only, never had a stock Remington 870 12ga. w/ 18" barrel. Bought new from CDNN several years ago when I had FFL/SOT. May I now as an individual install a less than 18" bbl without paperwork? Am thinking yes but don't want to make a mistake. Thanks, TR
  4. Hi, There is an H&H Port. on G/B for $7000, auction #555295048. Received my copy of your book, congratulations on a wonderful job. One thing I would like to add, Armex didn't get all the Guatemalan rifles. My pre-sample, s/n 0032xx is stamped above the grip and trigger, right side,"LAW ENF ORD CO ATHENS GA 7.62" . Brought to the US and sold by Roger Cox, author of the Thompson book before his unfortunate difficulties with ATF. Best wishes and good luck in your search