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  1. Looking for a complete VZ58 Wire folding stock. Pm what you have. Ty
  2. WTB Spitfire Smg Barrel

    Looking for Spitfire Barrel. No not gonna pay the crazy guy on Dufusbroker $2500 for a Barrel. Email what you have. Ty
  3. WTB M3a1 Grease Gun Bolt

    Looking for a decent M3a1 Grease Gun Bolt. Ty in advance.
  4. WTB: Sten MkII $6000

    Found. Ty
  5. WTB: Sten MkII $6000

    Looking for a decent Sten MKII. Willing to pay $6000!
  6. WTB Stemple 76/45

    Found one. Close thread. Ty
  7. WTB Stemple 76/45

    Looking to trade a Mint Rpb M10/9 UZI conversion with NIB Max10/9 upper. This package is worth at least 8k!! Total lower has been reworked and made like new. Max10/9 is NIB!!!! Comes with 12 UZI mags, HK folding stock and AR15 folding stock. Only looking to trade for a Nice 76/45!! Email what you have. Ty. On a form 4 in Florida. Not looking to sell. This is not an ad to sell only trade. Ty
  8. WTB Remington 870 wingmaster vintage

    Anyone? Ty
  9. Looking for a early model 870. Preferably in the 100k-200k serial number range. Will pay up to $400 shipped to me. I have a C&R FFL or it can be shipped to my FFL.
  10. WTB Leinad SxS 410/45 Derringer

  11. WTB: Semi Auto Shotgun

    Anyone. Anything?
  12. WTB: Semi Auto Shotgun

    Looking for a Semi Auto Shotgun in 12ga or 20ga. Not looking to spend more the $400 firm!
  13. WTB Remington 11-87

  14. M11/9 SPF

    Yep buy with confidence here guys with Sleepy. We have had many dealings together. He's a stand up guy and fair/honest!!!!
  15. WTB Remington 11-87

    Title says it all. Any variant. Preferably wood stock/forend. Not looking to spend more than $400 and I'll pay shipping. Ty.