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  1. My first SMG bought in early 70s copy of factory manual, 7.65 Luger barrel, Factory 9mm barrel,short 9mm barrel threaded for MAC 11 silencer, Stainless 10 twist barrel. Custom 20 rd mag, 50 rd mag, 6 36 rd mags custom hard case, Bolt has been armaloy finish (hard chrome) for slicker action and resistance to corrosive ammo, sling, Priced at $10,500.00 , $200.00 transfer tax, all payments in full prior to filing. E mail for questions,rckellner11@gmail.com
  2. Looking for a new or used Glock 40 gen 4 10mm 6 inch Price MUST Be under $650.00 New or lightly used I know what these cost a dealer so this is a chance to make a small but reasonable profit. Please advise if you can do this for me! Thanks, Robert
  3. Looking for a new or used Glock 40 gen 4 10mm 6 inch Price MUST Be under $625
  4. WTB:Sig 716 Patrol Rifle

    Looking to buy ASAP Sig 716 Patrol rifle New or gently used. . Please advise price. Thanks!
  5. WTB: Sig 716,.308, Rifle or pistol

    Looking to buy a Sig 716 rifle or pistol in .308, perfer a used gun in great condition. Contact Robert Kellner in Phoeniz, AZ at rckellner11@gmail.com, or call 602-451-6955 , THANKS!
  6. WTS: 2 Old German Target 22's

    Are the stocks marked MAUSER? Thamks, Robert
  7. Where to find posting instructions, how to post, how to describe item, how to deleat post . Spmeone please guide me!

  8. Have a 52-2 willing to trade as partial or outright purchase Please advise rckellner11@gmail.com OR 602-451-6955
  9. Used to be in every gun shop now its no where. Need to know where I can find it. i have a S%W 5 and that is all it shoots! Please advise! Thanks! rckellner11@gmail.com OR 602-451-6955
  10. Item is sold . How do i delete my posts? Contact me with info at rckellner11@gmail.com or call me at 602-451-6955 I need to know how to use this new site! Thanks, Robert
  11. Looking for factory loaded ammunition that meets the specs. of the first released 10mm ammunition. Thanks! Robert
  12. FFL required, Payment by Credit card or USPS MO ONLY Gun shoots great, as stated this was the gun that Guns & Ammo magazine reviewed several years ago and comes with a torch cut Full Auto parts kit and 3 34 rd mags
  13. Credit cards or USPS mo ONLY, FFL required, C&R OK, Have orig firing pin but replaced because of weak spring, magazine is a quality replacement,Bore is good and the gun looks nice
  14. Credit cards or USPS mo ONLY, FFL required, C&R OK